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i’m a voltron: legendary defender fan who loves klance BUT doesn’t mind if no relationships become canon, or if relationships other than klance (involving lance and keith or not) become canon! i love the show and i love the bond the characters have! giving others hate only makes all of us look bad and shipping shouldn’t be the only focus of the vld fanbase

guess who impulsively asked the dude they’ve liked for two years to their debs/prom in august ,,
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“Damn is he loveable.” -Jensen Ackles 


final fantasy type-0 personality types:

№15. Rem Tokimiya (insp.)

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Why you believe in plance so much?? I ship them but they almost had no interactions...

I mean like. I’ve always shipped Plance more for the potential than what we currently have going for us in canon. In my own personal opinion and from a writers perspective I think a relationship between them out of any they could have between the other paladins would be the most beneficial for their characters character development wise and just in general??? I talk about that here in detail I think. I’m a multi shipper and ship pretty much everything but I think it could help both of them grow a lot. But also I don’t want a relationship between them until some kind of growth happens. They might have a lot of potential but they also are one of the ships that would require A LOT OF SLOW BURN. Which is why I think it’s silly when people ( antis ) think we want a 14 year old and a ‘late teen’ to get all kissy right away because 9/10 times we don’t because 1. that’s unrealistic to their characters and 2. they’re freaking kids and deserve to have time to figure themselves out before barreling into that kind of stuff. 

As for believing in them??? I guess it’s like. I’ll be honest going into this ship last year I had about zero faith in them ever being canon and if I’m still doubtful that it may happen. But every time I rewatch I see these little moments with them and I know I have shipper goggles on but I can’t help there could be something especially when you add everything together. We’re still only 2/8 seasons into the show so we have no idea where the show is headed but some things just seem to hint at it y’know. A little blush here a little punch of jealousy there. 

Not to mention the crew has been seen to support it. The crew are also multi shippers but crew members have been seen to actually draw plance in romantic situations on multiple occasions. Which can only be said for that and I think sh/eith ??? At the end of the day it doesn’t make the ships canon or confirmed but it does make me have some more hope in them since the crew knows stuff we don’t. 

TUMBLR MARKD MY ART AS NSFW this is rayphobia?

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pidge is 14... like yeah Desexualize the Breasts! but.... shes a minor. tiny lil kid. you have allura, nyma, and shay who are older and adults!

well ppl never freaks out if a 14 boy runs around without a shirt! >:/

Also one of the staff members said that the ages in the show it up to interpretation! probably to avoid people having problems by having otps like sheith?

AND to be friggin honest i think pitch just might be too mature to be an 14 year old she was in the old anime.. so in my version she’s about 15-16?? i think that age suits her better since it’s an age where you are still quite rebelious but also mature enough to set the right priorities! .. and .. ok i was always a late bloomer! but when i was 14 i still invited my friends over to play with toys n stuff???

Huevember Day 17

Dooku can’t have his good name besmirched with Dathomirian rabble (he’s just upset that Maul could do all the flips and he doesn’t want his Zabrak apprentice to be less cool than Sidious’ it’s a matter of professional pride)

Savage is too good for Dooku anyway, you’re right, his path of destruction is too great.

THE CAPTAIN AMERICA OF STAR WARS. BASICALLY. He joined a magical space cult and all he got was deez tits. And also grew two feet.

He really is though. Everyone thought they were getting an attack dog but he’s just a fit, confused yellow lab with some anger problems and no idea what’s happening. It’s okay, Maul loves him in that horrible sort of brotherly way where he shows him how to kill things more efficiently.

WELCOME AND THANK YOU. I arrived to the Darth Maul fandom about 14 years late with Starbucks SO YOU ARE AMONG FRIENDS. 

There will be plenty more Maul art in the future but I have several Thrawn and Kylo arts to get through first. BUT HE WILL BE BACK because let’s face it he never dies.

I just keep picturing Thalia as the fandom potrays her with all the piercings and undercuts and everything while looking 15 and I just can’t help but burst out laughing. She probably looks so young and yet she has all of that and it’s just hilarious, because even if she looks fifteen, her mentally is around 13/14 (like most of the hunters) and it’s hilarious

The best part about Neon Genesis Evangelion is that instead of its protagonist, Shinji, solely fighting demons from outer space with a giant robot, the majority of the series is dedicated to Shinji fighting the demons in his own inner space armed with nothing but his 14 year-old psyche. I’m late to the party, only just watching the series this year, but I really liked it.

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