140lbs lost

Height: 5'2’’ / Highest Weight: 190lbs / Current Weight: 140lbs / Total Weight Lost So Far: 50lbs! Highest BMI: 35 / Current BMI: 25.6

I’m on a journey of self-improvement & I’m determined to change my life! Follow me & join me on this adventure! I’m getting healthy, getting in shape & learning to love myself.

My blog consists of weight loss updates & experiences, recipes & clean eats, love & life lessons, daily inspiration, & much more. 

One of the biggest things that can make a difference is having a support system. It’s exciting to share a piece of myself with you. Hoping to inspire others as much as I’ve been influenced by fellow travelers on this exhilarating expedition of self-improvement. I love to see other people’s progress and hear other people’s stories. We are not alone on this journey :)


WEIGHT: Before (365) current (225)


DIET & EXERCISE: Well it all started late August when I woke up went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror and for the first time was disgusted with myself. With motivation in hand for change I decided to actually do it this time and give it my 110% I started eating clean cut out all fast food, soda, and most processed foods. As time went on I started to learn a lot about proper nutrition and workout out regiments. Through my journey I have lost 140lb so far and dropped over 25% in body fat. I still have aways to go in my journey as I plan on being a professional fitness trainer but you have to start somewhere it’s not going to come to you by magic pills, ab machines or infomercials. You have to get up dig Deel and want it more then anything you have ever wanted! it’s going to be hard there will be days you fall just get back up and keep moving forward. It won’t get easier but you will get stronger.

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So I did a thing…. 8.4lbs down this WEEK!!!! A lot of it was water weight from the week before but damn I DID A THING.

But body really? 99.4lbs down? Really? You couldn’t just tip me over to 100lbs so I could do my happy dance?

And now its time to share my weight goal milestones I am thinking of:

Get down to 246.6lbs, HALF MY GOAL WEIGHT and back into that 100lbs lost club, can’t wait to be in the 100 Club again! Should be next week agghhhhh! Celebrating by buying myself a new Pandora charm 

Get down to 241.8lbs (5.4lbs to go) to match my previous lowest weight last year Should be by end of September (I’m moving house so I am very busy sorting stuff so I may get sidetracked)

Get down to 230lbs to match my other previous weight loss journey 12 years ago (I regained it all plus much more) - Should be by end of November?

Get down to 204.6lbs - This would be 140lbs / 10 stone lost and a MASSIVE milestone for me, as I know a lot of people who weigh this much, and I would have lost it! The idea of this is so surreal - I am aiming to do this for Easter time.

Get into the 199lb club…. onderland… I can’t even. Next Summer. I can’t even think about onderland yet really.

Get to 173.3lbs - to be exactly half the woman I started out to be - next autumn ha ha ha ha ha crazy times what no I can’t, yes I can shut up Jackie’s brain

Get to 146.6lbs - GOAL exactly 200lbs from the beginning, aim to get there by 31st December 2015…. 4 years after starting my journey

I would have never got here without all the amazing support in my life and from my followers who I consider my friends. Having a great support network is vital, almost as important as nailing down the food and fitness elements. Thank you all so much,