14 foot 1

Come and celebrate the first release from New Neighbor Records.

SEE LONDON SEE FRANCE will be playing their debut album in it’s entirety, and will have their CD for sale. Joining them will be label mates ROYAL BLOOD, THE DEVIL AND A PENNY, and 14 FOOT 1.

Join your friends at 1PM for an all day BBQ and party featuring beer, games, and records.

Music starts around 4, make sure to be there early and not miss any of the bands!

New Neighbor t-shirts and stickers will be available to the public.

It’s the day before Memorial Day!

Watch on newneighbor-blog.tumblr.com

video of 14 foot 1 playing in the middle of our friends’ mini ramp in a warehouse in olneyville on Easter.


Submitted by Rob from 14 Foot 1

Watch on newneighbor-blog.tumblr.com

A very old 14 Foot 1 video.