Not a bad day today

Breakfast: thin chips ahoy, coffee, eggs and bacon, 360

Lunch: Greek yogurt, strawberries, salami, cheese, almonds, 470

Dinner: Adkins always with the win on these, looks kinda nasty but tastes pretty damn good, chicken margarita, 420

Dessert: keto chocolate cake, think I did something wrong this time tasted little nasty 😷173

1423 calories, 95g protein,39g carbs, 94g fats. Good pump on the legs today, literally killer. 3x10x115 high bar squats superset with elevated squats 3x20x25, leg press, dumbbell RDLs superset with lunges. Ready for my carbs tomorrow, getting sushi 🍣🙌🏼

Under the Sea

oceSome mutations are cool, some aren’t. In fact you hate your mutation, that is until you meet a certain speedster.

Request: Hey, can I request a PeterMaximoffxReader based off the prompt  Hating your powers until you meet Peter Maximoff who makes you feel better about them


Warnings: a little bit of self hate but that kinda goes with the prompt

Word Count: 1423 (I may have gotten a bit carried away)

Title: Under the Sea

Notes: This is my first request so I hope it’s what you wanted. Thanks to my besstie @justnovak for my first request. I hope it’s what you wanted, I know you said something about flight but with your love of the ocean I couldn’t help but give you “mermaid” like abilities. (Also I know that the Little Mermaid hadn’t been released at the time this is set but I thought it fit so hey)

To say you hated your mutation was an understatement. Life before your mutation was good. You loved hanging out with your friends and you especially loved the beach. You surfed whenever you could. This one time you wiped out pretty badly and were unable to surface. You thought you were dead until you realised you were still breathing and when you reached up to touch your neck you felt a pair of gills. The mutation made sense to you, you’d always had an affinity for water. At first you thought it was pretty cool but when you returned home that evening your parents gasped at the sight of you. You ran to a mirror and saw that half your body was covered in scales. Most of it could be hidden with clothing but your gills and scales on your face were almost impossible to conceal. Your parents kicked you out of the house and so you moved in with your best friend. Despite y/f/n’s insistence that your mutation was cool, it had destroyed your life and you refused to believe it was anything but a curse. It had broken up your family and left you with nothing. A few weeks later y/f/n opened her door to find a man in a wheel chair asking for you. That was three weeks ago and since then you’d been staying at X-manor with other kids like you.

Now you were sitting in the grounds trying to get your English homework done. It wasn’t working so you gave up and let out a small sigh. You rested your head on the tree you were sitting against and observed your surroundings. You were sitting by the lake under one of the large oak trees. Across from you, Scott and Gene were sitting together holding hands. Kurt was playing with some other kids on the basketball court and even Hank was out and about doing something science-y.

From first glance you wouldn’t be able to tell what any of their mutations were, hell it seemed everyone in this place had a hidden mutation. Well, everyone except for Kurt but even then his blue skin and teleportation abilities were so cool. You wished you had powers that cool. But no, it just wasn’t your luck. Instead of mind reading or laser eyes you were stuck with scales and the ability to breathe underwater. Because that was just so helpful. Not.

You groaned again, mentally cursing your powers until a certain silver haired speedster caught your eye. Peter was standing on the opposite side of the lake laughing with a group of other kids. From the moment you’d stepped foot in the manor, Peter had caught your eye. He was happy, confident, funny and extremely attractive. You’d fallen hard for him but never spoken. You continued to sit and watch Peter letting your imagination run wild. Watching him laugh you wondered how it would feel to have those lips on yours or even just to have him smile at you. You wondered if he could control the speed of all the parts of his body and marvelled at the thought of what those fingers could do.

Mortified, you pushed those thoughts from your mind and tried to think of something else. You’d forgotten that this place had a few psychics and the last thing you wanted was Gene, or even worse Charles, to get a hold of those thoughts. Your embarrassment was interrupted by a loud splash and you turned to see that a kid playing Frisbee had fallen into the lake. Nobody else had seemed to notice this turn of events and so you waited for the boy to surface. You waited, and waited until the realisation sunk in that he wasn’t going to come back up. Without hesitation, you threw of your jacket and dove in after him.

At first you couldn’t see anything in the muddy water but soon the clear film had come over your eyes and you could see again. You began to swim further into the lake and tried not to look at your hands which now had a small membrane between each finger to help you swim better. You continued to swim through the surprisingly deep lake until you found the boy unconscious at its base. You picked him up and propelled yourself up to the surface. You swam to the closest bank and put the boy onto it. Thankfully the boy came round pretty quickly and coughed up the murky water from his lungs. You were so grateful that you didn’t need to give the kid CPR that you didn’t notice the crowd your little stunt had pulled.

“That was cool. You didn’t even hesitate.” came a voice which pulled you back to the present. Looking up you found Peter squatting on the bank net to the kid. You were still in the lake treading water, refusing to get out when your mutation was so obvious. Peter was looking at you with an amused expression that sent your heart racing. “I’m Peter by the way. Don’t think we’ve met yet. You’re new right.”

“I’m y/n. and yeah, I’m new.” Peter extended his hand and you moved to shake it but quickly withdrew when you saw the membrane still connecting your fingers together. As to be expected, you weren’t quick enough to evade the speedster and he grabbed your hand to look closer at it.

“That’s so cool.” He muttered more to himself than to you as he turned your hand over in his. You were certain that your face was bright red but thankfully Peter was yet to notice. By this point most of the crowd had dispersed leaving you alone with Peter.

“Does the same thing happen to your feet?” he asked. You nodded and Peter broke out into a huge smile and you couldn’t help but to smile to. Peter helped you out of the water and the two of you stood there awkwardly.

“You don’t like your powers do you?” Peter asked suddenly, breaking the silence. You looked at him in shock and Peter took that as a que to continue talking. “I’m right aren’t I? I can tell by the way you’re standing. You keep shifting on your feet and you’ve hidden both your hands behind you back. You’re also trying hide whatever that is on your neck but considering it’s on both sides you’re not doing very well. They’re gills right? So you can breathe underwater? That’s so cool. Imagine all the stuff you could do. You could die your hair red and re-enact that mermaid movie, singing and everything.” You laughed at this and Peter continued to talk, “I should really stop talking. I do this a lot you know, talking fast. I reckon it goes with the whole speed thing but normally I don’t ramble this much. It’s probably because you’re hot and you’re wet and your clothes are clinging to you. Did I really just say that? I should really just stop talking now.”

Peter finally finished his ramble and you were left even more gobsmacked than you were before. Peter Maximoff just called you hot. Peter Maximoff just called your mutation cool. You closed your mouth, which up until this point had been hanging open, and smiled slightly.

“Um, thanks. And, ah, don’t worry about it.” You finally added, “I ramble when I’m nervous too.”

Peter broke out in a massive grin and you couldn’t help but to smile too. Peter clapped you on the back and gestured for you to walk with him.

The two of you started heading back to the manor and after a little while Peter cleared his throat. “I was wondering. Would you like to go to a movie with me tomorrow? I heard that new star wars film is out?” Peter questioned and you could have sworn he was nervous.

“Yeah, that’d be pretty cool.” You replied, looking over at Peter, yet another blush tainting your cheeks red.

“Awesome,” he said smiling back at you, “maybe afterwards we could go for a swim and you could show me what else you can do?”

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” You joked. Peter threw his head back and laughed. He stopped walking and offered out his hand.

“Deal?” he questioned.

“Deal.” You replied and with that the two of you continued talking and walking, your English homework completely forgotten.

Maybe your mutation wasn’t too bad after all. It did get you a date with Peter Maximoff.

Sorry I’ve been so MIA, exams killed me. I have more time off now so hopefully I can do more writing. Thanks for reading


10 COUPLES: 3. Naley 1x08 (½) - Brooke create a game for Nathan & Haley.

Haley: What are you doing here?
Nathan: Didn’t Brooke tell you I was going to come?
Haley: I try to block everything that Brooke says so whatever you guys are up to, I’m just not in the mood.
Nathan: I’m not up to anything. Look, I apologized and I told you the truth. The rest is Brooke. She set up this whole serial date thing. One card leads to the next.
Haley: Well, what does the first one say?
Nathan: Convince Haley to go. How am I doing so far?
Haley: I don’t know. It depends on what the second card says.
Nathan: Go to 1423 River Street and find your next envelope. On the way, tell three things you like about each other.
Haley: I don’t know…
Nathan: Look, I’ll go first.
Man of Honour (4/6)

Title: Man of Honour (based on the movie ‘Made of Honour’) 

Summary:  @stories-from-stark-tower ‘s Movie Challenge

Based on the movie Made of Honour

Pairings: Bucky and Reader, Tony and Reader

Warnings: Swearing, nothing else I can think of, some kissing, a punch or two get thrown around, some drinking (no one gets drunk)

Word Count: I’m a wordy biatch. Approx 1423 words

Author’s Note: This is the very first thing I am putting out there. I hope it’s not crap. I haven’t had anyone read it over so I suck. Please be kind! Aso, I had originally planned on this being a one-shot…that didn’t happen. To keep each section shorter (around 1000 words), I’ve broken it up into 7 parts. I will be posting more frequently though.

Bucky realized he was running late to meet the bridesmaids for brunch so when he arrived, he was surprised to see that you weren’t there yet either.

He recognized the other three women from your life - your best friend since childhood Natasha, your cousin Wanda, and your university friend Maria. Each of the women knew Bucky but none knew him intimately - you had made sure of that.

As he slid into his booth, Natasha made the first dig, “Shouldn’t you have been the first one here? As the Man of Honour?” she made a face at him.

He smiled at her, “I’m here before the bride; that’s all that matters.” He signaled for the waitress and ordered a drink.

Natasha frowned, “That’s a pretty shitty attitude to have,” she muttered.

When you walked in, all three women jumped up to give you hugs.  Bucky sat quietly, waiting for you to take your seat next to him. As you sat, he lightly kissed your cheek in hello.

Wanda practically squealed, “Let’s see the ring! And give us all the details on how you met and how he proposed!”

You went into the story, adding some more details than when you told it to you at the restaurant, and by the time you were finished, Bucky had finished his drink.

At this point, Maria had pulled out a notepad and started asking questions about the wedding - basic information that Bucky should’ve known the answers to.

“When’s the day?” Natasha asked.

You smiled, “Two weeks today!”

Everyone fell silent.

Natasha leaned in, “Um, Y/N… is there a … reason you’re doing this so quickly?”

Bucky thought his heart had stopped. He hadn’t for one second considered why the whole engagement was so quick.

It took you a moment to realize what was being implied. “Oh! No! Not at all! I’m not pregnant!” you blushed and shot a sideways glance to Bucky, ‘We’re careful.”

Bucky felt nauseous to hear that tidbit but still grateful.

He interjected, “So what exactly is my role in all this?” he asked, changing the subject.

The women rolled their eyes at him.

“Well,” you began to explain. “Normally, I’d have a shower, but since it’s such a short amount of time, we’re foregoing that. So, really, besides acting as my witness at the wedding, basically, being my bitch,” you laughed. “You come with me to register for wedding gifts, visit the florist, help me book a photographer and videographer. We have to order a cake…”

“Don’t forget the cake tasting!” Wanda reminded her.

You nodded, “That too. And Tony wants me planning the honeymoon so that has to be done as well.”

Bucky made notes on his phone as she talked. “Okay,” he nodded, “there’s a lot to do in a short period of time. Can we delegate any of these tasks to the others?”

You laughed at him, “We could but these are the things that the bride needs to do. And I need your help doing it. We actually have appointments all week - I’ve taken vacation time since there’s so much to do.”

The group synched their schedules and decided on their next meeting when you excused herself to take a phone call.

When you were out of earshot, Natasha spoke up, “When are we throwing her her bachelorette party?”

Bucky looked confused. “Her what?”

Natasha rolled her eyes, “Like a bachelor party but for women. Drinking, dancing, men. Essentially, one last night of debauchery before she gets married!”

Bucky had to hide his reaction, “Do you think she really wants that?” he asked.

They all nodded. “Definately,” Maria said, with certainty. “She really used to party it up. I think if we don’t celebrate, she’d be disappointed. Even if we just go out dancing, you know? Keep it casual.”

The women agreed that casual would probably be best since they were running out of time. Unfortunately, the only day that would work was a few days before the actual wedding - not an ideal situation but there wasn’t much that could be done.

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