f(x)’s Krystal Confirmed to Act Opposite Rain in Drama ‘My Lovable Girl’

f(x)’s Krystal has been cast as the lead of an upcoming drama My Lovable Girl.

Already hyped as Rain’s comeback drama, SBS’s My Lovable Girl has confirmed casting Krystal as the lead actress.

Having started her acting career through MBC’s sitcom in 2010, Krystal has acted in various projects since then, including in MBC’s High Kick in 2011 and SBS’s The Heirs in 2013, proving her acting abilities.

After going through many discussions and profiles, the production team reportedly found Krystal to stand out with her chic but pure image, naturally reminding them of ‘Se Na,’ the lead character.

The fact that the drama set K-pop world as the background also played a role in casting Krystal, as the role requires acting ability as well as musical skills.

Taking her first lead role in a drama, Krystal shared, “I can’t believe that I will be on the same stage as Ji Hoon oppa (Rain). I really didn’t even imagine that a moment like this will ever come.”

Meanwhile, My Lovable Girl is about ‘Se Na’ who comes to Seoul to become a singer, following her sister’s sudden death, and falls in love with Hyun Wook (Rain). The girl who scarred Hyun Wook after getting into a car accident is Se Na′s sister.

Krystal said, “I was attracted to the storyline as soon as I saw it. It was also interesting that it sets the musical industry as the background. I would like to depict ‘Se Na,’ who overcomes all kinds of difficulties, falls miraculously in love and achieves her dream in music, in a heart touching and lovely way.”

The drama is set to air on September 17, following It’s Okay, It’s Love.


140804 Bangtan's Q&A

안녕하세요 진인데여 아허라 잘 보셨나요?

Hello it’s Jin did you all watch AHL well?

그럼 지금부터 질문을 받겠습니다. 미국에서 보낸 20일간의 생활에 대해 궁금한게 있으면 질문해주세요. 저부터 멤버별로 한 분을 뽑아 답변할게요! 하하

We will be taking questions now. If you have any questions about how we spent our 20 days in America, please ask us. Starting with me, each member will be picking one person and reply to them! Haha

@BTSJ_Y: @BTS_twt 오빠에게 제일 도움이 됬던 일은 뭐에요 ?” 전 개인적으로 홉이랑 같이 붙어다닌게 가장 도움이 됬던 일이라고 생각해요 언제나 밝은 분위기를 유지할 수 있게 만들어준 친구거든요

“@BTSJ_Y: @BTS_twt What was the biggest help for you, oppa?" 
I personally thought that sticking around with Hobie was the biggest help for me because he’s a friend who can create and maintain cheerful atmosphere

끼엽!!!! 여러분 홉이 와쪄영 홉이한테 질문질문 레츠고 ~

Kkiyup!!!! Everyone, Hobie is here ask Hobie questionsquestions let’s go~

@dlwldms385: @BTS_twt 미국에서 곡작업하니까 어땠어요? 한국이랑 느낌이 달랐어요?” 역시 뭔가 미국에서 작업을 하니깐 마인드적으로 새로웠고 좀더 재밋게 작업을 했었던 것 같아요 춤도 그렇구 미국의 퓔이~~ 예에~~ 지금도 흘러 넘쳐요

”@dlwldms385: @BTS_twt How was it working on songs in America? Did it feel different from doing it in Korea?“ I felt different mind-wise because we were working in America and I think I had more fun with working and also with dance, America’s feel is~~ yeah~~ still overflowing

이번에는 지민입니다! 멘션~받을게요!

It’s Jimin now! I’ll be taking~ mentions!

@TAETAELAND: @BTS_twt 미국 다시 가면 새롭게 도전해 보고싶은거 있어요?“ 저는~태태랑 정국이가 부러웠던게 보컬레슨 받고 연습했던게 제일 부러웠거든요! 저도 미국에 다시가면 꼭 해보고싶어요!

”@TAETAELAND: @BTS_twt Is there anything new you want to try if you get to visit America again?“ I~ was most jealous of Taetae and Jungkook because they had a vocal lesson and practiced! I want to try it too when I visit America!


It’s Rap Mon.

”@Wngusrla99:@BTS_twt 20일동안 오빠한테 제일 재밌고 의미있었던 일이 뭔가요!!?!“ 마지막 날 슈프림매장 갔을 때!!!

”@Wngusrla99: @BTS_twt During your 20 days there, which day was the most fun and meaningful for you, oppa!!?!“ When we went to the Supreme store on the last day!!!


It’s V

@sebyul: @BTS_twt 미국문화는 한국문화랑 다르잖아요! 가서 컬쳐쇼크 받았어요?“ 쉽게 사람들이랑 얘기할수있고 친해질수있어서 엄청난 컬쳐쇼크 먹었습니다 제스타일이었어요 그래서 하루에 한사람씩은 친구를 만들 수 있었어요.

”@sebyul: @BTS_twt American culture and Korean culture are different! Did you experience culture shock when you went there?“ I experienced a lot of culture shock because of how easy it was to talk to people and be friendly with them it’s totally my style and so I was able to make a new friend every day

@Wngusrla99: @BTS_twt 20일동안 오빠한테 제일 재밌고 의미있었던 일이 뭔가요!!?!” 사실 농담이었고 저는 비보잉을 배웠던 게 컸어요. 처음엔 너무 싫었는데 하다보니 재밌기도 하고 이래서 춤을 이렇게까지 추는구나~ 알게 되었습니다.

”@Wngusrla99: @BTS_twt During your 20 days there, which day was the most fun and meaningful for you, oppa!!?!“ I was kidding and b-boying was big for me. I really disliked it at first but it started being fun after I kept doing it and I realized ‘you can dance to this extent~' 


It’s Jungkook.

@jaewon__82: @BTS_twt 오빠 비보잉하고싶어했잖아요! R&B 팀 된거에 후회는 없었어요????“ 후회 단 한 번도 하지 않았습니다! 비보이도 좋았지만 제겐 노래가 우선이였기 때문에 정말 열심히 배웠습니다.!

”@jaewon__82: @BTS_twt Oppa, you wanted to do b-boying! Do you have any regrets about being in the R&B team????“ I never once regretted it! I like b-boying but singing is first for me so I worked really hard in learning..!


It’s Suga.

스키드 로 갔던 일이 가장기억에 남아요!인생에 뼈가 되고 살이 되는 말씀을 해주셔서 많은걸 배우고 왔던게 가장 기억에 남아요!! ”@Bt_sudal: @BTS_twt 미국가서 여러가지 일들을 했잖아요 아직까지도 많이 생각나고 재밋었던 일은 뭐에요?“

I still remember going to Skid Row! I remember that she told us words that could become the bones and flesh of life so I learned a lot!! ”@Bt_sudal: @BTS_twt You did a lot in America, but what is the most memorable and fun event that you still remember?“

질문 타임은 끝!! 오늘 엠카 와주신 아미부터 티비앞에서 응원해주신 아미분들까지!! 너무 감사드립니다!! 안녀엉~~

Q&A time is done!! From the ARMYs who came to M! Countdown to the ones who cheered for in front of their TVs!! Thank you so much!! Bye~~

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