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Passed Away HP actors & actresses

Terence Bayler -The Bloody Baron 08/02/16
Alan Rickman - Professor Snape 01/14/16
Rik Mayal- Peeves (who never saw the light of day on screen) 06/09/14
Dave Legeno - Fenrir Greyback 07/06/14
Roger Lloyd-Pack - Barty Crouch Sr. 01/15/14
Jimmy Gardner - Ernie Prang 05/03/10
Richard GriffithsUncle Vernon 03/28/13
Timothy Bateson - Kreacher (5th film)-09/16/09
Peter Cartwright- Elphias Doge (5th film)-11/13/13
David Rydall- Elphias Doge (7th film)-12/25/14
Eric Skyes- Frank Byrce -07/04/12
Robert KnoxMarcus Belby 05/24/08
Richard Harris - Professor Dumbledore (Films 1&2) 10/25/02
Margery Mason - Honeydukes Express Lady (4th Film) 01/26/14
Derek Deadman - Tom, Landlord of The Leaky Cauldron (1st film) 12/22/14
Elizabeth Spriggs - The fat lady (1st film) 07/02/08
Sheila Allen
- Unidentified ministry witch (4th film) 10/13/11
Christopher Whittingham
- Ministry wizard (4th film) 08/08-12
Alfred Burke -  Armando Dippet (2nd film) 02/16/11

Me, packing for vacation: What if the temperature dips below 72 and I need sweatpants at night? Perhaps a long sleeve sweater? I need at least three different ones in case it doesnt match what I’m wearing. What if I find myself in a formal dining situation and I need a dress? I better bring spanx for that too. I better bring my two pairs of sandals as well as a backup pair in case both of those break. Im also gonna bring my exfoliator i havent used in 7 months in case the skin on my feet looks flaky. Better bring nail polish to touch up while im there as well. While im at it I better bring my own soap in case theirs doesnt lather enough for me. I’m also going to be there for 6 nights, so better pack 14 pairs of underwear in case I piss my pants everyday I’m there, and 2 more for good luck.

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One and the Same ch. 18

Chapter 1: Food Source                 Chapter 6: Reckless Behavior

Chapter 2: The Rogue                   Chapter 7: The Day After

Chapter 3: Blood Troubles             Chapter 8: Sudden Suspicions

Chapter 4: The Brink                      Chapter 9: Keeping Quiet

Chapter 5: Dates & Damnation      Ch.10: Fish Trouble

Ch.11: The Last Night                 Ch.16: Action & Reaction

Ch.12: Red Herring                    Ch.17: Echoes of Love

Ch.13: Bad Blood

Ch.14: (In)Sincerity

Ch.15: Pack Loyalty

War Talk

Watching Will transform was both gruesome and fascinating. With his vision, he could see each bone under his skin morph and position itself into another spot as it elongated. He could see as the fur sprouted from his skin. He saw the way his face melted into that of a snarling wolf, the way his protective wide hands twisted and shrunk into paws.

Nico looked into the golden alpha wolf eyes of the boy he’d fallen in love with and was vaguely aware of his two companions, Nico’s friends, Changing right along with him.

Whatever it took, he was getting away from here, and he was getting away without hurting any of the werewolves.

He hissed at the imp that stood in front of him and darted for him, sweeping his bulky legs out from under him. He moved quickly, too fast for the imps to catch. Then a fairy flashed in front of him, in all her glittering, flowery glory, moving as quickly as he did. He managed to duck under her arm and shove her away, sending her barreling into a tree.

He hopped up to a tree branch and hissed, his fangs long and menacing enough to make a few of the Mystics step back. He saw the witch standing a few feet away, looking up at him with her milky gaze, agitated and hateful. He made a vicious hissing sound at the woman who had tortured his family, who had toyed with his emotions and manipulated Will, the woman so power hungry, her own daughter couldn’t stay by her side.

Without thinking twice, he leapt for her. If he could finish her off, maybe everything else would stop too. Cut off the head and the body stops working.

But in the air, an imp had tackled him down to the ground. Nico felt his skull scrape against the tree bark and winced. The imp’s claws tore into him, making him grit his teeth. He bent his legs and dug his boots into the imp’s stomach hard enough to throw him off. Immediately, Nico raced back, slashing and clawing at every Mystic that even stepped toward him.

But then he was facing a golden eyed, golden furred wolf. His body went still switching to flight mode instead of fight. “I won’t fight you, Will,” he insisted. “Please don’t do this.” Will began to move toward him slowly, growling low, his teeth and gums bared. He snapped his jaws and Nico fumbled back. If he had a heartbeat, he knew it would have been pounding in fear. Instead, the blood in his veins began to rush, filling him with adrenaline. “Will,” he whispered.

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One and the Same Ch. 19

Chapter 1: Food Source                 Chapter 6: Reckless Behavior

Chapter 2: The Rogue                   Chapter 7: The Day After

Chapter 3: Blood Troubles             Chapter 8: Sudden Suspicions

Chapter 4: The Brink                      Chapter 9: Keeping Quiet

Chapter 5: Dates & Damnation     Ch.10: Fish Trouble

Ch.11: The Last Night                 Ch.16: Action & Reaction

Ch.12: Red Herring                    Ch.17: Echoes of Love

Ch.13: Bad Blood                        Ch.18 War Talk

Ch.14: (In)Sincerity

Ch.15: Pack Loyalty

Curiosity & Satisfaction

Maybe following a vampire into a dark empty room went against everything Will ever knew from the moment he first watched a horror movie as a kid. Still, it didn’t seem that crazy now that he was actually doing it.

Nico started up a ladder and opened a door that led to the roof. Will followed after him, feeling his heartbeat in his throat. Nico was keeping his distance. Will could tell by the way he stuffed his hands in his pockets and took a few steps back for each step Will took forward.

He sat down on the ledge, facing the sunset. Most of the sky was dark now, and the moon was bright against the sky. Nico’s hair glistened against the light, and every chiseled edge and shaded hollow was accented.

“So,” he said clearing his throat as he sat beside him. “You set my pack against me.”

“What? No, of course not!”

Will snorted and shook his head. “No, I know,” he said. Nico relaxed and took a breath. “The witch was the one who attacked Cecil. Hazel told me. She wanted to fuel our hatred and find an excuse to feed him the same potion she gave me and Lou Ellen.” Nico frowned and shook his head.

Will swallowed and took another breath. “How old are you?”

“About seventeen,” Nico whispered.

“You know what I mean.”

He cleared his throat. “I was born in 1929. I was Turned at ten years old in 1939. By the time World War II was over, I looked like this. If I aged normally, I’d be 87.” Will gulped.

“And… you feed on humans?”

“Yes,” he breathed. “Animals when it’s necessary. Animals are like a snack, though. Humans fill me for a day. Mystic blood is better. I can be filled for up to five days.” Will furrowed his eyebrows and looked down at the street, trying to mask the horror on his face. He just couldn’t imagine letting someone take blood from you, much less drink it. He couldn’t imagine knowing you were dying while someone sucked every ounce of blood from your neck. “Will,” Nico whispered, placing his hand over Will’s. Will drew his back automatically. Nico let out a shocked breath and scooted away from him.

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🛍💕Itsy Bitsy Haul 💕🛍

✨ My first post on Tumblr, hehe. ✨All done with no rubber bands or anything at all. Most of the stuff I snagged had no gator tags and happened to be in my size. Especially that bra!! I was so so so fucking lucky because I wear a 34DDD.

Forever 21 

  • Striped Crop Top - $6.90
  • Tan Sweater - $14.90


  • Socks - 5 Pack - $12.99
  • Sweatshirt (underneath the crop top) - $29.99
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Body Bra - $55.50
  • Panties - $10.50 x 5


  • Salt Stone Lamps - $14.95 x 2
  • Copper String Lights - $10 x 2
  • Stone Necklaces - $12.95 & $14.95

Aerie Store

  • Soap Rocks - $14.95

Charming Charlie’s

  • Notebook -$10

✨Haul Total before tax: $290.75 ✨

One and the Same Ch. 16

Ch.1: Food Source               Ch.6: Reckless Behavior

Ch.2: The Rogue                 Ch.7: The Day After

Ch.3: Blood Troubles            Ch.8: Sudden Suspicions

Ch.4: The Brink                   Ch.9: Keeping Quiet

Ch.5: Dates & Damnation     Ch.10: Fish Trouble

Ch.11: The Last Night

Ch.12: Red Herring

Ch.13: Bad Blood

Ch.14: (In)Sincerity

Ch.15: Pack Loyalty

Action & Reaction

As soon as Piper had flown in, Nico had rushed to greet his sister and father. He was horrified to see how weak and pale they looked. Bianca had red marks on her skin that looked like splashes, her hair was tangled, and he could see the black spidery veins like fissures against her skin. His father looked pale as well, and if Nico hadn’t known him for so long, he wouldn’t have noticed just how tired and weak he really was. As soon as they reached the building, they both fell to their knees in exhaustion. Nico kneeled beside them, and Bianca lifted her head, a weary smile spreading on her face when she saw her brother.

“Nico, you’re okay,” she said with a tone of relief.

“Me?” he breathed. “Look at you.” He turned to his father and helped him sit up. “What did they do to you? Father, couldn’t you fight them?”

He shook his head. “If I fled they’d have hurt Bianca more. Besides, I had to be sure you never ended up back in that cell.” His coal black eyes steadied and focused on Nico. “I told you. It’s my job to protect both of you. No matter what.” Nico furrowed his eyebrows and wrapped his arms around him.

Annabeth walked up to him and offered him a glass of scarlet water. It wasn’t blood, Nico could tell by the consistency. She offered another glass to Bianca. “Hazel made this for you both. Lou Ellen told us they weren’t letting you feed.” Nico gave her a questioning look. “She’s not exactly ready to meet… her father.”

“Wait you’ve never met her?” Bianca asked, her voice stronger after drinking half of the liquid. “Isn’t she like five already?”

“She’s eight,” their father said tiredly. He drank from the cup and closed his eyes. “Marie never let me meet her.” He finished the drink and handed it back to Annabeth. “You look just like your mother.” Annabeth’s eyes widened. “Yes, she’s well known for Mystics. Very smart. Marie is powerful and cunning, but your mother… she’s strategic. If you’re anything like her, it’s a good thing you’re on this side of the war.”

“War?” Bianca questioned.

“The witch is trying to use me as an example for all vampires. She wants to get rid of us and slowly take control of the rest of the Mystics,” Nico explained. “Hazel knows all of her plans. Well most of them. Lou Ellen has been filling us on the rest.”

“We might not have that source anymore,” Piper said, her wings fluttering nervously. “Once the witch finds her and Will asleep and these two gone, they might not be trusted anymore.”

“At least if they’re not trusted it might be easier to get to Will,” Annabeth said. Nico clenched his jaw as Will’s name bounced around the conversation.

“Will, that’s the wolf that offered his blood?” Nico’s head snapped up. His father was talking to Bianca, who was nodding.

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One and the Same ch. 17

Ch.1: Food Source               Ch.6: Reckless Behavior

Ch.2: The Rogue                 Ch.7: The Day After

Ch.3: Blood Troubles            Ch.8: Sudden Suspicions

Ch.4: The Brink                   Ch.9: Keeping Quiet

Ch.5: Dates & Damnation     Ch.10: Fish Trouble

Ch.11: The Last Night           Ch.16: Action & Reaction

Ch.12: Red Herring

Ch.13: Bad Blood

Ch.14: (In)Sincerity

Ch.15: Pack Loyalty

Echoes of Love 

(this is a song by Jesse and Joy it’s also in Spanish but idk I recommend that you listen to it.)

It was almost funny to be worried about going to school when so much was happening in the Mystic world. Will hadn’t returned to the witch since the night the vampires broke out, and if he was honest it was a relief.

“So, you’ll help me around school?” his new neighbor asked. He gave him a hopeful smile and Will managed to return it.

“Sure, Paolo, don’t worry about it.”

“Okay, well I have to go to the front office first, but… I’ll see you later?” Will nodded and Paolo ducked into the office.

Meanwhile, he and Lou Ellen continued down the halls. Lou Ellen stopped walking suddenly and gripped his arm. He turned back to her, but before he could ask, she breathed, “Looks like your troublemaker’s back.”

Will felt a ball of lead fall in his stomach and he turned back down the hall. Sure enough, down the hall a figure was standing, rigid in a leather jacket, dark jeans, and worn boots. Will felt ice water course through his veins as he turned his head first, followed by his body.

And suddenly Will was staring at his ex-vampire-boyfriend’s face. He suddenly felt out of breath and weak. Was this really the first time he’d seen him in person since the morning of the trial? Nico’s eyes were fixed on him, dark and inviting. He looked nervous, and somehow completely in control.

“Oh for crying out loud,” Lou Ellen muttered under her breath. “Are you both going to stand there like statues or are you going to talk or what?” she said, mainly to Will, but Nico scoffed as though he’d heard her. Then he started walking toward them.

Will felt his body tense, preparing for an attack. Until Nico was right in front of him in all his vampire grace and confidence. “Will,” he breathed.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he growled.

Nico rolled his eyes and shoved his hands in his pockets. “I mean, I go to school here so….” He shrugged. “Oh you’re talking about the fact that I’m a wanted man? Ah, I’m used to it. Everyone wants me.” He smirked and it took all of Will’s self-restraint not to claw at his stupid face.

Really?” Lou Ellen snarled.

Nico slumped and sighed. “Sorry, I’m a little nervous. Sarcasm is my defense.” He looked at Will and bit his lip. “It’s not every day I have to face an ex that wants to kill me.” Will sneered and Nico raised his chin. “I’m here to talk to you. Without you trying to choke me or throw me into a cell.”

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The December Haul (-Xmas)

Titans Returns Chromedome, caught that Target 9.99 sale
MSG Moveable crawler, add it to the list of models I’ll never build
The Malevolence Lego Set, Discounted free, with no mini figures

Pop General Leia, A sad one to add to the collection.
Some Sporty new Hotwheels
And Some Figma Tactical Hands

Target Ironman/War machine ML two pack, clearance 14.99
Mp Shockwave $50 Black Friday Sale
3 (2pks) of MSG Chainbases,always gotta grab these when possible.
And a hand full of Lego Stormtroopers

A Fighter

Pairing: Klaus/Asana

Requested: Anon.

Summary: Asana learnt how to fight from an early age and became quite proficient in her skills earning herself a brown belt in martial arts combat including weapons training. She demonstrates her skills by knocking Julius down in front of Klaus’ family after he became a little rusty from all his other attentions.

Originally posted by fitnessua

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Why Pets and Seasons May Be a Long Way Away (Long Post):

Ok so I have already seen some people complaining about the fact that we are getting this City Life pack over something like Pets or Seasons, so I’d just like to point something out:

Unleashed was the 5th (expansion) pack for the Sims 1 and was released 2 years after the base game.

Pets was the 4th (expansion) pack for the Sims 2 and was released 2 years after the base game. Seasons was the 5th (expansion) pack for the Sims 2 and was released 3 years after the base game.

Pets was the 5th expansion pack for the Sims 3 (9th pack including stuff packs) and was released 2 years after the base game. Seasons was the 8th expansion pack for the Sims 3 (15th pack including stuff packs) and was released 3 years after the base game.

At the moment for Sims 4 we are at expansion pack #3 (counting City Life) and pack #14 (counting City Life) and are 2 years on from the base game release (Sep 2nd in NA, 5th for Europe). If we look at the releases for the past games Pets has previously been around the 4th or 5th pack whilst Seasons has been a much later pack.

Of course with the Sims 4 having both Stuff Packs (something that the Sims 1 didn’t have) and Game Packs (which Sims 2 and 3 didn’t have) and the fact that EA like to make money it will most likely be a much longer wait than the 2/3 years of the past installments of the game.

Looking at the past TS4 releases so far there is this pattern:

GP (Outdoor Retreat, Jan ‘15), EP (Get To Work, April ‘15), SP (Luxury Party, May ‘15), SP (Perfect Patio, June ‘15), GP (Spa Day, Jul ‘15), SP (Cool Kitchen, Aug ‘15), SP (Spooky Stuff, Sep ‘15), EP (Get Together, Dec ‘15), SP (Movie Hangout, Jan ‘16), SP (Romantic Garden, Feb ‘16), GP (Dine Out, June ‘16), SP (Kids Stuff, June ‘16) SP (Backyard Stuff, July ‘16) and now another EP (City Life, TBD).

There is a very clear pattern (if you ignore the first 2 releases) of there being 2 stuff packs, a game pack, 2 stuff packs, an expansion pack then back to the beginning. This means that if Pets is to be the 4th expansion pack, and if EA continue with this pattern, then we will have to wait 4 more stuff packs and another game pack.

Now EA may change the pattern and release expansion packs more frequently and in that case then Pets and Seasons may be sooner than this shows but if EA does continue the way it is then people may be complaining about not getting what they want for a little while longer.

*EDIT: Also I was just thinking, EA may also not introduce Pets or Seasons in an expansion pack like in the past, but instead in a game or stuff pack, so if they do decide that route then again they may come sooner than we think.

(All info taken from Wikipedia, if anything is incorrect please let me know. Release dates based on UK release dates)