Day 51 RECAP:

1,440 calories in

613 calories out through cardio (7 mile run)

826 net

I felt like I was eating all day, and eating WELL above how much I wanted. 1400 is more than I normally put in my body, but I want to keep it strong for these long jogs I’m reintroducing. I stopped caring about carbs halfway through the day. (clearly. i think one of those cookies is like 50 on its own.) I feel a little puffy today which I don’t love, but I feel comfortably sated and did all night. No desires to drink, had trouble falling asleep at a decent hour though. (up til 4a.)

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a town on the Romantic Road in Bayern (Bavaria), Southern Germany, about halfway in between Frankfurt and Munich. It’s known for its medieval center (Altstadt), seemingly untouched by the passage of time, encircled by the undamaged 14th century town wall. In the Middle Ages, it was a free imperial city, reaching its apex of prosperity under Bürgermeister Heinrich Toppler in the 15th century with a large population of 6,000 - much larger than Frankfurt and Munich at the time. Now it’s a small town and tourist attraction.

So I started reading Les Mis (the novel) and it got me thinking. When it was being made into a musical why didn’t they make Victor Hugo a character? Like, he breaks the fourth wall all the time in the book. It basically starts out with him saying that this priest character isn’t going to have a very large role, but he’s gonna explain his entire backstory because why not?

I feel like he could have been like the narrator in Into the Woods, and he would just insert his own two cents in whenever he feels like it. It would make the show funnier, and therefore less sad. 

There should be at least one version of Les Mis with Victor Hugo as a character.

every time i see this notification i get excited. theres so many possibilties. maybe a message that could lead to a thoughtful in-depth discussion. or perhaps its someone submitting me some cool fanart they put a lot of time and effort into. even if its just a simple compliment it usually makes me smile. 

but no. its always this

Primavera (detail), Sandro Botticelli. 

Circa 1482, tempera on panel.

Ufficy Gallery.