[TRANS] POTATO MAGAZINE 2014/02 - Interview

T/N: SUGA was ill when this photoshoot/interview was done!

“The shower is first come first serve! The room assignment is rock-paper-scissors”

Q: Since this is your first appearance please, compare the member’s features to animals and introduce them.

V: I think the leader Rap Monster-hyung looks like a fox. I think it’s because of his eyes and his thin lips. Also, onstage he has a really cool aura but when we are in the dorm, he’s a little bit timid and he also worries a lot, a bit fox-like.

RAP MONSTER:  Jungkook maybe a fox that imitates a bear? He turns his head really fast and he’s trained in his conduct of life; on the other hand, he acts like he has no aegyo but, in fact, he’s as lively as a beagle dog and talks a lot.

JUNGKOOK: Jin-hyung looks manly and he’s chic like a wolf but personality-wise, he’s carefree so he’s sloth-like (laughs). He’s really nice and he’s also a good cook, so we call him “granny” between us.

JIN: J-Hope is like a beagle puppy. At home he’s really untidy and leaves things scattered around and he’s also clinging into people all the time.

J-HOPE: Jimin may also look like a dog? He looks really cute and he also has another side of him where he doesn’t listen to people.

JIMIN: In V’s case, whatever he does it’s always strange. More than an animal, he’s more like an alien from another planet (laughs).

Q: Rap Monster, J-HOPE and Suga; you’ve all participated in making songs/writing lyrics but, how do work?

RAP MONSTER: first of all, I receive the song from the producer, and then I think about how to write lyrics or compositions that will suit it; and then I’ll also talk to all the members and we decide it together. “There is nothing better than a good thing”, that’s why all the member’s opinions matter in the end and a good work will come out of it.

Q: The readers are from the same generation but, thinking about your student days, please, tell us what kind of student you were.

V: When it was break time I went to take a peek of all the classrooms, I also went to buy something to eat, I was a kid who couldn’t stop for even a second. When I was in elementary school I participated in a Drag Competition (he wore female clothes) and I passed the qualification so it’d became a good memory (laughs).

RAP MONSTER:  When I was in middle school I was an honor student, and I was also the type of person who wanted to be class president but I got into the company and my life as a trainee started so I just went to school to sleep (laughs). Before entering the company I also had a result to be able the enter the 1st of the top of the nation, but after I fell to 2nd~3rd.

All: Even so it’s amazing~!

JUNGKOOK:  In order to become a trainee I came from Busan to Seoul but I was shy and couldn’t make friends, so I was kind of lonely…

ALL:  Poor thing~!!

JIN:  I also have a dorky side but I listened well in class, I also ate well and when it ended I went straight to home. I was the so-called mediocre student.

J-HOPE: In middle school, while I studied I also did my best learning how to dance! I received various awards with my performances and I remember that was also pretty famous between my friends~ (laughs).

JIMIN: I entered an art school in Busan! But since I became a trainee I had lessons till dawn and I slept during classes (laughs).

Q:  What kinds of rules do you have in the group?

JIN: The shower is first come first serve. The person who wants to shower fast has to run up the stairs! Also, when we go overseas or to person to another city, we always divide the rooms playing rock-paper-scissors or by lottery.

J-HOPE: We don’t do it by seniority!

RAP MONSTER: Before, we had a rule that said that if you broke a rule you had to pay 1,000 wons but we kept on breaking them and the amount of money we had to pay was too much… so I abolished it with my leader privilege… (laughs).

V: I wonder if the money we collected it’s still on the refrigerator…?

JIN: You all!! You might have forgotten but,  I was managing the money and right now,  we only have 1,300 won left. The money was used mostly for the chicken an pizza I bought for the birthday party~!

Q: You are really like family.

ALL: Yey! (and the 6 of them did a high five)

Q: By the way, you held a showcase in Japan for the first time, how were the Japanese fan’s reactions?

RAP MONSTER: I heard that the Japanese fans were mostly quiet, but I was shocked seeing how passionate they were. And while I was talking they listened well quietly, and I thought they had really good manners~!

J-HOPE: We did a high touch with everyone but there were lots of shy people and some couldn’t even look at us in the eye…

V: I said “arigatou gozaimashita~” (thank you~) but I want to talk to all of you more next time!

ALL: we’ve plans of promoting in Japan in 2014 so cheer on us!!

Scans cr; 贺凝不是我真名@weibo

Trans cr; Iraide @ bts-trans