14 year olds on facebook

things that are banned from the attic (nursey & dex)
  • ok the first thing to go: nursey breaks up with some douchebag his junior year (he and dex get r&h’s dibs ofc) and he literally plays like needed me by rihanna on repeat for weeks until dex is like “WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO GET YOU TO STOP BLASTING THAT SONG LITERALLY I DONT CARE I WILL SUCK YOUR DICK NURSEY” and like… its right at the end of the song….. and like ….there is an extended silence………..and then nursey just grins and says “promise?” and dex wants to jump out the window but also throw nursey out of it & long story short chowder has to pry dex off of the window sill & its traumatic. rihanna is banned.
  • dex likes to watch like, tutorials on how to fucking build porches and desks and like comparisons between cedar or oak and like weird shit, right? and nursey hates it bc hell come home and dex is just sitting there intensely watching this dude talk about plywood for 20 minutes like its interesting when HE has things to talk about. he gets so fed up that he literally closes dexs laptop w/o his permission and is like “if u think fucking clark martin’s 21 subscriber ass is more important than me uve got another thing fucking coming poindexter” and they get into a screaming fight at 2am and. home improvement tutorials are banned.
  • nursey starts lowkey banging this lax bro and his cologne is super fucking pungent. also dex is allergic to it. he lays down in nurseys bed and breaks out in hives. its the lax bro or dex. lax bros are banned.
  • nursey also rlly likes candy and he has the biggest sweet tooth & he loves lollipops. u kno where im going with this. dex sees him eat one, one time. instant ban.
  • dex does some stalking on nurseys facebook & learns that 14 year old nursey was ready 2 hop on gerard way’s cock hardcore. so. hence the 100+ pictures of gerard way plastered all over everything nursey owns. banned under the threat of nursey moving into chowders room.
  • dex got into 7th heaven bc of jack their freshman year ((i have this weird headcanon that jacks really only caught up with the 90s the rest is beyond him)) & now he watches it when he misses him so in retaliation nursey watches martin bc theres like no poc in 7th heaven dex & basically they have a 90s sitcom fight is what im saying & it ends with nursey trying to drown out sister sister w/ seinfeld & its a hot fucking mess, so. 90s sitcoms = BANNNNED.
  • any and all mention of the 2016 winter screw. u dont want 2 kno. fuckin unspoken rule right there, brah. banned for the sake of their friendship.
  • the words “fight me” under any circumstances. dex said it once & they accidentally broke nurseys desk chair. then he said it another time & they broke a lamp. but it got banned bc tbh nursey popped a boner one time & that was weird. banned under the pretense that they keep breaking things.
  • any and all memes past 3am or before 12pm, banned 4 self preservation on nurseys part. ((this includes roadies, he doesnt want to talk abt it))
  • the words “no homo” (dex) followed by “yes homo” (nursey). banned right after the first time they kiss. ((then again after they fuck))

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marauders plus social media please and thank you

im so amped abt this ok i think i’m gonna break it up by platform


  • remus is the most active on tumblr definitely, he posts stuff that he’s super interested in that he may or may not talk to the other three about, like i can see him being super into science and art and media criticism along with activism stuff. every time sirius looks at remus’s blog he’s just like “my boyfriend is. way smarter than me.” remus is also the only one who makes and sustains friendships online.
  • peter is kinda blundering on tumblr like he has the generic theme and doesn’t really tag anything and he adds unnecessary comments to posts but he doesn’t do it on purpose so no one says anything to him they just let him carry on doing his thing, but they’ve all agreed that if he ever identifies as a superwholockian then somebody’s gotta put their foot down.
  • sirius doesn’t use tumblr super often but he and james have an ongoing competition to see whose selfies will get more notes. he only makes text posts to say that james is a fucking nerd. they have matching icons. he and james both start liking memes ironically but eventually it’s not ironic anymore. sirius’s favorite is the skeleton war. he thinks fandom bloggers are fucking nerds but “breaking bad doesn’t count that’s ART.” he also has an aesthetic sideblog but nobody really knows what the hell any of it means.
  • james is same as sirius except also. do you remember that one time john green made a post that said “sometimes i feel like tumblr doesn’t even care about sports”?? thats james


  • literally sirius and james’s absolute favorite part of living in the 21st century
  • they have a shared account and it’s mostly them just. being goofballs.
  • jumping off of things that shouldn’t be jumped off off and yelling “PARKOUR”
  • james just going “neeeeEEEEEEEEEEERD” at sirius
  • they insist they’re gonna become Vine Famous but they’re just. loud obnoxious goofballs having a good time.
  • (remus doesn’t care about vine and peter just follows james and sirius and like 4 other ppl)


  • this is only here because i want you to imagine 14-year-old sirius black’s myspace account. imagine


  • james and sirius are facebook married and when james gets together with lily sirius jokingly acts Very Upset at remus’s insinuation that james has to change his relationship status but james is like “no way i’m keepin it.”
  • (when sirius and remus get together sirius is like “remus you konw i Really Like You but–” remus cuts him off. “stay married to james you fucking nerd”)
  • none of them are super active on facebook because they’re not their parents but james always tags everyone and posts when they’re together and remus puts up photos from trips and stuff
  • sirius is Really Happy once he leaves home and can change his “interested in” and his gender and he feels like a Nerd for it being such a big deal to him but it is and it makes him Very happy
  • peter’s status is usually “hanging out w/ the boys!” it’s kinda cute
  • remus doesn’t usually even bother checking facebook but somehow every few months he winds up in a long intense argument with people who are perpetuating gross behavior and he gets So Pissed


  • james and sirius never fuckin shut up on twitter omg
  • peter doesn’t have a twitter he doesn’t really see the point, peter doesn’t do much internet stuff in general
  • remus likes it but he gets frustrated because he needs more characters than that, damn it
  • btw remus is in general very into online activism and community
  • james and sirius both have no filters between their brains and what goes on twitter
  • i’m not saying that sirius black is that guy who livetweeted a hospital visit due to having a dildo in his ass i’m just saying that sirius would livetweet that


  • sirius black is So into instagram
  • outfit of the day is His Thing
  • the selfie likes battle continues on instagram btw
  • sirius ‘n remus. cute boyfriend selfies. remus looking kinda sheepish but adorable. shhhhhh.
  • speaking of remus he really likes instagram like it’s sorta how he chronicles the madness of the marauders
  • remus doesn’t rly do selfies at all though he’s kinda self-conscious, hence the importance of cute boyfriend selfies
  • but yeah he’s always taking pictures of the rest of them doing whatever the hell they’re doing, and pictures of the sky looking particularly pretty, etc.
  • peter instagrams his lunch all the time omg. sometimes he posts selfies even though he’s arguably more self-conscious about his looks than remus so the rest of them make sure to like them because they know that it’s actually kinda a big deal when he does that.

one last thing i made a post about a youtube au a while back and it is here

Regardless of how you feel towards Derrick Rose the basketball player, you have to respect him as a man.

Today the Bulls star attended the funeral of slain Chicago native Endia Martin and he did so unannounced. Being from Chitown, D Rose felt it was only right to pay his respects to the family of the 14 year old girl whose life was senselessly taken away over a Facebook beef.

It’s times like these that you see a person’s true character.

I dont really agree with most French Laws, but this article outlines something many of us (especially parents) on social media need to really think about...

Think again before you post online those pics of your kids

You might think it’s cute to snap a photo of your toddler running around in a playground or having a temper tantrum, and then posting it on social media. But did you ever think it might be a mistake, or even illegal?

The French government earlier this year warned parents to stop posting images of their children on social media networks.

Under France’s rigorous privacy laws, parents could face penalties of up to a year in prison and a fine of €45,000 (A$64,500) if convicted of publicising intimate details of their children without their consent.

This new legality is powerful food for thought for parenting in the Facebook era. As adults, we often express dissatisfaction at the ways young people post their lives online. But if we turn the mirror on ourselves, do we as parents actually have the right to make our family photos public? If so, which ones?

Sharing pictures

Part of the issue is our tendency for over-sharing. A recent study by Nominet, which handles the UK’s .uk domain name registry, found that parents post nearly 200 photos of their under fives online every year.

This means that a child will feature in around 1,000 online photos before their fifth birthday. We’ve even got to the point where if you don’t upload photos of our baby, others question whether you are a committed parent.

This new norm means that many children will have a powerful digital identity created by someone else. This process can be likened to the manufacturing of celebrity identities, where parents can potentially shape the public persona of their child in any way they want: child genius, disobedient, fashionista, fussy eater and so on.

How do you think your own mum or dad might shape your online identity? Do you think it would be an accurate portrayal of who you are?

There is also the issue of Likes and comments on those photos. Without realising it, are we choosing to upload posts about our kids that we hope will get the most audience attention? If so, how is this skewing the identity we are shaping for them?

The web never forgets - This one is important!

We often tell our kids that once something is on the internet it is there forever, and this is a core concern for kids. Research shows that parents often haven’t considered the potential reach and the longevity of the digital information that they’re sharing about their child.

Your child won’t have much control over where that home video of her having an embarrassing first singing lesson ends up or who sees it.

And for this generation of kids, the publicising of their lives can start even before they are born when parents broadcast photos to all their friends and their friends’ friends of the antenatal scan.

Parents’ actions are generally not maliciously intended. In fact, they actually often see they are exposing something personal about their own life in such posts rather than that of their child.

There’s also benefit from such sharing. Posts about your child bed-wetting might help a friend find solutions, or boost their patience for dealing with a similar issue with their own child. Many parents find this community of support important.

Given the relative youth of social media, it’s hard to say exactly how growing up online could affect children’s privacy, safety and security. But social media has also been around long enough now (Facebook is now 14 years old) that it’s important to seriously consider the issue.

It’s time to question how individuals (both children and adults) should manage boundaries around sharing personal information, and how they can control information that is shared about them.

Posting embarrassing photos of others on Facebook without consent is definitely tricky territory, but what constitutes embarrassing is slightly different for everyone, which makes this new issue even more of a minefield.

Get the kids involved

The answer of how to approach this new-found issue might be to listen to what kids have to say about it. Recent research from the University of Michigan asked children and parents to describe the rules they thought families should follow related to technology.

Adults tend to think of these rules around how much time kids spend on screen, but about three times more children than parents thought there should be rules about what parents share and don’t share on social media. Many kids said parents should not post anything about them on online without asking them.

Both children and parents considered positive images, events and news more appropriate to share than negative ones. An image of the child playing on the swings at the park is a lot less likely to resurface than a YouTube video of them having a tantrum because their breakfast is not in their favourite bowl.

If you’re a parent looking for advice or sympathy about a behavioural problem, then a community approach is still very helpful, just don’t post an image and your child’s name as part of the post. This will help to limit the searchability and reach of it.

Asking your children’s consent is also part of the issue and part of the solution. Asking if your child likes the photos of them and whether you can put it up online can be a very quick and respectful conversation. It also sets up a great approach to your kids understanding digital etiquette.

Parents sharing photos of their kids online isn’t only about digital identity. It’s also about our obsession with taking photos of our kids, particularly when they shine (or don’t shine) in their respective activities.

This can make kids feel pressured to perform to help mum and dad get the right snap to share. What the children really want to see is you taking notice of them and acknowledging that they and their actions are important.

**********TECHNICOLOR NETWORK********

This art network is now open to every art form!


- New friends

- Learn new techniques from other artists 

- New followers and reblogs

- Help with html and other stuff


- Have a blog for your own art or at least a link (tag on a blog or a youtube link etc.) (music too) 

- Be 14+ years old

- Have a Facebook account

- Be active and friendly

"Your waifu is shit!"

I’ve had quite a few run-ins with weebs, but this one was probably the most amusing, as well as the most recent.

For the sake of argument, let’s call my friend J and let’s call J’s friend… I don’t know, Creep-chan.

I’m currently attending community college (and have been for 2 years now, I’m transferring after this semester), so I’m used to encountering a large variety of strange people. This one, though… I still laugh every time I think about it.

Last year I was sitting in the campus cafeteria, waiting for my theater costume design class to begin, when I was approached by a classmate named J and a couple of his friends. J took the costuming class with me and though he had some minor weeb tendencies, he had good hygiene, didn’t speak broken Japanesse, and didn’t touch people without their permission so he was still a pleasant person to be around.

How he became friends with Creep-chan is beyond me.

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Adventure with a 14 year old Destiheller on facebook

Let me just start off by saying I really need to stop hanging out on Facebook groups.

A fellow Sherlock fan and I were talking on a post about the show, Johnlock and what have you when, it turns out, she is also a anti-Destiel person, so we started talking about the whole Samantha Smith thing that happened on Twitter earlier this week etc etc.

Out of nowhere this girl, who is 14, posts a comment that is just going OFF on me and my new friend about what hypocrites we are and how she hates all the 10-12 year olds in the Spn and Sherlock fandoms because we are all so immature and, I quote,

‘can’t deel with anyone else opinion on same sex couples that is not your own opinion and your both really imature and hypocritical because you like johnLock but don’t like destiel so if anyone is the insane ones its you skanks’

………And that is verbatim what the comment said. This goes on for a few minutes with multiple comments from her. These are our responses:

1. I am 24 and this other woman I was talking with is 22. We told her to go ahead and check our birthdays on our profiles if she doesn’t believe us

(she did but called us bitches who were 'to old to like these shows’)

2. We are not hypocrites because while we support JohnLock we know, without a doubt, that it will never be canon. We don’t tweet stars of the show asking their opinions on a ship then throw temper tantrums when we don’t get the answer we want unlike SOME shippers who shall remain nameless.

3. Shows like Supernatural and Sherlock are targeted to a multitude of ages, not just 14 year olds. We told her to google it if she, once again, didn’t believe us. We told her that most Destiel shippers are great people but destiehellers are the insane ones (she took offense to that term btw) who swear this ship will become canon 'b4 the show ends and if you guys don’t think so, your just stupid bitches that can serve me at McDonalds in the future’. -_______-

I proceeded to correct her spelling and told her that before she wants to come play with the adults I suggest she learn some manners or, at least, tell her Mom to change her diaper so she wouldn’t be in such a terrible mood the next time she wants to talk to her betters.

To which she replied “SKANKS!!!!!” and went away because, at this point, we had 3 others coming to our defense.

I’m not proud of saying all that to a 14 year old child and the only explanation I have for that is she caught me on a really bad day but sometimes you just can’t rise above it and be the adult on the Internet. I’ve been called much worse on the web than skank and bitch but today is not the day for me.

Cops write on Facebook that a slain 14-year-old deserved to die

In a brutal ambush caught on surveillance video, 14-year-old Bronx teen Christopher Duran was shot four times and died while screaming for his mother. Though Duran already had five previous arrests on his record, no one could possibly blame such a young victim for his own tragic murder.

No one, except for three former New York Police Department officers who took to Facebook to call the 14-year-old a “piece of shit thug,” a “piece of trash” and a “menace to the neighborhood.” And yes, their comments get worse.

(picture from Google Images)

Just because you are a teenager with a DSLR doesn’t mean that you are a photographer. I see many girls from my school who are ages 12,13,14,15,16 etc. with Facebook pages for their ‘photography’ (a couple even watermark their work in huge writing).

I am not disputing that there are many talented teenage photographers because there are a lot, but trying to make a business out of mediocre photos is just kinda dumb (many of the girls’ pages have business email and everything).

The photos just look like holiday photos as in there’s no depth to them, the photos are either unedited or over edited and it looks like a 14 year old editing her Facebook cover photo.

I would say Nature photography (mainly flowers) is the best for beginners with photography because it can look quite good but rarely amazing. Every Facebook page includes picture upon picture of flowers and they don’t do anything with them, they don’t make the photo or composition interesting it’s just… plain but pretty.

[Side note, I have no problem if you like photography and aren’t that good or you aren’t very educated, as long as you aren’t turning your photos into a business or showing them off in a professional manner, it’s fine and you do you.

Another side note, don’t bother saying that 'they’re probably better than I am’ or that 'I’m just as bad’. I’ve won competitions with my photography and photographer’s say that I am very promising for the future and very educated (which is why I feel like I can say my opinion).]

I think that if you are thinking of starting to get into photography in the whole facebook-page-with-costs, you have to get educated about photography. You have to know how to operate the camera and not spend the whole time on Automatic mode, you have to make the photos look interesting and to use your imagination. Also, it helps a lot to slightly enhance the photo afterwards (not with filters but working with curves, levels, saturation, contrast etc.).

This is an example:

External image
External image

I’ll just leave the rest to you (neither photos are mine).

tl;dr: Get educated with photography before you start a Facebook page business (I am looking mainly at teens with DSLRs)

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You can sue someone for libel and I can get an order getting her to take down all of her bizarre 'my mother' posts. Sorry but she has you fooled. Nice language on you too kid. Enjoy the rest of the fedora weather...

With a name like “thesunshinesoutyourasskid” I feel no need to show you any amount of respect, that’s a username a trolly 14 year old might make honestly.

And you have swearing matches on facebook with your own kid.

You’re an adult.

You shouldn’t be arguing like a teenager on the internet.

I’m sorry you have yourself so fooled that you can’t even see how completely insane you actually are, it’s honestly quite clear from the fact that you’re trying to SUE YOUR OWN CHILD for her saying “mean things” about you on the internet.

LMFAO, seriously, bring it to court. I dare you.

 I really want to see you lose money over this self-entitled, narcissistic bullshit.

You know, if you were actually a good mother, you wouldn’t spend all your time claiming you’re one while talking about how shitty your child is. Just who do you think “raised” her? If she’s so ‘messed up’ you have no one to blame but yourself for your terrible parenting and your constant insults towards her and stalking behavior and your threatening phonecalls are all evidence of that.

All you’re doing by going to the court about her “defaming” you is proving that her claims are in fact correct, because she has a lot more evidence than you, sunshine.

Body Dysmorphia

On Wednesday, a former high school classmate of mine came over to demonstrate an It Works! Body Wrap on me (I’ll be discussing that more next week). For her purposes and mine, she took before and after pictures of me so we could see that the wrap actually works (for the record, it does).

My stomach is my shame spot. It always has been, but even more so since having kids. It’s gross, it’s saggy, it’s flabby, it’s scarred to hell with stretch marks, and it’s maybe the whitest surface on this whole damn earth. NO ONE sees my stomach. Once, shortly after Mac was born, I showed it to one of my best friends so that she could fully understand the horrors of childbirth, but other than that, NO ONE sees my stomach. No, not even my husband, ESPECIALLY not my husband,

Having to lift up my shirt for a girl I haven’t seen in 14 years was fear inducing, I mean, the old high school friends in Facebook are the ones you want to impress, right? But I had to try out this wrap and so I sucked it up, lifted my shirt, let her take some pictures, and put the wrap on.

After 45 minutes, we took the wrap off and once again took pictures. When we looked at them to see if I noticed any before and after differences (I did), I finally saw my stomach for what it really was. What it really is. It’s a stomach. A totally normal, unimpressive, but hardly horror-movie-levels-of-grotesqueness stomach.

I’ve never suffered from an eating disorder. It wasn’t until my late teens that I even thought much about what my body looked like beyond my big boobs. So body dysmorphia has never really been an issue for me. But since having kids, my self esteem about my body has plummeted. And after looking at those pictures my friend took of my stomach, I see now that I actually have been dealing with some body dysmorphia. That I’ve built my stomach into this swamp monster of hideousness when in reality, it’s just a totally normal stomach. Could it be flatter? More toned? Slathered with some self tanner? Of course. Am I proud of my stomach? No. But now at least I’ve seen that it shouldn’t be such a source of shame for me. Now at least I’ve opened my eyes to what other people see when they look at me.

I’m embarrassed that I’ve spent so many years being so ashamed of something I completely created in my head. But now I get to work on correcting that picture I have of myself in my head to make it more accurately reflect reality. And thus, even if that body wrap was totally ineffective, it was still worth it for the perspective I’ve gained on myself.