14 point star


Fact #95

Have you ever wonder the history about the Malaysian flag? Before I could explain that, let me tell you about the symbols/colors in the flag first.

As you can see, the current Malaysian flag has red and white stripes and a Canton bearing a crescent and 14-pointed stars. The red and white stripes represent all the 13 states and the federal government while the 14 pointed stars represent the unity between these entities. The crescent represents Islam, the official religion in this country. The yellow represents the Malay rulers or the sultans in this country. Finally, the blue represents the unity of Malaysians, as in every race united as one.

The name of our flag is Jalur Gemilang (Stripes of Glory)

But, do you know who created the Malaysian flag?

Mohamed Hamzah. When the Malayan government asked people to create a flag to represent their country. Mohamed Hamzah joined the competition and presented his design (his design is the one with the 5-pointed star). He ended up as the top 3 designers for the flag. In 29th November 1949, his flag design received 42% votes and won the competition.

Until this day, his flag design still used until this day even throughout the years the flag has been through minor changes, such as the 11-pointed star flag to represent all the Malayan states. Following the formation of Malaysia and the existence of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, and Putrajaya, a stripe and a point added to the flag making it the current flag of Malaysia.