A/N: This is at the dual request of the radiant chicadificil and the resplendent 14000romances for some smutty times in the library. I hope it is something like what you were hoping for! (Also, I couldn’t think of a title, so I cheated and made a lame Dewey Decimal joke.)

* * *

Now they were back together, and Finn had returned to college after winter break, things fell into a nice routine. Each morning, Finn would meet Rae outside the chippy and they’d walk to college together, holding hands. The first day, she’d withdrawn her hand from his just before they rounded the corner as they neared the school. He’d looked at her, worried, but bit his tongue. He wasn’t good with words, and didn’t want to ruin things by pushing the issue.

The next day, she’d held his hand around the corner, but only just. Each day, she held on a little longer until one day, they got back to where they’d started that the first day of college and strode in the front doors, hand in hand.

This time, the school was used to them, and it wasn’t the first day or week, when everyone’s trying to scrabble as high up the social heap as they can, establishing hierarchies and avoiding the social cellar. Everyone was more or less set in their groove. Rae had been an outlier, bouncing between pariah and paragon before ending up somewhere nebulous and undefined. 

No one said anything aloud, but whispers fluttered down the hall, dogging their footsteps, until Rae pulled her hand from his and said, “I’ll see ya later, yeah?”

Dejá vu slammed into Finn. They’d been here before and he was NOT going down that same path. He let her walk away for the moment, but he wouldn’t make the mistake of giving her too much time and space, because he knew she’d crawl up into her own head and overthink things. “You will absolutely see me later, Rae Earl.” Neither his voice nor his gaze wavered. Rae glanced over her shoulder, throwing him a discreet smile, which he allowed himself to return. Well. That was different.

Three classes went by in a fog. Finn wasn’t focused on the lectures; he was thinking about Rae. He’d dart into the hall between each class, eyes scanning the crowd for her. When she didn’t show up outside the cafeteria at lunch, he had a good guess where to look for her.

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Breathe Me

MMFD Fanfic Challenge

Challenge: Choose a song, play it twice and you can only write within that period of time. NO EDITING ALLOWED UNLESS THERE IS STILL TIME LEFT. 

[A/N: This is for my soul sister Erin 14000romances and Lu oneeyedragdoll. It is probably not what you wanted but I put the song on and this is what came out. Enjoy..maybe?]

Breathe Me by Sia

Help, I have done it again

I have been here many times before

Hurt myself again today

And the worst part is there’s no one else to blame

Be my friend, hold me

Wrap me up, unfold me

I am small, and needy

Warm me up and breathe me

Rae pulls the wrapper off the candy bar and stuffs the smooth chocolate in her mouth the feel in her mouth is intoxicating and it tastes so sweet it almost makes her sick. She looks down at the table and sees countless amounts of wrappers in bright colors and they resemble a kaleidoscope that Rae had when she was eight. “Why do I do this to myself?” Rae says as she touches her stomach and feels the impending doom that will soon come out of her mouth.

She runs to the bathroom and vomits. Once she has gotten rid of everything she has eaten in the past half hour she looks at herself in the mirror. Her cheeks are stained with tears, smears of chocolate line the edges of her mouth and her color is overall pallid, gone are her rosy cheeks and she feels lifeless.

“It was only a little fight,” she tells herself. Finn was right I need to ask for help but I can’t. I am a failure. A mad, angry fat mess who just ate 10 candy bars in 30 minutes. I shouldn’t have stormed out of Finn’s bedroom. I love him so much. He wants to help me.

Rae walks to the phone in the kitchen and dials. The other line picks up. “Hello Nelson Residence”. Rae is silent, only her breathing and crying can be heard on the other end. “Rae?” Finn says calmly. “You can talk to me. I love you” he says hoping she feels the urgency and love in his voice. All Finn hears though is Rae crying and a trembling voice crying out, “help”.

Emu Meet-up.mov
A little message me and Erin recorded for our fellow Emus when she came down to Wolverhampton to visit me for the day whilst she was on holiday in London.

so, here’s the video message that we recorded when Erin 14000romances​ came down to visit me, a couple weeks ago now. I’m going to apologise in advance for how quiet and awkward I am on the video compared to Erin. I keep looking at the phone screen too much, trying to check if we’re still in shot and I feel like I look really goofy and have a really chubby face, i’m sorry these are just my hang-ups. Hopefully my rambling hasn’t put you off and you enjoy seeing what we look like and what our voices sound like as one of us is British whilst the other is American, which was quite surreal. xx 

The Fucking Running Man?

Insane Author Note: Just so everyone is clear, I don’t know what the hell this is. I started writing last night as a JOKE, but now that they’ve pulled the February 3rd rug out from under us (not that it was ever firmly there, but STILL) I’m posting it. It’s a joke, names are changed, and I don’t even know if these positions have any influence about when shows air. I just needed an outlet for my frustrations!!!


“Are you SURE you want to air a film on the 3rd, sir?”

“Yeah, especially … The Running Man?”

“Why not? Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of my favorite body builders turned actor. Well, perhaps there should be air quotes around “actor” - entertainer, shall we say.”

“Yes, but …”

“Do you have something you want to say, Susan?”

“Well, I mean, we finished ADR a couple of weeks ago, and the editors have submitted their final cut. It’s being approved by the BBFC as we speak. Might be a couple of issues with episodes 6 and 7, content-wise, but nothing to hold up the schedule drastically.” The Deputy Head of Drama adjusted her glasses and took a sip of coffee.

“That’s all well and good, Susan, but are they SALIVATING for it?” The Head of Drama drummed his fingers together, looking out of his window at the city skyline. It was a gray day, almost bleak, and he squinted to reduce the gloom-filled glare of light.

Susan looked up in surprise. “I’m sorry, Peter? Did you say … salivating?” 

“Yes! It’s not enough for the viewers to be excited to watch the show, they have to be on the verge of a mental breakdown. Well, at least some of them do. It’s the next revolution in televised entertainment, Susan.” He swung his chair around and stood up swiftly, pounding his fist on the conference table. “It’s the ultimate in interactivity. Physical stress on the body … who would have imagined, even 20 years ago, that people could get so worked up about a mere … television show?”

“Surely we don’t want viewers, fans of the show, to … collapse?”

“Think of the publicity, Susan! There is no bad press, and public interest would be piqued—you have to admit that much.” 

“Yes, yes, certainly it would make headlines. But can’t we just tell them WHEN it will air? I mean, we know; we’ve know for weeks. It seems cruel to just keep hinting.”

“There’s a REASON I’m sitting in this chair, Susan. I’ve got the instinct. You’ve got to be cruel to get their attention! A hint here, a glimmer there, and soon they’re making noises on every social media platform.” He chuckled, a glint in his eye that Susan didn’t like.

“I-I should tell you … I’ve already uploaded the photoshoot video, Peter.”

“What??? We could have cut that into three two minute videos and doled them out over the week!”

Susan glanced down the table at Fiona, the Commissioning Editor. She inclined her head and gave her a significant glance.

“We’re worried about you, sir. They’re just fangirls. They can’t hurt you. You shouldn’t torture them like this.”

“Did you do this for Skins? Or Some Girls?” Susan asked quietly.

“No, but there’s something special about these fans … they’re hungry. And only I can give them what they need to survive.”

Fiona cleared her throat nervously. “I understand, sir, but they do have a very powerful weapon in their arsenal.”

He scoffed, throwing his shoulders up and rolling his eyes. “Go on, then. What is it?”

Susan and Fiona looked at each other knowingly and uttered in unison:


Updated: MMFD Birthday List

Hi gang,

I updated the list again! Now it’s separated by month into sections on the spread sheet. For some reason, on my phone the document was organized, but when you checked it on a computer, it was scattered. So, I fixed that.

Those that messaged me:

- Raescupoftea

- tattierlz

- 14000romances

I added you, and Erin, I made the change you requested.

Now, for those three lost names long ago:

- Kathakonda

- LittleThingStyles

- Allimidori

I did take a screenshot long ago and found your information again. I felt horrible, thinking I lost you all completely, but all’s well that ends well.

Here’s the updated link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgMiVGHemF-BdDVabjRpN0QzM0ZqSktKaWpyZU13bFE&usp=sharing

Have a great day,


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Describe 10 facts about yourself and then pass it on to 10 of your favorite followers. :)

Sorry for delay.

1. When I was a toddler I used to be afraid of bearded men.

2. Example to 1: On my first christmas (technically second but real first don’t count since I was only 6 months) when I saw Santa Claus I screamed and was repeating I’m scared of Santa over and over. Btw. my Nan’s was that Santa.

3. Top 3 books:Jack  Kerouac’s “On the Road”, Virginia Woolf’s “Mrs. Dalloway”, Mikhail Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita”.

4. I got a scholarship for good GPA scores in college. That’s a huge deal for someone who was barely passing grades in high school.

5. I’m a vegetarian.

6. I can’t drive a car.

7. My best memory from school is when in 4th grade my Polish teacher read my fiction story to all students and had a look ‘this is how you do it, little bitches’ on her face.

8. I like kids but don’t want to have my own.

9. Last film I’ve seen is “Moonrise Kingdom” by Wes Anderson.

10. I’m having more or less regular sleep schedule. I try to not sleep past 9 am and go to bed around midnight.

Ages since last time I did one of these. I’m gonna do it mmfd related since I received it in this account :)

1) I discovered the show when the 3rd episode aired but refused to watch it because the synopsis I read was awful. The day after the last episode of the season aired I came across gifs of Finn writing in Rae’s back. I fell in love and I was just about to discover it.

2) The first episode I watched was the 5th because according to my logic, if I didn’t like epi 5 I wasn’t going to like any of them.

3) I don’t ship Izzy and Chop. I just don’t think they’re good match. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong.

4) I am obsessed with MMFD fanfiction. That’s the only one I read.

5) I want to know more about Mrs Dewhurst but I’m afraid her story might be heartbreaking!

6) Tom Bidwell is my hero.

7) My favorite part is when Finn kisses her shoulder.

8) I don’t think Barney is gay…

9) Karim is the best

10) I am so ready for that saucy and hot season we were promised!!!

Question time!

I’ve been tagged six times in the past few days! Bear with me! (I’m not posting the rules or doing the 11 questions this time, because I think most people have been tagged and after answering all these, I can’t make my mind think of 11 questions!)

Some of these were tagged to my “regular tumblr” (aspiringpolymath), but since they all had MMFD questions, I’m answering them all here in this MEGA-POST.

(I just noticed that I answered them in the order I got them, but they are also in alphabetical by URL order, too! Huh!)

* * *

Here are the questions asked by the luminous 14000romances:

  1. What would you choose as a theme song for Rae and Finn’s relationship (besides “Wonderwall”, not that I don’t love it!)? There Is a Light That Never Goes Out - The Smiths (kind of a cheat, but yeah. yeah.)
  2. Why do you think Danny Two Hats is in the hospital? He seems to hear voices/have conversations with people who aren’t there, so I’m wondering if it schizophrenia, but if he’s been released in Series 2, maybe it’s bipolar disorder? (Not a psychiatrist.)
  3. What was the last movie you saw in a theater, and what did you think of it? I saw Philomena in the theater last week, and I liked it! It was sad, but not devastating, and I love love love Dame Judi. (I also watched Jab Tak Hai Jaan yesterday (partly because Dan Cohen is in it for about 15 seconds). It was a bit melodramatic, but what Bollywood movie isn’t?)
  4. What’s a song that always makes you cry? Over the Valley - Pink Martini (I had them play it at my reception, it fills me with hope that makes me well up.)
  5. If you could choose, would you live near home or move far away? Well, I’ve moved about five hours away from where I grew up and it’s not bad! There’s lots to do and see around DC, but I can visit home on short notice. Plus, my parents have said they like having somewhere to go. 
  6. What do see each of the members of the gang (Rae, Finn, Chloe, Archie, Izzy, and Chop) doing for a living? Rae: writer or therapist, Finn: I don’t think he’d actually be a DJ, maybe work in a recording studio, Chloe: marketing/PR, Archie: history professor, Izzy: I could see her working with kids, maybe a kindergarten teacher or in a daycare?, Chop: takes over the garage he works at someday.
  7. Bands or songs you’d put in the MMFD soundtrack which haven’t been included already? Gah, I’m not sure! I think they’ve done such a good job with the music, I don’t know. See Ollie’s Knebworth mix tapes.
  8. List some of your favorite MMFD fanfics. (Preferably not as well known- I need more to read until we get to February!) Oh WHERE DO I BEGIN??? I think I’m probably going to mention a bunch you’ve already read, but: Simplicity Itself by sassy-curmudgeon, of course. And Inside the Eye of Your Mind, by blobwithagobThis one from nicrememiralleggro (I’ve read it so many times. I wish I’d written it.) And A Round of Base Ten! And the AU Knebworth fic! And Finn’s Diary! Oh god I wish she was still writing for MMFD. Then, everything by adaftmyriad, everything by howlinchickhowl. And I miss greenangelheart’s writing! Though she had favored us with a couple new stories of late. There are so many, though!!! And there are fab new fics all the time … some of which will I’m sure worm their way to the top of my heart.
  9. How many people have you forced to watch the show? Umm, my cousin, my friend, my mom, my husband. Sooo, 4. I’ve told lots of people about it, but those are the people I sat with through the show. 
  10. Best meal you can cook yourself? I’m pretty good making stuff up on the fly. I do like a good soup or stew, and I make this one with chicken thighs and apples (sounds weird, but it’s really good). A bowl of that and a piece of cornbread? YUM. (Now I’m hungry.)
  11. Songs you like to put on and do a happy dance to? Jackie Wilson Said - Van Morrison, Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves, Everyday I Write the Book - Elvis Costello and the Attractions

* * *

Questions from the delightful fckyas-mmfd:

  1. What the hell are the two spots Rae was talking about in the second episode in your opinion? Spots = zits in the UK (although her skin is ENVIABLE, I didn’t see two spots on her face)
  2. If you could live anywhere else, where would it be? Probably England. Almost anywhere in the UK. I have been in love with tv shows, movies, books and music from there for most of my life. I’ve visited three times and can’t wait to go back again.
  3. Give us a brief synopsis of what you think is going to happen this season (if you’re going to the premiere and you get this after the fact, do it without knowledge, haha) Okay, so we know from the trailer that Rae and Finn are an item at first. I don’t want to speculate too much, but I think that they’ll break up at some point, but I really really really hope they get back together. We’re going to be seeing Rae in an entirely new environment, with pressures and stressors that we haven’t seen her face before. I can’t wait to see what happens with the Luke character, too. 
  4. Who is your least favorite character on MMFD and why? Hmmm, this is really tough. I mean, I kind of want to choose an extra from the rave scene or something, because I think that all the main and secondary characters are played so well. I think it’s too easy to say Chloe, plus there are so many moments where she’s just a normal girl and a friend to Rae. I mean, Big G? But even he kind of redeems himself. Those other two twats, then. They seem pretty irredeemable. 
  5. Opinions on Chop and Izzy’s relationship I think they’re adorable and I hope that Izzy grounds him just a bit, though he’s a lovely bloke in general. I want to know more about both of them, but Izzy in particular. 
  6. Do you think Rae;s going to lose her v-card this series? I do. I think she’ll be brickin’ it, but yes.
  7. Three favorite bands - go I like a lot of solo artists, turns out. Off the top of my head: They Might Be Giants, Jethro Tull, Pink Martini. (Fairly disparate there.)
  8. Who is you dream man? (Don’t say Finn or Nico lmao) For a long time, it was Hugh Bonneville (specifically his character from Notting Hill).
  9. What were Rae and Finn doing in the closet? In the promo you mean? Looked more like they were in a stairwell or hallway. I mean, it could turn out to be something innocuous, like they were sneaking out of school to go to the chippy. They were not in any state of undress, and Finn looks pretty nonchalant when they get found. I bet if they were thinking about getting up to shenanigans they were cut off before anything could really happen.
  10. Favorite hobby? Does Tumblr count? Probably writing (mostly fanfic FOR Tumblr, so …)
  11. Favorite color? haha Too many to choose! I quite like blue and green. And bluey-green. 

Questions from the marvelous greenangelheart:

  1. Do you believe in ghosts? Not sure. I thought I saw one when I seven, but it could have just been suggestion.
  2. How about aliens? I find it extremely hard to believe that we are the only planet with life on it in the entire universe. Of course, the life forms could be completely unrecognizable to us as such, but yes. The truth is out there.
  3. If you formed a band what would they be called? Good Hair Day
  4. What is your favourite word at the moment? Trenchant.
  5. What mystery from history bugs you most? I think finding out how/why Stonehenge was built would be a colossal letdown, thought I do wonder. Jack the Ripper is a good one. 
  6. What is your favourite flavour/type of crisp? We don’t have the variety that you have in the UK. For a long time, I was down with the cheddar and sour cream Ruffles, though.
  7. Can you solve a Rubik’s Cube? Given enough time, probably. 
  8. Describe your dream sandwich? I love a good leftover turkey sandwich with stuffing and cranberry sauce and other trimmings.
  9. Have you ever owned a lava lamp? No. Never felt the need.
  10. Riddle me this: What is it that you can keep after giving it to someone else? Venereal diseases? Loooove?

* * * 

Questions from the pulchritudinous justagirlnamedkayla:

  1. what is your favorite color? See above.
  2. if you were 16/17 years old in 1996 and you walked into the pub and saw the gang, do you think you’d fit in with them? Um, I pretty much WAS 16/17 in 1996, and no. I don’t think I would. I was too nerdy. I might have talked to Archie in class about history, or Izzy in the hall, but I think everyone else in the gang would have thought I was hopelessly nerdy, Rae included.
  3. what do you love most about rae? Aaahhhh, this is hard. I think I can relate most to her tendency to use humor to diffuse situations. I love that she is thoughtful and quick-witted.
  4. do you have any pets? Not at the moment. Hoping to get a dog when we get back from Japan.
  5. what is your favorite movie of all time? CANNOT CHOOSE JUST ONE. Off the top of my head, Groundhog Day, 
  6. are you left or right handed? Right-handed.
  7. do you have any tattoos? Nope. I don’t see myself ever getting one, either, though I’m often impressed with tattoos I see on others.
  8. how many times have you watched series 1 of mmfd? This is hard to count. Because I’ve probably sat down to watch the whole series all the way through … eight times? Ten? But I’ve watched bits of episodes over and over. I’ve probably watched episode 4 the most and am a little scared to hazard a guess. 
  9. why do you think finn loves most about rae? He probably couldn’t answer this question, but maybe it’s that she’s multi-faceted? Like, he can see that she has this strength in her, but she’s also kind of vulnerable. 
  10. what was the last song you danced to? The song I made up about there being seven episodes. I boogied down right in the parking garage.
  11. who’s your favorite character of mmfd besides rae and finn? Oh god they’re all so good. At this precise moment, I’ll say Rae’s mum. She’s so funny, you can see where Rae gets it.

* * * 

And queries from the beatific somedayuwillfindme:

  1. What are five things that you hope to see/plot lines you want resolved, etc. in the second series of MMFD?
  • Finn and Rae cuteness (seems guaranteed)
  • Archie coming out/having more allies that know his sexuality
  • Backstory on the gang, especially Izzy (for some reason)
  • Appearances from Finn’s dad and Mrs. Dewhurst
  • For Tix to LIVE
  1. To which MMFD character do you least relate? Why? Of the gang? I wanted to say Chop, but actually, I can relate to his gregariousness. I might have to say Chloe. I mean, I have girl stuff in common with her, but she just has SUCH a different experience of life and is focused on such different things than I was at her age. 
  2. If you were a crayon, which color would you be? Why? Magenta, because when I was a kid, I used to call it magneta. As good a reason as any.
  3. What is the last film you watched? Would you recommend it to anyone? See above!
  4. What do you get complemented on the most? Ummm, sense of humor, maybe? Or possibly my dress sense. 
  5. If money was no object, where would you most like to live? London, England, The World, The Solar System, The Universe
  6. When did you first start watching MMFD? I watched the first four episodes on E4’s website to catch up and then watched episodes 5 and 6 on livestreams. It’s been almost a YEAR. OMG.
  7. What’s your favorite kind of candy/sweet? Probably Take Fives. I like salty/sweet/chewy/crunchy, so it hits all my buttons.
  8. If you were a writer for MMFD, what would the first scene you’d want to write? A scene between Rae and Kester. Like, first therapy session after college starts, and the day is told in flashbacks. Ooh, that sounds fun.
  9. Which song from the first series of MMFD did you most enjoy? Oh, they’re all so good, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear Eels in the first episode. 
  10. If you were Rae, would you have chosen to stay with Chloe in episode 3, or would you have gone with the lads to Knebworth? Yeah, I would probably stay with Chloe. I’ve always been a girls’ girl, and if one of my lady friends needs me, I’m there.

* * *

And FINALLY, questions from the adorable zero-for-starters:

  1. what storyline from mmfd series one would you change and how would you do it? I would love love LOVE for there to have been a seventh episode the first series, wedged in between episode 4 and 5. It has been such a fertile ground for fanfics, because how did they develop their secret language? They’ve gotten closer, but what caused that? I’d just want to fill in gaps.
  2. Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty person? I’m a little mercurial. So I think while I’m generally a “glass is half full actually it’s overflowing!” type, sometimes I’m a “glass is empty and will never be filled again!” type. This question also makes me think of Bill Bailey’s bit: Depends! What’s in the glass? 
  3. If you commandeered a time machine would you go to the past or the future, and where would you end up? I wouldn’t go to the future, but I wouldn’t go TOO far into the past. Maybe World War II? I know it was dangerous, but I’m imagining listening to speeches by Churchill on the wireless, and everyone having that sense of community and purpose. The world pulled together in a way I don’t think it has before or since.
  4. What’s your favourite accent? I love Irish accents.
  5. What era of music do you wish you’d been alive to see, or old enough to appreciate? Jazz/Big Band era. Imagine seeing Ella Fitzgerald or Frank Sinatra live in some dinner club, with everyone dressed to the nines and dancing. Sigh.
  6. Favourite dessert? Cake and ice cream. 
  7. Winter or Summer? I like all seasons, and I’m glad we have them, because I’d get bored with it being hot all the time or cold all the time. I like Winter fashions better and I like hot beverages and snuggling under blankets and NOT SWEATING all the time, so I’ll say Winter.
  8. If you could be a character from a book, TV series or film who would you be and why? Probably Anne Shirley (of Green Gables). I can relate to her feistiness and bookishness and flights of fancy.
  9. Johnny proude or Joe Middleton? Johnny Proude, all the way.
  10. What country would you love to live in? England.
  11. This is really two questions in one, so cheating slightly. Snog, marry, avoid: 1) Finn, Archie & Chop 2) Nico, Dan & Jordan. 1) Snog - Archie, Marry - Finn, Avoid - Chop 2) Snog - Nico, Marry - Dan, Avoid - Jordan 


Using only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to ten people. Try not to repeat a song title. It’s a lot harder than you think.

Thank you to 14000romances for tagging me in this! (Also, a late Happy Birthday Erin!! I hope it was a good one :D) I shall tag curvygirlonabudget i-dream-of-emus jellytotsies danny-two-hats someday-youwillfindme fckyas-mmfd lol-shut-up-tash learningacceptanceme pissingonursoul locked-in-forever I don’t know if you lovely ladies have all done this before so I apologize for tagging you again if you have. 

Pick your artist: Kings of Leon

Your gender: Taper Jean Girl

Describe yourself: Radioactive

How do you feel: Dusty

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Back Down South

Favorite form of transportation: Pickup Truck

Best friend is: Mi Amigo

You and your best friend are: Family Tree

Favorite time of day: Tonight

If your life was a tv show what would it be titled: Wait For Me

What is life for you: Beautiful War

Your relationship status: Happy Alone

Your fear: The End

I actually had a hard time doing this, but it was fun!

So, between this tumbly and my other one, I have been charged to come up with fourteen things I like about m'self. That oughta just about scratch the surface! (Har. I genuinely do pendulum swing between “I’m the best!” and “Oh god I’m the worst.” It gets better, kids … for part of the time, anyway.)

1. I’m fair with words. Writing them, speaking them, admiring them … words and I are quite good friends.

2. Even though it’s hard to find pants, I like that my legs are long. I can walk fast and step over puddles (almost wrote puzzles … which is an interesting image.)

3. I have good intentions, and I sometimes act on them! 

4. There’s this thing with my nose, when I scrunch it in precisely the right way, it twitches like a bunny and even I can admit that is adorable.

5. I inherited my mom’s ability to throw together a meal without a recipe. (I think that is half genes/half experience.)


Nico features in this teaser video for The G-O-D music video for “Drive Away The Rain” hopefully the full video will be released soon!

(Sorry if I forgot to tag anyone,I’m currently not at home and I don’t have my tag list with me,sorry ladies)

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Lovely ladies here is a longer clip of Nico from The G-O-D muisc video for “Drive Away The Rain”

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For all you lovely ladies that live in the U.S “Shooting for Socrates” will air on Flix Premiere this Friday.


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