14 year olds were never this beautiful

Twisted Perceptions On Food

Among animal activists, vegans and dog lovers alike there has been constant chat of the 2015 Yulin Dog Meat Festival. I have kept quiet, slipped in between conversations, liked a few posts here and there, I have even gone to comment on a post or two. However, I haven’t been able to bring myself to write something, to share my own views due to the fear of debate, hate, anger. But now, as I sit here and read comments of disgust, of love, I feel compelled to write something. 

Ever since I was little I was taught compassion. I was taught to be kind to the lizards in the grass, the birds in the sky, the pets in the house. I thought that I was kind to all animals. When I went to eat, my perception of compassion changed, I didn’t bat an eye to the animals on my plate. I only saw them as food. I didn’t process them as living, breathing animals that had now been killed. It never once crossed my mind. As I sit here now though, I cannot think of a single reason why it would have crossed my mind. I was raised to believe that there were separate categories of animals. I lived life blinded by speciesism. That was who I was. 

If we fast forward in my youthful years to the awkward age of 12, I was in class when our teacher loudly exclaimed that he could never bring himself to eat a quail as they were so beautiful, that in fact, he was vegetarian as he loved all animals. I justified myself in my head, I told myself that I would never eat a quail as they are beautiful, that I would only eat farm animals. There was no logic in my justification of eating meat. 

And then it leaves me here. Vegan. 14. When I look back on my life I can see that I stood on the excuse that I would never eat a quail because they were someone’s pets, but I would eat a farm animal as they are food. When I now come across posts on dog meat festivals I think of my 12 year old self, how I would have angrily commented on the post stating that; ‘It was disgusting, how could anyone ever eat a dog? A kind intelligent animal?’. I see my 12 year old self in the thousands, millions of comments left by people all around the world.

‘This is disgusting.’

‘I can’t believe they are doing this a dog.’

‘I will kill anyone who does this to dogs.’

‘Those poor animals.’

The comments are endless, streaming into social media like fire, spreading through blogs, pages, tweets, posts, everywhere you look. I have a secret to tell you:

I am with these people. I stand with them on their fight to end the dog meat festivals. What differs me though is I stand to end all forms of farming animals. Whether it be dogs, birds, cows, pigs, no animal should have to spend a life in a cage. Then on these posts are the small but strong group of those pointing out the inequality. Pointing out that all animals suffer when they are seen as food. That it doesn’t matter whether you are a dog or a pig or a bird, they all fear. They can all feel pain. 

Then there is anger. Fire. Burning through these comments because DOGS ARE TORTURED. Because DOGS ARE KILLED VIOLENTLY AND WHILE THEY CAN STILL FEEL PAIN. What can I say to this? How can I explain? 

‘The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.’ 

In Australia, it is legal to crush chickens alive, to keep them in tiny cages, to restrain them, keep them from proper light, food, to take mothers away from their calves and is this reader, not the same as what happens to dogs? Is this not what is happening in Asian countries, labelled as dog festivals? 

The only thing that differs in farm animals and dogs is your perception. Why love one and eat another? They both feel pain, are both treated the same in farming processes, both have social order, love their offspring. Why, oh why, do we take preference of one? 

Next time you see a comment on social media about the dog meat festival, think. Don’t reply. Just think. 

Are they really treated differently? 

*All rights of photography to Jo-Anne McArthur

She Didn’t Even Know Me  (Part 1/?)   (Tony Stark x reader)

Request:  zohoffman said:I was wondering if you could do a fanfiction were tony has a twin sister who was kidnapped when they were 14 and they never find her so he thinks she is dead. But Hydra really had her and trained her like bucky and when hydra falls tony finds her

Here you go, love!  I can’t say how many parts we’ll have, but there’s no way to get this done as a one-shot!  Hope you enjoy!!

File after file of Hydra information flashed across the screens in front of Tony, most of it jumbled and random as JARVIS downloaded it all.  He watched for a few minutes, but quickly grew bored and moved on to look for what else they were hiding.  While Tony left the room, JARVIS began to separate and analyze the new data being sent to Maria Hill back in New York.


Tony was gone before JARVIS could stop him.  The information he had just found was incredibly sensitive and must be addressed quickly; not only for the safety of the team but for the protection of his boss as well.

“Miss Hill, have you received the data as sent by Mr. Stark?  I have highlighted one file in particular that requires your immediate attention.”

Back at headquarters, Maria was reading the information as quickly as she could, trying to wrap her mind around what she was seeing.  Details of Hydra’s soldier training program were violent and cruel, so much so that she looked away several times from the images on her screens.  “JARVIS, why am I watching this?”  

Suddenly, it was clear why as she stood with a loud gasp and raised her hand over her mouth.  The person now on her screens had a likeness that was unmistakable; her mannerisms were the same, and her eyes eerily similar. Could it really be her, Tony’s sister, after all this time?  After thinking she had been dead for so long?  She had to be sure before she brought this to him.

“JARVIS, is that her? Take the last known photo of her, apply age progression and compare the two.”

Two photos appeared side-by-side, eliminating any doubt that she had.  Maria could only stare and shake her head at the realization of what, rather who, they had found, completely unsure of how to approach telling her boss.

“Yes, I do believe that is (Y/N), Miss Hill.”


Once the team had returned to the jet, ready to go home, Tony finally had a chance to check his phone, expecting it to be inundated with messages from Pepper.  He had neglected to tell her that he was leaving on this particular mission, and prepared himself to face her upon his return.  To his surprise, there was only one message from Maria.  

Tony, we need to talk.  Urgently and alone.

Ok, so what ya got?

Not by text.

I’m sure it will be fine.  Go ahead.

I prefer to talk in person.

What, are you quitting on me, Hill?

A few minutes passed by before she replied again, and Tony was actually starting to feel worried that she was going to tell him of her resignation.  

The Hydra files.  JARVIS found something.

Tell me.

He found (Y/N).  She’s alive, Tony.

His face went blank and the phone dropped to the floor, startling Steve, who was standing next to him. Tony stumbled back and sat abruptly in one of the seats, nearly missing his mark and falling.  

“Tony?  Hey, Tony, are you okay?”  Steve grabbed his shoulder and gave him a small shake.  “What happened?”

As he continued to stare ahead, motionless now, his mind was racing but his body was numb.  Steve knelt down to face him, growing more and more concerned with Tony’s uncharacteristic behavior.  “What’s going on?”  When he finally answered, Tony’s voice was a whisper, almost mumbling under his breath.

“They aren’t even here to see her again.”


Once the team returned to the tower, Tony locked himself away in his room, staring at the pictures of you that JARVIS had found.  It was like looking at a ghost.  You had been gone for thirty years, so it may as well have been one.  You and Tony were only 14 years old when you disappeared; he and your parents searched for you for years, only to finally assume that you would never be found and were most likely dead.  With all of the tools at Howard’s disposal, he still couldn’t find you.  Your mother went a little crazy for a while, refusing to believe that one of her beautiful twins was now faced with going thru life without the other.  You and Tony had been inseparable, finding comfort in each other when struggling with the fame and genius of your father and learning together as your own intellects grew.  You really were best friends, and from that day on he would have trouble making new ones, always comparing them to his relationship with you.

His concentration on the image of your face was finally broken when Steve knocked on his door. “Tony, is there anything I can do?”  

Tony sniffled and cleared his throat as he straightened himself, briefly running his hands thru his hair.  “Come on in, Cap.”  

Steve entered slowly, looking at the picture of you projected on the wall in front of him. This was the first time he had ever seen you, and was taken aback by the similarities with Tony, even in the dark and grainy Hydra surveillance footage.  

“My mother…Maria,” he sighed, “she never gave up hope, ya know?  Dad was more of a realist, but he was most talented at hiding behind his work.” Tony laughed quietly under his breath, “no shock as to where I got that from.”  He stood now, walking to the window to survey the city below, wondering if you had ever passed by the tower on the busy sidewalks, looking for him. “I’ve wanted this day for so many years, but now that I know she’s still alive, I have no idea where to start.”

“JARVIS wasn’t able to locate her from the files you found?”

“Even if he had, she could be anywhere.”  Still looking across the skyline, Tony raised his hand to rub his forehead and cheek, clearly frustrated with his inability to know what to do.  “What do you think they did to her?  Do you think she knows who I am?  Who she is?”

Steve took a long, deep breath, choosing his words carefully.  “I can’t say, Tony.  But you saw what they did to Bucky.  Are you prepared for that?”

“Ha!  I’m not prepared for shit.”  Tony shook his head as he turned to Steve, “but no matter what, I have to know.”

“You’re going after her,” Steve whispered, nodding in agreement.

“You don’t have to come with me.”

The Captain paused for a moment, contemplating what a mission like this could mean, and how it could end.  He looked at Tony, feeling that he was seeing the real man for the first time, his emotions clearly visible in his expression.  Steve knew that Tony was asking for help, but was too proud to actually say the words.  

“When do we start?”

Part 2

You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground

Pair : Dean x Reader

Music : The One by Kodaline

Summary : Dean never thought he could be saved, until you walked in, and changed things. Old feelings came flooding back, as you both reminisce on old memories from the past. But whats a story without a little twist?

Warnings : light angst, cursing, Smut.

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It was a long dreadful night for the Winchesters. A case that was suppose to be quick and easy, became a month long process.

Finally, it coming to an end, the boys decided on taking a small break.Dean and Sam decided on going to a bar, to drink their sorrows away.

Unfamiliar faces filled the room. Loud music echoed around as drunk slurs slipped through peoples mouths. It was something the boys were used too.

“Damn I’m exhausted.” Dean exhaled, motioning for the bartender.

Sam nodded, running his hands through his hair. Thats the thing with long cases, some times it takes a toll on them. More than just physical exhaustion, it emotionally draining. Having to watch innocent people die, not being able to save everyone, It broke them. But they learned to grow immune to it all, to be numb.

As the night carried on, As the alcohol streamed through their veins, and their minds were hazed, Their walls came tearing down.

“I dont know man, arent you tired of it all?” Sam muttered, taking another shot of whiskey. 

Dean shrugged his shoulders. “What I’m tired of is seeing everyone I love die, or walk away. I am tired of being reminded just how much I have lost. This life, there is no happy ending. There is no ‘Apple pie’ crap. We’ve seen too much, theres no walking away from this, which means theres no moving on. Its a constant roller coaster of bullshit that we were thrown into.” He grunted, reminiscing every case he has ever been on.

“But why do we have to suffer? What did we do to deserve this life?” Sam asked, his eyes blood shot. “Do you really think theres no happy ending for us?” 

“Nah, not for people like me. You, maybe. But me?” He shook his head, and looked down at his cup. staring at the bourbon swishing around. Dean may never admit to his brother just how much he wishes he were free from this life, but he knew it were only a dream.


You pulled the door open, feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. Your head was filled with different emotions.

Walking toward the back of the bar, you heard familiar voices. Voices you haven’t heard in years. Snapping your head back, your eyes grew wide as they laid on the familiar faces. Dean and Sam.

“Dean?” You muttered. 

His lips escaped the cup as he locked his eyes with yours. You felt your breath hitch to the back of your throat, and your stomach churn.

You left the boys after Bobby died, the man who was like a father to you. And though you didn’t blame them for his death, you just couldnt be near them anymore, it tore you apart.

“Y/N.” He finally let out. His mouth dropped, staring at you as if he had just seen a ghost. 

Sam stumbled out of his chair, almost pulling you down along with him. Dean swiftly pulled his brother up, helping him stand on his two feet.

“Y/N! Wow, i can’t believe its you! I missed you so much.” Sam stammered, pulling you in close to his side. With Dean on the other side, you were inches away from his face. His green emerald eyes, gazing into yours, It was something you never thought you missed. 

Sam began to fall once more. “Ok, lets get you home.” Dean muttered, walking his brother out to the car.
You followed behind, helping the older Winchester.

“Thanks.” Dean exhaled, closing the door to the impala. 

You shrugged your shoulders and let out a soft chuckle. “Guess things don’t change after all.”

Deans lips curved up into a small smile, his plump lips taunting you.

“H-How’ve you been?” Dean muttered, shoving his hands into his pockets.

You missed the boys without even realizing it. Years have come and gone and not once did you ever stop to wonder if they missed you.

“I been ok.” You smiled, though you knew you were lying through your teeth.

“You look good.” He exhaled, making the blood rush up to your cheeks.

Sam groaned, catching both yours and Deans attention.
The poor guy, blood pumped with poison running through his veins. He looked helpless.
“I better get him home.” Dean stammered. “But we should meet up tomorrow. I missed you.”

Those words created your stomach to flutter.

“That sounds great.” You exhaled.

Dean pulled you in for a quick, but tight embrace. Before escaping the parking lot, and vanishing into the night.

Leaving you alone to your thoughts.

Alone to ponder as old feelings crept up, and flooded you like a wave crashing into the rocks. Dean was the closest person in your life. He was your other half, your best friend. someone you could always count on. You couldn’t help but fall in love with him. But you always felt he never saw you that way.

Little did you know, Dean loved you since you were both 14 Years old.


“Her name is Y/N.” Bobby muttered. Motioning to the boys standing in front of you.

“Hi I’m Dean.” He reached his hand out toward you, and all you could think about was how beautiful his eyes were, almost breathtaking.
“Don’t worry, I don’t bite.” He smiled. His voice was soothing, especially after seeing your parents die by a demon, something you thought never existed.

“H-hi.” You hesitated.

A shorter boy took a step forward, his hair was longer and lighter. 
“I’m Sam.” He smiled.

“Yea, my annoying little brother.” Dean huffed.

Sam rolled his eyes and walked back to the couch, where he sat and lost himself in a book.

“Do you like video games?” Dean muttered, catching your attention. 

You nodded and followed him into the living room.

Something about this made everything seem at ease. Maybe it was the way bobby watched over the boys, or the way they all acted as a family. 
No matter what it was, it made you feel safe. They made you feel safe…


The sun crept through the window as you waited at the table patiently for the boys to arrive. Your heart hammered as you grew anxious to see them, both sober and rested.

You heard the familiar roar from the impala, making you snap your head toward the sound. There he was, climbing out of the car. Looking handsome then ever. But he was alone. Sam was nowhere insight.

Your eyes followed Dean as he made his way into the Diner.
“Hey stranger.” He muttered, walking over to you.

His lips curved up and reached his arms out. You propped up on to your feet, and fell into his embrace. Breathing him in. 

“Hey.” You exhaled. “Wheres Sam?”

“Oh the guy was so hungover, he couldn’t even blink.” He chuckled.

Hearing his laugh was like music to your ears. You enjoyed seeing him that way, knowing at that moment he had no worries what so ever.

Dean pulled your chair out, motioning for you to sit.
“Thanks” You exhaled.

It’s been three years since the last time you talked to Dean. Nerves and adrenaline vibrated through you as you tried to seem calm.

But every time he stared intently at you, gently grazing his lower lip with his teeth, it made your stomach flutter.

His eyes were soft, never leaving yours. 

“What?” You laughed, heat leaving your body.

“I just never thought I’d see you again.” He stammered.

As a few hours rolled by, you and the older Winchester, talked for what seemed like forever. Reminiscing old memories, laughing about little things. It was like you never left. Picking up exactly where you left off.

“Remember that one night, we snuck out of Bobby’s, and went to the carnival that was going on the next town over?” He chuckled.

Your lips curved up as the images flooded your mind. Dean helped you climb down the roof, running through the night, stealing a car. It was thrilling.

“How could I forget!” You cackled. “I remember you were too scared to go on the Ferris wheel and the swings!”

“These rides are built over night. Of course I was scared!” He grunted, a soft chuckle escaping his lips.

“I hear there’s a carnival not too far from here.” You smiled. “Want to go?”

Dean took in a deep breath. He loved spending every moment he can with you.

“Let’s do this.”


You haven’t gone out in a while. Mostly spent your days hunting, something Dean could relate too.

The small chatters, and laughter filled the air as you both walked through the park.

“Wow, it’s been years since I’ve been to one of these.” Dean muttered.

You gently stared at Dean, whose lips curved up and eyes crinkled as he gazed around. Lights hitting his face, it was like being 14 all over again.

Without realizing, Dean slipped his hand into yours. Carefully pulling, capturing your attention.
“Come on!” He croaked.

Running through the crowed, you and Dean made your way to the fun house.

“Oh no, I’m not going in there!” You stammered, crossing your arms over your chest.

The fun house always scared you, and you never understood the name, because it wasn’t ‘fun’ for you.

“Come on! It’s not that bad.” He grunted. Batting his emerald green eyes.

You felt a smile creep up on your face. “Fine, let’s make a deal. If I go in, then you have to-” you paused looking around, searching for a ride you knew Dean never would step foot on.
“You have to go on the Ferris wheel with me!” You squealed.

Dean glanced over the ride, then back to you. Shaking his head, he lower out a soft groan. “Fine.” He stammered. “Just this once.”


Walking into the fun house, you slid your hand into Deans. Squeezing tightly as your heart began to race. It was dark and mirrors surrounded you.

“I hate this.” You whispered.

You were oblivious to the situation, but Dean knew exactly what he was doing. He knew you would be terrified, which meant you would hold on to him, pulling him in close.

“Its not that bad.” He chuckled.

The older Winchester, clasped his hand into your side and growled, making you jump in your stance.

“Fuck you Winchester!” You yelped, as Dean laughed into the air.

You chuckled along, feeling yourself lighten up from being so tense.

You missed this. Spending time with Dean, laughing for hours on end. It was natural. As if you two were always meant to be together. Soul mates.

Finally escaping the fun house, you and Dean still starched to each other, you were excited to finally go on the Ferris wheel with Dean.

“Ready?” You exhaled.

Dean took in a deep breath and swallowed hard.

Taking your seats, watching the workers clasp the bar over your laps, you heard soft groans escaping dean.

“Don’t worry Dean, nothing is going to happen to you.” You smiled, his face softened as the words echoed around his head.

He felt safe, secure. In this very moment, he knew he couldn’t let you walk away again.

“I’m glad we ran into each other again.” He stated. “I missed you.”

You felt your stomach flutter and your heart begin to pick up. “I missed you too.”

The ride began to move, feeling yourselves lift up off the ground. His hand grazed over yours, causing goosebumps to form all over you. 

“I mean it Y/N.” Dean exhaled. “It wasn’t the same after you left. I missed my best friend. I needed you. I felt like something was missing, but now-” He paused, looking into your eyes. “Now I feel whole again. Because even when everything goes to crap, all i have to do is look at your face and I’ll know that everything will be okay. I’m not letting you go again. I cant.”

Before you could speak, Dean pulled his lips to yours, tasting him, feeling his tongue graze against yours.

There was something about that moment, that paused time. As if everything around you, stood still.


Making your way to the bunker, Dean carried you effortlessly through the halls. His lips never parting from yours. It felt surreal. 

Gently laying you on to his bed, You both stripped from your clothes. His body against yours creating a sensation to vibrate through you. He kissed your neck, feeling him travel along your torso, down to your already drenched flower. 

Soft moans escaped your lips, as Dean pushed himself through. Breaking entrance, gliding himself inside. Your walls surrounded him, making him want you even more.

Dean laid over you, grunting as he pushes himself in and out of you. Making you arch your back and dig your nails into his back. 

“Fuck.” He grunted. 

Pumping faster, moans and whimpers fill the air. Different emotions flooded your mind. Old feelings and even new ones all coming out all at once. 

The older Winchester tangled his hand into your hair, gently pulling making you scream with pleasure. 

Hearing you moan, made Dean come close to his peak. Pounding himself into you, You gasped for air as your mind went blank and your juices flooded Dean. 

“That was so hot.” Dean whispered, falling into you pushing himself deeper inside. 

His breathing became heavy, and you swore your heart felt like it were about to jump out of your chest. 

Dean tilted his head back, groaning as he let himself go inside of you. 

He rolled over, laughing as he landed on his back. His eyes were closed, but his smile never left his face. 

You turned to face him, tracing your finger tips over his jaw line. Savoring every moment you have with him. You loved the way he looked at you, the way he lingered as if it were his last time. 

“I love you, Y/N.” He whispered, the words causing your stomach to flutter, as tears filled your eyes. 

Since the day you met him, you’ve dreamed about him telling you just that. Wishing he would be in love with you the way you loved him. 

You pulled his face to yours, crashing your lips. Inhaling him, your tongue dancing along his. 

Dean pulled you in, cradling his head in the nook of your neck. You stared at the ceiling, feeling as if you belong. As if you finally found yourself. 

Slowly, you both fell into complete slumber, breathing became in sync as the night fell into morning. 


Dean’s eyes fluttered open, yawning the sleep away. Images of yesterday, played in his head like a movie. 

He rolled over, feigning for your touch. But you were nowhere in sight. He shot up, looking around wondering where you were. 

“Y/N?” he croaked. 

Dean grew worried, confused at why you left. His stomach churned, and heat escaped his body. 

“What the hell?” 

He looked back at the side of the bed, where the pillow still had your scent stitched into it. A small paper laid over the edge, capturing Deans attention. 

Dean...” He began to read.

Dear 14-year-old me
We were never a stranger
To heart ache and pain
We knew our fair share far too early
I know you are sorry.
I will not accept your apology
Because you have nothing to be sorry for,
Young girl.
You will leave this town behind
In search of greater things

Beware of the boys with the beautiful smiles
And the laughs like spring time
The ones who would never hurt you
Are the ones you hurt yourself on
Find instead the boy without the smile.
The boy with scars that scare you because you dont understand.
You will love him.
For years to come you will love him
And he will not love you
Then it will come over him like a wave and a torrent
He will say no
Then you will say yes
For  a while.
You will hurt him
In ways you cant quite fathom yet

Do not look for the girls more broken than you
You will not filter and fibre their blood
You will poison it.
Drip pieces of you into their veins
Extract love and devotion
You will leave them too.

Dear 14-year-old me,
We arent alone now.
I dont know how to explain.
We have friends
The best bad influences you could ask for
And we know a boy
He reminds us of
Of the late summer.
Of cool nights and looking at the stars
We still look for Orion.
He reminds you of golden sunlight
And a nostalgia for the present
And things you cant quite place
Dear young girl.
You will stay at boys houses and not sleep with them
You will understand that sometimes friendship
Is based on not how much you get but how much you give

Dear young girl
With your hair so long
And your eyes so wide
You have yet to see anything of the world.
Yet to taste the bitter of beer on your tongue
Yet to slap a boy on a dare
After you meet his ex-wife
And realize you love him
Past and all.
You have yet to meet the boy like you
With a smile brighter than sunrise
And slender shoulders
And insecurities you assure him are what makes him who he is

Dear me,
You have yet to be free of the hair they use to tie you down
And the say they have over your body
You have yet to know what its like
To on the drop of the dime get in a car
Travel miles away with three friends you dont know that well
And bond over new holes in your nose
And accidental tears shed
You havent experienced that night of firsts
Where you sat in the haze of the room
Sweet smelling vapor minlging with laughter
And this
“This…This is what happy must feel like.

Dear me,
This is what happy feels like

-Anna, age 19

—  Anna Long, 3/15/2015

Hi Taylor! It’s Martha your British Lil Sis 😂 I’m going to write as much as I can right now! It’s time to let all my emotions out! So firstly I need to thank you for everything you’ve done for me and Olivia! We’ve been trying for so long to get you to notice us and you noticed Olivia twice on Instagram and you don’t know how many tears there were! Then we decided to join tumble and we were struggling so hard to get you to notice and people are making pictures of what me and liv were saying before you didn’t notice us and it always something like “she’ll never notice me” or “whys it so hard to get Taylor to notice” and those were like 1 month or 1 week before you noticed us on tumble and it makes me so emotional and it’s given so many people hope and it makes me so so soooo happy! I never knew after seeing all the people getting packages that I would get one! I was just happy to sit and watch it all roll by! I never thought that you TAYLOR SWIFT would actually choose a 14 year old hardcore swiftie British girl named Martha 🙊 {I’m crying} I just… I just can’t believe that you would call me beautiful, smart, imaginative, lovely, GORGEOUS (this is the truth because that mirror only tells me the truth 👍😘) , bright, interesting and so much more and I just couldn’t believe it! {crying} sorry SO MANY TEARS! SO EMOTIONAL! I couldn’t understand it! I never knew somebody that’s so busy and beautiful and gorgeous and so high in the industry could actually spend there time doing something like this for some little person in the world it just blew my mind! Me and Olivia are just constantly asking each other “how did this happen” “she chose us in a day!” “Why did she choose us out of the people she could’ve?” “I’m so happy it was both of us together!” And we are truly happy you chose us together! Because I can’t imagine not doing something with Liv because she is my BFF and I love her to pieces! I didn’t cry in the video because I didn’t know whether it was actually happening! I was so in shock like I was touching something my idol I’ve loved for so long had punched and sent to ME! I mean… I’ve been trying so long to get you to notice me I just couldn’t handle it! I cried my eyes out as I laid everything out in front of me that night! It was so crazy! I still can’t believe it! I still cry! The letter was what I really needed! It just boosted my self confidence even more and I really needed it since I just joined high school and I constantly feel judged by all the boys and girls I pass in the hallways and if you told me all those words I just {crying hardcore} sorry had to take another break! TAYLOR YOU MAKE ME TO EMOTIONAL! STAHP! And the fact that you attempted to send it on my birthday (FedEx held it back a day 😕) was amazing and that I got told happy birthday and presents off of YOU JUST BLOWS MY MIND! I felt like the luckiest person in the world! It truly was the best birthday I have ver had and I know you wanted that! Thank you very much for saying that and everything you said in the card and notes! It means so much to me! My parents were tearing up when they watched me opening my package {mum (Andrea OMG OUR MUMS HAVE THE SAME NAME 🙊)comes back home… Okay that was creepy. Now she’s asking me why I’m crying and I’m like Taylor! And she’s saying you’re so emotional and I’m like yah I know! 😂} they think you’re totally amazing and you’re an amazing person! They thank you so much for making me the happiest they’ve seen me! I called my dad crying over the phone when you followed me and he started happy crying and I was like why are you cryin too?! And he said I’m so happy for you 🙊 and my brother says thank for the hug. Ahaha! He’s 15 and won’t share his real emotion 😂😂 older brothers 😐😂 and the presents you sent me are so personal and beautiful! The fan from Japan is amazing! The vintage camera is so beautiful and I love it so so sooo much I mean I can’t believe I won something so amazing! The Polaroid camera is so good! And thanks for the film! That candle is the best thing I’ve ever smelt and I need that scent in my life! Say thanks to karlie for those cookies babe! So tasty! Yum! That ring is absolutely beautiful but I have to pry it off my finger it’s small 😂😂😂 but it’s grgeoussss! That M book is definitely interesting and fits my room perfectly! THANK YOU FOR THE 1989 MERCH!!! I REALLY NEEDED THAT! I’m wearing the this sick beat on RN! My mum wanted me to say that she loves shake it off I hear her humming it and sometimes you hear her shout SHAKE IT OFFFF SHAKE IT OFFF! Tour is so close! I hope you have an amazing time on it! I hope you meet many tumblr friends and make their dreams come true! I can’t wait to see you in Manchester with Olivia and her amazing mum! We’re at the very back but we don’t care because we get to see YOU and here your amazing voice! ❤️ - Thank you for everything Taylor! I love you so so SOOOOOO MUCH! I’m sends you so much love and hope you have a good tour!❤️ Love your British little sister, Martha the sassy ❤️❤️😂💌😘😘



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“You’re as beautiful as springtime, your smile could make flowers grow.” Hajime thought.

「花笑み」lit. “flowering smile”; a smile that is as beautiful as blooming flowers, calling people to feel happy.

Hajime was pulled from sleep to the sound of rain drops hitting the window pane with calming, gentle beats. Hajime looked over at the clock on the bed stand, 4:07am. He sighs. The room was dimly lit by a street lamp a few meters away from the window, he must have forgotten to close the curtains, and the laptop that has now been pushed to the bottom of the bed after the movie that he and Tooru had been watched that night, some dumb alien movie Hajime never really payed attention to. All that could be heard was rain, passing by cars and the soft breathing of Hajime’s partner, Tooru.

The lines of care and toil had smoothed and virtually disappeared, the crows feet round his beautiful brown eyes now but a memory. Eyelids closed against the dim light of dawn, long eyelashes resting against strong cheeks and his breathing deep and relaxed, all the muscles in Tooru’s face and body were totally at peace, like a baby in its’ first throes of slumber. His messy, brown locks lay flat against the pillow. Not a twitch, not a spasm, barely any movement of his chest rising and falling with each intake of oxygen such was the depth of his oblivion. Two of the the boys fingers loosely gripped Hajime’s sleeve. One finger decorated with a gold wedding band. Soft white sheets were pulled up to hide Tooru’s peaceful features as he slept completely unaware of the events of his husband admiring him.

A small smile tugged at Hajime’s mouth, admiration in his eyes, as he combed his fingers through the sleeping boys hair, though he was sleeping so soundly he didn’t stir. He watches his fingers lightly untangle Tooru’s hair, a matching gold wedding band decorating his ring finger. He smiled at the memory. Hajime was infatuated with Tooru. Everything about him was captivating and endearing.

Hajime had always thought sunrises were mesmerising until he saw the way Tooru smiled and nothing could be seen as more beautiful. Every bit of him is so unbelievably precious that not even the sun cold outshine how wonderful he is. Tooru certainly was alluring. There are so many words Hajime could use to describe Tooru. Angelic, radiant, breathtaking and even dreamy.

(Hajime was 8 years old when he first met Tooru. His mother and Tooru’s mother were engrossed in conversation about anything and everything. Tooru stood behind his mother, gripping the bottom of her coat. Wide, enchanting eyes started at Hajime. They seemed to sparkle in the early sun light of September. How winsome, Hajime thought. Hajime stared back and it turned into a small contest to see who would blink first before Hajime’s mother was telling him it was time to leave. Hajime thought Tooru’s eyes were beautiful. To put it simply, Tooru’s eyes were copper against honey and sage, two perfect orbs the same colour as nature after it rains.

Hajime was 14 years old when he knew Tooru wasn’t okay. He’d found the boy sobbing into his jacket about how he wasn’t good enough. Hajime had cradled Tooru in his arms for 15 minutes before saying “I’m so proud of you and I hope you know you’re making so many others proud too.” After this, Hajime started noticing Tooru’s fake smiles and laughs. He’d never forgot to remind Tooru every chance he got how incredible he was. He couldn’t let his best friend feel worthless.

Hajime was 17 years old when he realised he was in love with Tooru. They were in the gym when he started to notice everything the other boy did. The way his cheeks puff out a little when he serves a ball. Tooru was very diligent. The way his eyes crease when he smiles and the light blush he gets whenever someone genuinely compliments him. His shy giggles whenever Hajime complimented him. The way Tooru gripped Hajime’s hand when they were walking home from school. Hajime doesn’t remember why he fell in love with Tooru but he doesn’t question it. He made his heart ache and his lungs burn but he can’t deny that he doesn’t like the feeling.

Hajime was 23 years old when he proposed to Tooru. He remembers exactly how it happened. Tooru’s family were having a small get-together for Christmas and of course Tooru wanted Hajime to be there. The time was 11:58 am on the 25th of December when Hajime finally gained enough courage to get down on one knee and ask Tooru to be by his side for the rest of his life. Hajime remembers Tooru’s face, the way his eyes glossed over with tears, the biggest smile he’d ever seen plastered across his lovers face. Tooru got down to Hajime’s height and pulled him into an embrace. He sobbed into the crook of Hajime’s neck about how happy he was and how long he’d waited for the moment.)

“Hajime,” Tooru’s voice brought Hajime back to the present.

“Hajime.” he said again, his eyes were still closed but a very content smile spread across his soft lips.

“Hmm?” Hajime hummed as he continued to comb his fingers through his lovers messy locks.

“What are you doing?” Tooru yawned, his eyes glimmer like moonlight against the ocean and shine like car headlights piercing the darkness as he opened them.

“Admiring.” Hajime wasn’t afraid of being affectionate towards Tooru. He loved the way he made the other weak without really intending too.

“Admiring what?” Tooru’s voice came out in a calming whisper.

“You.” His face is dusted with golden sunlight and his eyes are full of stars, Hajime though.

At Hajime’s touch Tooru’s face turned into a embarrassing pinkish hue, it was quite prepossessing, as he nuzzled against the others soft hand.

“I love you.” Hajime stated blissfully “There are billions of stars but you, by far, shine the brightest.”

“Each star in the sky symbolises one reason why I love you.” Tooru said in reply, too embarrassed to look Hajime in the eye.

Wedding Series: Proposal

Luke Hemmings:

You and Luke had been together for close to 10 months but nobody could have guessed this because you two were so close, you were more like best friends that boyfriend and girlfriend. You bullied each other when you were out in public, you would call each other names and do stupidly outrageous impressions of each other but behind closed doors you were always cuddling and kissing.

Luke had known he wanted to marry you since the day he met you but he wanted to ask in the best way he possibly could but he only knew one way. Music. So that’s what he did he decided to record an entire song with help of his friends, tell you it was for the album and film a whole music video for it. The song was called Boy Meets Girl and throughout the video there were various cute and funny pictures of the two of you. Then at the end of the video Luke came up on the screen. “Hey, Y/N. I love you more than words can ever describe and I know I’m lame and stupid and way too tall but there’s a guy behind you who has a question.” Then when you turned around there was Luke. On the floor. On his knee with a ring in a box. “Y/N. Will you make me the happiest boy on the entire planet and be my wife?” By this point you were in tears – all you could do was nod.

Michael Clifford:

One night you and Michael were just enjoying a night in together, watching movies and eating all sorts of shit food like pizza and burgers. This was a normal thing for you two to do and you’d made it your weekly tradition when Michael was home to just put your phones away and enjoy each other’s company.

The two of you were watching 22 Jump Street when Michael got up. “Hey, I bought some ice cream, do you want a proper milk shake? I can make you a vanilla one?” He asked, smiling as you nodded. He walked into the kitchen then quickly made a detour upstairs to grab your engagement ring, he had no idea how he was going to do this but he knew he wanted to do it before he left for tour again. He needed to know that you were in it for the long run. He stuffed the ring in his pocket and brought the drink out for you. “Erm… I actually had another question for you…” He said, he was unbelievably scared. You looked at him, confused as you sat up. “Alright, well I just want you to know that I can’t even begin to describe how much you mean to me. You’re more beautiful and sexy than any girl I could ever imagine myself being with and you’re waaaay better than me at League which is insane. Like, who knew there were hot girl gamers out there, right? Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t ever want to lose you.” He slowly lowered to one knee. “So will you please marry me and never ever leave me?” You were in shock, scoffing as you tried to fathom what had just happened. “Well?…” Mikey asked, getting worried. “What do you mean ‘well’? Of course I will you stupid idiot!”

Ashton Irwin:

You and Ashton had been together for nearly 4 years and the two of you had been through a lot in that time, but now you were stronger than ever. You travelled with him when he was touring and supported him everything he did while he supported your university commitments which meant you had to take time away from him to do online schooling some days. But that didn’t bother him one bit.

The band had ended up in California and Ashton had been planning on proposing to you for a while now but he wanted to do in a very pretty and private way. To fulfil this he rented out a section of the beach and had a table and chairs put there under an arch of fairy lights. He planned to propose to you at a candle lit dinner. He told you that you were just going to go out and grab some food but it was a fancy place so you needed to dress up nice. “Not that you don’t look perfect whatever you’re wearing.” He winked as he told you, earning a giggle. He’d booked a nice Mercedes Benz with a driver to pick you up and drive you to your beachside destination. On the way you two chatted and laughed but deep down Ashton was extremely excited. Upon arrival Ashton got out of the car and helped you out. You looked at him confused at your surroundings. “Oh, I thought you deserved something special or I organised us a private little thing.” He smiled, leading you down the beach to where the table was situated, pulling your chair out for you. During your meal Ashton played a variety of different songs the two of you loved and you laughed together, talking about the songs and their stories.

At the end of the night you and Ashton were stuffed with beautiful food. “Ashton, that was amazing. You’re amazing.” You chuckled. “One last surprise before we go… Alright, I’ll keep it short.” He said as he stood up. You looked at him in anticipation as he dropped to one knee. “Oh my god.” You giggled. “I just wanted to know if you would do me the honour of becoming my beautiful bride.” He said as he presented the ring. “Oh my god I thought you would never ask!” You grinned. “Yes. One hundred million times yes.” You pulled his face up and kissed him passionately.

Calum Hood:

It was the boys last show of the Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour and, of course, you were there watching. You hadn’t missed a performance since you started dating Calum when you were both 14 years old. They played a few extra songs because it was the last night, to your confusion, they played a song that wasn’t theirs. It was “Your Song” by Elton John. You’d loved that song since you were a child and Calum would always sing it to you when you were upset or he’d had a bit too much to drink.

“I would actually like to ask someone really special to join me… Y/N can you come here please…” He asked, reaching his hand out for you. After being nudged by Liz you walked out and joined Calum. “Now, for those of you that don’t know, Y/N and I have been together for nearly six years. She’s the most supportive, loving, funny, outgoing and motivational people I know. Plus her burps are extraordinary. She’s the love of my life and she’s stuck by me even through the crap some of the less understanding fans give her. And I suppose I just wanted to show her and everyone else here how much I truly love and adore this girl so Y/N.” He said as he handed his bass to Luke. “Well you please do me the absolute pleasure…” He dropped down onto his knee and presented you a beautiful ring. “Of being my lady for the rest of time.” You giggled as tears poured down your tears before you nodded and held him in your arms, kissing him softly.