Hey Tumblr……Wow - a featured poem and a bunch of new followers. I love it.

I was gone this week cuz I went on vacation to Puerto Lopez in Manabí (a coastal province of Ecuador where my grandma is from). So yes - now I have a beautiful tan but I’m upset cuz on the way back my wallet was stolen….don’t really care about the money but my Ecuadorian documents were in there so in the next week I will have to go file a police report and wait the WHOLE fucking day in the Registro Civil……..

Anyway - thanks for all the support. Love all of you. And new followers. I would love a question or comment

P.S. I never got to thank 140orfewer for being my 200th follower!!! Thanks so much - I love your blog. As a thank you I would love to do a spoken word version of any of my poems for you - Let me know.


P.S.S. Tomorrow I’m going to Mama Negra, the biggest drunk fest in all of Ecuador - So don’t expect poetry…..but do expect some entertaining photos.


I once had riotous flames swirling inside; I’d exhale warm, soft billows of smoke every once in a while.

They’ve spoken and stolen and kissed-

I thought, by now, they’d been extinguished.

But you showed me that there was still an ember or two,

So I suppose that I should thank you.