there’s no trip like a guilt trip

at least his guilt trip is leading him to some very reasonable reflection–like maybe he didn’t need to go charging into that parking garage. that must be the worst part of his imprisonment–being left alone for days with no idea what’s happening

Feilong at least tried to feed Akihito

isn’t Akihito too old to be trolling children like this? then again, it got Tao to talk to him, so maybe it’s brilliance


• 14.08 • 4/100 days of productivity •

Hands down, the best thing about Mechanics is all the pretty little diagrams you can draw to represent a physical situation.

Also, I miss my further maths lessons :(

14.08. Coffeshop AU

Digimon OTP Week Part 1

Rated: General Audiences
Pairings: Taichi/Koushirou
Words: 888

In which Koushirou runs a coffeshop and Mimi makes Taichi go there.

„Have you heard of the new coffee shop that has opened up in the TOC? It sells just four kinds of beverages and two kinds of pastries” Mimi said casually as she and Taichi waited for the train.

Taichi frowned. That business model sounded doomed to him. Everywhere he went, he saw coffee shops, artisan or not but preferably so, with at least a dozen versions of coffee to choose from. That’s what people wanted nowadays, he thought. Simple seemed to be out of style at the moment.

  They stepped on the train, Mimi busily scrolling through her social media nearly motionless, just snorting or huffing now and then. Then she suddenly beamed up at him.
“Why don’t we stop there for coffee?”

Taichi didn’t know what she was talking about, then remembered. He didn’t know what should be so special about it but they would probably be the only customers which he preferred. He hated waiting for his coffee.

He nodded. “Sure. It’s on our way after all.”

And just like that, Mimi was on her phone again. Taichi just shook his head but smiled.

The TOC was swarming; it was a late Friday afternoon. Working moms were doing the weekly grocery shopping, groups of girls chatted noisily while floating in and out of clothing shops, and pensioners strolled undisturbed from all the buzzing down the aisles.
Mimi strode briskly through the crowds; she apparently knew where the new shop was located.
In the middle of the second floor, there was a tiny booth wedged between a fast food branch and a flight of stairs. Nothing special, one would assume. The throngs of people queuing up to it, however, begged to differ.

  “Do you see the end of the queue?” Mimi asked as she wasn’t as blessed with such a fine overview as Taichi was.

  “Ugh, I think it’s going all the way to the toilet entrance.”

Mimi sighed but didn’t seem to mind. Probably because she had her phone to distract her. Just before they headed for the end of the queue, Taichi caught a glimpse of the barista (the only one!) tending behind the counter. A rather diminutive person - he wasn’t sure if it was a boy or a girl, but definitely quite young - with curly red hair cut short and delicate pale skin whirled between the coffee machine and the counter top.
Taichi felt his cheeks burn and quickly looked away, to discover that he had lost Mimi in the crowd. Thankfully, she sported a pale pink at the moment so she was easy to find even in a place like this. He snuck his way through the shoppers and stepped next to her in the line.

  “Well, is the barista cute?” she asked without looking up from the phone.

“How-“ Taichi only managed before he felt the heat creeping up his neck again. Then he noticed that Mimi didn’t want to tease him, she was genuinely curious.
“I - I don’t know. They’re, uhm, very short?” he informed her, leaving out the details for reasons unknown to him.

She snorted. “Everyone is short to you, Hagrid.”

Finally, but after less time than Taichi had expected, they approached the counter. Mimi had not been joking. The place only offered Espresso, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate and Tea, though one could choose from a small range of flavors here. The pastries on offer were chocolate and lemon cupcakes. Very puritan, but it apparently worked.

Only now Taichi dared to glance down at the barista, who appeared to be a boy, at least two or three years younger than Taichi. Internally, he was furious. How could the manager leave a teenager in charge of such a big rush? A teenager, for Christ’s sake!

The barista greeted them with what seemed to be a true smile. “Hello, what would you like to have?” His voice was high, but pleasantly so, and with his fine cut features he looked even more gorgeous than from afar. Taichi noticed that the name tag read Koushirou.

Mimi was already ordering before he had fully processed the question.

  “Uhm, I’d like to have a double Espresso and a lemon cupcake, please” he said. Then he added “How can you manage this all on your own? Today must have been hell.” One could maybe make Taichi easily blush, but he still knew how to make conversation, even when embarrassed.

The barista shrugged. “It was okay. You know, you just have to stick to your calculations and be very efficient, then it all runs smoothly.”

Taichi thought he had misheard. “Calculations? What kind of?”

While handing him his coffee, the barista answered “On how long to take for every step of the procedure. I have even added some spare time, just in case someone makes unnecessary but welcome small talk.” He winked.

Taichi blushed to the roots of his wild brown hair and stuttered a thank you, then trotted off to where Mimi was waiting. She giggled when she saw his red face.

“He is cute! At least when one falls for boys, that is.” She linked her arm with his and pulled him away. Taichi was able to catch another glimpse of the forbiddingly attractive barista. He already went through every possible excuse to come to the TOC every day from now on.