140509 Eunhae tour in Budokan:

Hyuk: that time it was 5am in the morning, actually we felt too tired so we were like lets just ditch the plan. then there was someone who started wearing his outfit, then the remanings has their thoughts of wanted to win burning .. then everyone wore…we were really happy that we could do such things at the airport, because we are “Super Junior” so we can do it


140509 Eunhae tour in Budokan:

hyuk: that day we said we would go onsen together but when we arrived at the big onsen i couldn’t find donghae; in the end he was already naked and in a smaller onsen, and he said he wanted to be in the onsen by himself, so in the end we didn’t share an onsen together, but we slept in the same room


140509 Eunhae tour in Budokan:
  • donghae:actually, this is the first time i said this to hyukjae as well...
  • hyukjae:why are you saying something to me for the first time at such a public place like this.. you should tell me (separately) first and then say it to everyone
  • then eunhae was whispering again ==
  • cr:韩希羽0604/mish_shellx