14 year old talking to her crush

Let’s talk about Violetta Amouteru. She’s 14 years old. FOURTEEN. And her sister is a murderer. And only she can stop all the young elites - ALL OF THEM - ENZO AND RAFFAELE AND LUCENT AND MAEVE AND MIKEL AND ADELINA AND SERGIO AND MAGIANO - only she can stop them from dying. And THATS A WHOLE LOT OF STRESS FOR A 14 YEAR OLD.  And yet. She doesn’t complain. She doesn’t run away. She sticks through the entire fucking thing. Her sister’s illusions. Her sister’s nightmares. Her sister’s homicidal tendencies (to put it nicely). And she NEVER ONCE LEAVES ADELINA. She’s loyal to her sister and tries to SAVE HER LIFE, even as Adelina tries to kill her. She helps support her sister when no one else will. She stands up to her abusive father in her own way, not by protecting herself, but by PROTECTING ADELINA. She suppresses Adelina’s powers for FOURTEEN YEARS before running away, and to do what? SAVE HER SISTER. AGAIN. She spends all her time getting Adelina out of the problems she creates. And through it all she remains very sassy and completely brilliant. Violetta is really fucking badass, okay? She’s one of the strongest female characters I can think of and I will support her to the ends of the earth.