kimheenim: <Super Junior 7> digital album is out. It’s my ALBUM after 3 years, and it’s 5 years with KangKingㅠㅠ My friend 83 grampa Teuk-ee is also back. Choreography was done by Shindong, Eunhyuk, and there’s also a song from my little brother Donghae, ‘Shirt’. I sing a ballad (everyone told me they never knew my voice was this good. Tremble tremble..) Rap Making was made by me and Eunhyuk, so I feel proud. There is a secret in 'THIS IS LOVE’ Rap. Ask Ryeowook-ee to tell you what it is on the radio #MAMACITA#Icanalsodohighnotes #myeyesaren'tbruised (c)