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Idk if you know about it but theres's a cut song from ITH's workshop called Hear Me Out, and in it, Benny says that when he was ten years old, he rocked corn rows, and now I just can't get the cute image of a small Benny with cornrows out of my head.

i cant believe i forgot this!!!!!!! thank you for reminding me,, these lil bennys can be your reward

a trend i don’t really get is people draw mob all aesthetically but like??? he’s a fuckin middle schooler?? that boy is awkward and probably sweaty with a facefull of acne. mob would read warrior cats and have a deviantart. mob would play yu-gi-oh competitively. he’s just a nice kid

still have to fix the god awful texture on the actual boots, buuut i was pretty satisifed with how the textures for the ice crystal, snowflake, and steel toe came out. plus the little 3d detail.

going to probbaly completely redo the actual boots texture and everything. editing stuff in zbrush without uvmapping it first before you send it is not fun T_T.

you can create some awesome ass normal maps using zbrush though ;u.

will probably have a final render ready tomorrow after work. thenn onto the next one ;u.


The birthdays piled up and I felt like a pest asking people to come up with ideas. Luckily, we all play FINAL FANTASY XIV together, so I decided to make a themed set! I picked flowers that match each character with a witchy flower association.

  • Lorelei: Marigold (creativity) and Feverfew (warmth)
  • Crest: Fennel (strength)
  • Faeris: Protea (courage)
  • Sigyn: Amaranth (healing) and White Heather (protection)

Happy late birthdays, you cuties: @loreleisyren @loldrg @kymareon @fifthstar


mimi nakamura/中村みみ


Hello everyone! So recently I’ve been commissioned on twitter and snapchat, to recreate Opportunity Photos into drawings and I thought that I would offer this to my beautiful followers on Tumblr. 

Especially since I’m in a positive mood and finally getting a hang of this style and coloring and because it’s fun and I want to keep going!

So Details! 

-Contact me here via tumblr messenger or ask (off anon please unless u have a general question)
-email me at jvosketches@gmail.com

In your email /ask/whatever please have:
-Your tumblr or name or someway i can remember u lol
-Your paypal address
-Attach a photo of yourself and an actor/actress at a OP photo (I’m opened to almost all OUAT acotrs and a few from other fandom)
-Please Clarify your Hair and Eye colour (hahaha, sometimes its hard to see)
-Please have the word “commission” somewhere in the subject (ex: “Duo Commission”, “Sally Duo Commission”, etc.)

Limited Spots, So don’t miss out! 

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