143 cm

Nocturne, brigand et loups en bord de mer (Nocturne, Bandit and Wolves by Seaside)
Oil on canvas bearing the initials CD lower left
101 x 143,5 cm  

Emile Claus was the leader of the Luminist movement in his native country, Belgium. Luminism can be seen as the synthesis between French impressionism and neo-impressionism on the one hand, and the realist tradition of the Belgian art on the other.

Emile Claus was born on September 27, 1849.

Emile Claus, Winterzon, namiddag (Wintersun, afternoon), 1902. Oil on canvas, 98,5 x 143 cm. Private collection

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An unnecessarily long list of GANGSTA. characters’ age and height
Alex Benedetto. age 24, 167 cm
Nicolas Brown. age 34, 169 cm
Worick Arcangelo. age 35,182 cm

Monroe Family
Delico. age 26, 172 cm
Diego Montes. age 29, 177 cm
Daniel Monroe. age 61, 178 cm
Yang. age 26, 179 cm
Ivan Glaziev. age 32, 184 cm
Miles Mayer. age 54, 191 cm

Cristiano Family
Loretta Cristiano Amodio. age 14, 154 cm
Marco Adriano. age 29, 181 cm
Galahad Woehor. age 39. 198 cm

Paulklee Guild
Doug. age 21, 143 cm
Arthur. age 15, 156 cm
Lancelot. age 15, 158 cm
Ginger. age 17, 163 cm
Tristan. age 24, 167 cm
Bors. age 25, 174, cm
Hausen. age 27, 180 cm
Gina Paulklee. age 48(?), 184 cm
Gawain. age 28, 186 cm

Corsica family
Uranos Corsica. age 61, 173 cm

Second and Third Destroyers
Spas (Marco). age 14, 161 cm
Maverick. age 18, 165 cm
Minimi. age 16, 167 cm
Striker. age 14, 170 cm/age 29, 194 cm
Beretta. age 13, 155 cm/ age 28, 175 cm
Colt. age 13, 159 cm
Sig. age 16, 165 cm
Emilio Benedetto. age 19, 166 cm

Mikhail. age 10, 138 cm
Heather. age 11, 140 cm
Nina. age 12, 141cm
Joel Raveau. age 76, 154 cm
Constance Raveau. age 25, 162 cm
Erica. age 24, 164 cm    
Chad Adkins. age 56, 176 cm
Cody Balfour. age 26, 179 cm
Dr. Theo. age 31, 189cm