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@yuanqiyuki: 再分享一个小故事。去年密室投票环节,KRIS第一个走进来投票,他把最胆小的票投给TAO和鹿晗。我说为啥投鹿晗呢,他说因为他发现鹿晗不敢坐过山车等等等等。然后鹿晗第三个进来投票,他把最胆小的一票投给自己。我想到之前KRIS说他不敢坐过山车的事,就在一旁继续问他,投自己最胆小是不是和不敢坐过山车有关呢。他害羞的对着镜头说,说实话因为恐高我还一次过山车都没坐过呢。😳害羞鹿,你这次来可以放心大胆的玩起来吗?

let me share a story. last year during the secret voting session, kris was the first to vote. he chose tao and luhan as the most timid members. i asked him why he voted for luhan, and in response he said because luhan was afraid of riding the roller coaster. when luhan came to vote, he voted for himself as the most timid member. i thought of what kris had previously said about luhan and asked if the reason was related to the roller coaster. he shyly faced the camera and said, “honestly, because i’m afraid of heights, i couldn’t even ride the roller coaster”. shy lu, are you able to overcome your fear this time and play fearlessly?

translation by: fy-exo

[FANACCOUNT] 140608 Xiuhan @ SBS Inkigayo
  • Luhan leaned on Minseok’s shoulder during the ending stage:

  • The boys did the pre-recording and during the drum choreography part, Luhan accidentally hit Minseok’s head. Luhan was surprised and he asked ‘Are you okay?’. Minseok turned around to look at Luhan and hit him back playfully. They also stayed close during the pre-recording.
  • Before the #1 vote was announced, Minseok and Luhan came up to the stage together. They were slightly apart before Lulu pulled Minseok to next to him ㅋㅋㅋㅋ the two of them kept whispering to each other and Luhan was always attached to Minseok’s side. They also wrapped their arms around each other~

source: takinyama | trans: minseoque