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For the other anon: I believe I heard he got surgery, like Chanyeol supposedly did (because he needed glasses too).

I only know chanyeol did because sekai mentioned it on showtime .. unless they mentioned it officially then I don’t know.. meh.. it doesnt really matter its just diff between 140p vs 1080p vision .. but sometimes it does looks like if he wears contacts because he would blink and stuff as if the contacts are getting dry


140p all the way to 1080p

The differences in quality are mind boggling efi

The lower the number experienced way less lag and less time to load but it is worth waiting to watch 1080. 

Been feeling good this week 💪🙈
Staying on 140P 190C 65F
To all the pros out there, how do you figure out your macros?

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So here’s a little #transformationtuesday and lessons in patience!!! 😂😁 Changes to your physique, when done correctly, take time!! I have learned a lot over these past 9 months, thanks to my awesome coach @kaladuncan.. one of which is to “TRUST THE PROCESS!” Not going to lie, it’s been hard at times… especially when I saw the scale rising and inches increasing in places I didn’t want to increase. BUT, at the same time, I saw inches increasing in places I DID want!!! The pic on the left was 8.5 months ago. I had just started this process and was what I like to call in my “skinny fat” body. I was eating 1400 cals, 135C/140P/30F. The pic on the right is from my checkin with coach last Weds where I was eating 1790 cals, 185C/150P/50F. Yes, I’ve gained about 11 pounds but other than carrying a little weight in my midsection, I am pleased with where that weight has gone!! 😊🙌🏻 Coach just started me on a mini cut for 10-12 weeks to see where I am at!! I’m excited to see what the next couple months reveal!! 😁😊👊🏻





6月18日から発売されたアウディA1/A1スポーツバックは、一部改良による仕様や装備など変更だけでなく、アウディ初となる1.0L 直噴3気筒ターボエンジンの追加が大きなトピックス。


試乗記は別記事でお届けしますが、気になる価格はA1 1.0 TFSIが249万円、A1 1.0 TFSI Sportが265万円、A1スポーツバックの1.0 TFSIが269万円、1.0 TFSI Sportが285万円。

それでも「Cセグ買えるじゃない」という方は他を当たってもらうしかないですが、1.4 TFSI Cylinder on Demand SportのA1が329万円、A1スポーツバックが349万円ですから、エントリーグレードであれば80万円安価な設定となっています。

しかも、JC08モード燃費はアウディ史上最高の22.9km/Lを実現しているのも魅了。さらに、昨年から導入されていた気筒休止システムを備えた直列4気筒ターボの1.4 TFSIエンジンは140psから150psに出力を向上しています。


(文/塚田勝弘 写真/小林和久)



* スバル・レヴォーグ(標準グレード)の乗り心地が改善!
* アウディが9月にSUV「Q7」のピュアEVを発表か?
* 上質さにこだわった「新型」三菱アウトランダー&アウトランダーPHEVのインテリア
* 燃費と走りの質感向上が図られた三菱アウトランダー&アウトランダーPHEV
* 三菱アウトランダー&アウトランダーPHEVがビッグマイナーチェンジで迫力ある顔つきに http://dlvr.it/BK7Pf6