Black women are out here graduating colleges, launching business,m breaking barriers in their fields. But for some odd reason we can’t seem stay out the mouth of crusty, irrelevant, ashy kneegrows like “Trickdaddy” has been trending for the past 14 hours after posting a video going in on black women and how we need tighten up, before white and Spanish women replace us…? So our value is best on that we know how to fry chicken? Trick we understand you want to be relevant again but trust me this is not the way. On behalf of some black women we apologize you are washed up and irrelevant to society. Trick do us and society a favor next time you want and feel the need to spew bullshit keep black women out of it. 

You guys can watch the video here http://www.bet.com 

Also I want to hear you guys thoughts on this bullshit


“Everything I ever did, I did for her. Now she’s gone, but I’m still here.”

Why was this scene so perfect? So real and human? I wanted to do a piece like this ever since I saw that episode almost close to a year ago now. Really loved the colours in making this one and I hope like you it too.

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