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Comprehensive Guide to My OCs
  • Nadia: Sassy... lost child. Actually not that sassy. Too curious for her own good. Likes puzzles.
  • Keeva: Chill Captain™. Not actually an official captain of anything. Built a spaceship in her front yard because lmao why not.
  • ELE: Defective service droid. Will Fight The Sun. Angry lizard. Hazardous. Do not touch.
  • Djunn: Sad alien dad. Usually asleep. Like science and being Wistful about his distant home.
  • Caliver: Reformed Pirate Captain. Shady. Works for the Greater Good but has somewhat Shifty Morals. A strong leader.
  • Pika: Cold blooded. Tiny. Like laws and being right about things. Intense. Blushes every 2.45 seconds.
  • 14: Non-defective service droid. Amiable. Likes fashion, exploration, diplomacy, and killing people with poison fruit.
  • Miigrett: Competitive and loyal. Lowkey done with Pika's shit most of the time. Good at search and rescue.
  • Gimett: Shy. Wants to prove himself. Afraid of lizards (And everything else)
  • Prilana: Evil Mom. Mechanical genius. 1 part revolutionary, 2 parts mad science. Will offer you cookies and then take you hostage.

White nationalists are posting “Imagine a Muslim-Free America” fliers on college campuses

  • Anti-Muslim fliers affiliated with the American Vanguard, a white nationalist organization, have appeared on college campuses nationwide.
  • Students from the University of Texas at Austin, University of Central Florida and Rutgers University tweeted photos of a flier reading “Imagine A Muslim-Free America." 
  • The flier was in black and white with a silhouette of the Twin Towers depicted in the background. American Vanguard’s Texas group has taken credit for the posters at UT Austin.
  • The University of Texas at Austin released a statement on Tumblr notifying students that the fliers were removed since it was defacing the campus property.
  • Sarah Khan, a senior at the University of Texas, expressed frustration at the university’s response, noting that it did not explicitly condemn the fliers nor did it offer support or resources to students who felt affected by the incident. Read more (2/14/17 12:45 PM)

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A witch is, actually, a successful (in the sense of surviving) deviant. You have a cultural, ideological, social, what-not pattern which is, for that society in question, normal (and, importantly, this is understood as a synonym for natural). Most people survive because they conform to these patterns, because they behave normally. […] But then suddenly you get a deviant which survives, and since it does not draw its support from the normal pattern, […] that deviant is understood as drawing its support from “unknown,” “supernatural” sources. […] If we cannot survive without our order, how can she [the witch] survive in solitude? Hers must be indeed a very powerful order to exist so independently, without all the inter cooperation and individual compromise which we have to go through to survive. And if it is so powerful, then it could destroy us. We must try to destroy it first.
—  Maya Deren, “From the Notebook of Maya Deren”, c.October 1947, vol. 14: pages 21–45.

POTH children part 1!

finally finished the first part fully colored for drawing them for  3 continous days! i’m quite happy with the outcome and its been a good challenge for me,i also simply love all the designs for these children they are so creative and so colorful i love it!this is kinda them posing for a picture maybe? i’m not good with positions so this is the best i could think of for them.

 also i really apologize if i got any of the children wrong,if the name,color,info,creator,height and among other things i really apologize if it is so.also sorry on how some of them aren’t continued like they only look like they just have their upper body part,some of the references i got are only halfbody,sorry.

here comes the credits oh boy!

the list will start at the top left row to the top right row then the bottom left row to the bottom right row

Black letter= @the-animecraver26

Black Shadow= @azimula

aamyrie= @armitia

acrylic= @azzyloraluck

vital= @tawny-hero

raithe= @theninjagirlzone5

star= @mkitkat

vibrant= @doingtheart

star pastel= @dreamscomeandgo819

palath= @minecraftbonniebunny123

scarlet= @themaidofdoom

pink= @sequoiaflores

neon scribble= @doodle-daddy

camilia= @lillithofacademytale

pot= @zoidart

pastel= @torosiken

???= @angexci

hoshi= @yoshilove0

aurora = @roch6103

irrlia= @iminlovewhitu

glaze= @mochidoesstuff

swirl= @broken-tale-comic

Venturis Rerum = @ryssbelle

stencil= @flarepup

and the parents! 

goth @nekophy and palette @angexci

(congrats to neko and anger for being grandparents!)

i hope you guy like it~

oh and also i know these children are not all of the poth children so why note help me out? do you have a poth children or know of a poth child that isnt here? send me a reference sheet for the child and i will add them in the future parts!

‘Iron Fist’ star Finn Jones blames Donald Trump for bad reviews of new Netflix series

  • As of this writing, Marvel and Netflix’s Iron Fist has a mere 12% on Rotten Tomatoes from 17 reviews — meaning just two critics liked it.
  • Iron Fist star Finn Jones believes that has something to do with Trump.
  • Speaking with Radio Times, Jones addressed the series’ early negative reception, stating, “I think the world has changed a lot since we were filming that television show. I’m playing a white American billionaire superhero, at a time when the white American billionaire archetype is public enemy number one, especially in the U.S.”
  • Jones noted that he believes that there has been a change in viewpoints since the 2016 election. Read more (3/14/17 9:45 AM)

4CC Special Sports News in HEROS: (interview in Gangneung, Korea)

Translation of Yuzuru’s comments only:

1) (0’00” to 1’25”) Well, I am filled with frustrating feelings. But I think I was able to execute the FP performance relatively well, so I think I made some achievement. (As regards your earlier phrase of ‘real quads era’) Yes, both Nathan who was first and Uno who was third jumped a wide variety of quads and they both bravely challenged 3As, too. So I do feel that we have entered into a difficult era which demands difficult kinds of quads to be executed with a high quality. (It is a challenging era) but I am enjoying it :)

2) (6’40” to 7’05”) (At the K&C to Brian), yay, I managed to land 4 quads and two 3As!! (At the green room, Shoma said to Yuzuru that it was awesome and he was surprised.)  Yeah, I did them for the first time; I had never done that even during practice, hee, hee!

3) (8’05” – 8’35”) (at the green room, after Nathan’s FP) Ahhh, I might not be able to beat that. Oh this makes me feel so nervous; the colour of the medal will change. I want gold, a gold medal, give me gold! (After Nathan was announced to be the winner) AAAAGGGHHHH!!!! (Walking towards backstage) it’s because of the popped salchow, popped salchow!!!

4) (8’55” – 13’26”) Yes, I do feel frustrated, but I have managed to execute two 4Ts in the second half for the first time as I attempted, which is an achievement. Also, I managed to keep my calmness at the same time of performing in line with the music, so I think that was a big achievement for me. (When did you think of changing the elements?) Well, so first, 4S (in the second half) became 2S. After doing a half-loop, I thought of challenging 4S (as a third jump of the combination) but I thought it’s a bit too difficult, so I didn’t. (The interviewer confirming what he said) Yes, indeed I did think of doing 4S (as the third jump), because I was able to do it during practice, so I was about to do it, but I didn’t. After that, I concentrated on the next 4T, then at (the next element which was) 3A+3T (though originally 2T), I was doing a practice to replace this (combination) with 4S, so it came to my mind if I should do it, but I didn’t. And after that, as for 4T+2T (which replaced the originally planned 3A+1L+3S), I found that I had some energy left, so I thought ‘oh let’s do 4T + 2T!’ and I did it. (So, you were thinking and changing right before jumping at one time) Yes, indeed, I felt several conundrum and wondered at each situation, and I had lots of reflection. I had to think of lots of things including the number of combinations or repetitions according to the rules, so it (changing so many elements during the performance) was the first trial for me, so I was skating with lots of thoughts. (At the end, you did 3A) yes, I was going to do 3Lz, but I noticed that I could jump 3A, so I did it as it seemed possible. Yes, so I was thinking one by one, while feeling the music, too, so I didn’t feel much difficulty and I think my breathing was stable during skating. (As for 4Lo), especially this time, I was able to land clean 4Lo both in SP and FP with high GOEs, so in this sense, it was such a big achievement. In addition, especially this time as well as the last time (probably GPF?), I think I was able to concentrate on every jump after executing the first 4Lo, especially in the FP. So the remaining task is for me to learn from every mistake I made during this SP and FP.  (About 4S), Well, my condition for 4S is not bad; (but) this time at the competitions, I couldn’t land two 4Ss, so to be honest, I was about to lose my confidence (in 4S), and it made me wonder a bit. But I am able to execute it properly during practice, and my real ability has already mastered how to jump 4S. So, I think I should work harder towards the World while confirming (checking and working on each of his mistakes and problems) one by one. (About your PCS at 94.34), well, I think I could have done better. Because of the failure of 4S, my performance got ruptured, which I have to improve. That (4S) is one of the elements I could aim higher in terms of TES, too. (As for your rivals) Well, especially the multiplicity of quads and 3A of Nathan is a big thing. I myself have two 3As in the second half, but Nathan was not originally good at 3A, so in that sense, I am amazed with and admire his mental strength. (Finally as for the Worlds) I have already achieved a complete form of performances during practice, so I would like to increase the probability of executing such complete performances, so that I can execute perfect performances at the Worlds. (nodding :) )

5) (14’15” – 14’ 45”) (At the earlier press conference at the venue), I think I am getting better every year, and what I do has been getting harder and harder. I very much like this feeling that I am challenging my own limits. I think this silver medal is the one I have most enjoyed (as far as silver medals at 4CC are concerned). From now on, we have no idea who will challenge jumping 4Lz or 4F, and there is a possibility that someone will challenge 4A. So, I find the (current development of) the figure-skating so exciting, and I am looking forward to practicing even more.

6) (15’50” – 17’25”) (Do you have anything you have found as a pre-Olympic?) Yes, I do. It (the rink) was easy for me to jump, at a comfortable temperature, and the sound acoustic was quite good. So I feel it is a very good rink for me. (Are you even more excited?) Yes, I do have a strong desire that I would like to come back and skate here, by all means. (About yourself in 1 year’s time) I would like to become even stronger. Not only executing jumps, but also I would like to elevate the quality of 3A and quads. While doing so, I should do more performance, become more expressive, and improve the quality of each element. All these things. So, all in all, this competition has stimulated my desire to improve myself even more, in a good sense. (I feel your frustration as well as passion from you now) Yes, indeed, I am burning inside me :) (In terms of rivals) Of course, the existence of rivals counts, but I have frustrating feelings that my own performance was quite pathetic. So I would like to clear one (problem) at each time.

7) (30’55” – 31’45” ) (After his EX performance)  It was such an awful exhibition performance. I did practise it, I was doing practice properly. Well, it’s a little hard (because of so many events with short intervals in a day). Now I realise that triple toeloop [he intentionally said slowly] is a difficult jump. I should have done 3F, which I did practice. OMG, this is awful, it haunts me a lot. My frustration with FP is gone.  No, it’s OK; there is one more time, one more time, one more time; there is the Finale.  (footage of gala: he did a 3T during gala finale)

8) (33’10” - end ) (Message to all fans) Thank you so much for all your cheers for me during this competition as well. From all of you who came to the venue, those cheering for me in front of the TV as well as those watching on internet, I received lots of lots of power. In terms of the final result, it ended up with being 2nd, but I feel that the reason why my FP was first is because of all your encouragement. I will continue to elevate my level and do my best from now on, so please keep cheering for me!


Translation by Sophie Moroi in YHIFG  (thanks to Sophie for her permission to post this in my blog)

Water surges and sprays into the air above the broken spillway at Oroville Dam in northern California, USA. Many of you may have seen this story in the news this past week and our friends @nearmap flew above the site yesterday to capture imagery of the area. Here’s a quick summary of what’s going in Oroville: On February 7th, after an extended period of heavy rain, a crater appeared on the dam’s spillway (the structure that enables the controlled release of water from the reservoir above the dam). By February 10, more surging water increased the size of the hole to 300 feet (91 m) wide, 500 feet (152 m) long and 45 feet (14 m) deep. By February 12th, an emergency evacuation was ordered for more than 100,000 residents in low-lying areas beneath the dam. Now, with more rain forecasted for the coming week, there is a significant construction effort underway to reinforce the dam’s emergency spillway. Costs to fully repair the damage have been estimated at $200 million.


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Recommended Issues Reading List

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  • Cable #22
  • X-Force v1 #49, 56, 59-61, 70, 76 ‘99 Annual
  • X-Factor Investigations #14, 43-45, 48-50, 200-202, 204-206
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Fate - Mark (Day 71/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To view the masterlist of drabbles for the challenge, click here

Prompt: Fate
Member: Mark x Reader
AU: Soulmate!AU - Everyone is born with a timer on their left wrist that tells them how much time their soulmate has left to live and a compass on their right wrist that tells them the direction their soulmate is currently in and how many miles away they are

Word Count: 3,903

. This one is rather angsty and it got crazy long crazy fast~

How had this happened?

You stared down at the clock tattooed on your wrist in disbelief. Your chest tightened and you suddenly felt the air in the room leave completely.


Two months, twenty-one days, seventeen hours, forty-nine minutes, and twelve seconds. That’s how long your soulmate had to live.

You paced around the living room, trying to decide what to do. The compass on your other wrist still pointed southeast and was shining the number 2,076. He hadn’t moved, so what had happened? Was he in an accident? Did he have an illness? He had 62 years just yesterday, so why was it suddenly so low?

Keep reading

승자는 없어 모두 다 지지

You know I can’t lend you a hand

Originally posted by fairybcby

January 2nd, 2017  14:45 p.m ;


“Min Yoongi.”



“The autopsy showed signs of an attempted rape,” Yoongi’s lips trembled “We already know that the two of you were locked in a bathroom together, did-”

December 31st, 2016   10:20 p.m ;

Yoongi was drunk, same as everyone in the club drinking away their last regrets of the year. Jimin was simply having fun. He had nothing to regret so he didn’t see the need to drink.

Yoongi always find the younger too pretentious. He didn’t have to worry about anything. He had nothing weighting him down. While Yoongi was drowning without water. He wanted to wipe that stupid smile off of his face but somehow, deep inside, he wanted him.

There was no hatred without love and no love without hatred. The alcohol did a really great job blinding Yoongi on what was what. On who he loved and who he hated.

I’ll be right back” He kissed the side of Hoseok’s neck, not wanting to bother with reaching up for the same lips he’s gotten tired of. He walked over to where Jimin had been dancin alone for most of the night and pulled the younger alone.

What’s wrong?” Jimin asked over and over again but Yoongi just ignored him, dragging him behind as he aimed for the bathroom. It was the least populated place in the whole club and he didn’t really know what drove him into it.

The kiss was more intoxicating than the alcohol and he didn’t want it to end. Jimin, without realizing it, was melting into the other’s body as well. He couldn’t even blame it on the alcohol. They parted and met again, pushing and pulling each other until Jimin’s face was against the wall. Yoongi didn’t waste any time trying to get to where he wanted but Jimin finally found his senses again.

He pushed Yoongi off of him and ran to the door. Where he found Hoseok waiting.

“That was the last time I saw him.”

“So you didn’t kill him to keep his mouth shut?”

“I didn’t do anything he didn’t want-”

“There were signs-”

“I didn’t rape him!” Yoongi pushed his chair back, standing up, but soon realized it was a bad idea and sat back down.

“And you’re just going to let your boyfriend take that fall for you?”


“The sleeping pills were yours, you have the clear motive, and no one knows where you were at the time of death”

“What did you mean with let him take the fall?”

“Hoseok confessed to killing Jimin”

“He’s lying.”

“How do you know?”

This may or may not be a Kaisoo analysis, it depends on what you prefer. If you’re a Kaisoo shipper, it is. If you’re not, it doesn’t matter, because I just wanna talk about JI and KS lmao. This scene is from EXO’s Showtime episode 12 (about 14:45 if you wanna see things more clearly, I know this gif is low quality heh).

I know this is old af, like 4 years ago, and maybe there’re posts talking about this already which I haven’t stumbled into, so I have to release it here or it’ll keep nagging my sorry head for the rest of my life. If I say something offensive, I have to say sorry beforehand. Now prepare yourself for a long-assed post and half-assed attempt in English.

For ones who don’t recall where this scene from, it was the thigh-strength battle that JI himself suggested others to play and in which he “won”. And this is his bitter expression after knowing that his victory was in the script that other members were acting along.

(He looked so hurt, someones go and give him a hug or something to help him boost his ego pleaseeee…)

So when I was in the middle of weeping for our poor boy, I glanced briefly to the left of the scene, and what have I got here? I bet at this point all of you’ve noticed it right?

Idk if Kaisoo is real or not, I even don’t know if I wish they were a real couple or not, because then it’d lead to a lot of shitty stuff relating to idols and their sexuality and other shit which would undoubtedly do harms to our boys, but well that’s not the point here.

The point here is that: when other members were having fun and acting along with the shitty script and it seemed like no one fcking cared about what JI were feeling, here we go! Please look at KS in the background.

KS laughed along with others at first, then his smile died immediately after he turned to look at JI. And holy shit, my heart explodes every time I watch this scene (and I’ve watched it for 736384 times already, which is pathetic I know).

First he smiled pretty widely (because hey, everyone was laughing, so why wouldn’t he, right? This was supposed to be fun, right?), then he saw JI’s expression, then he blinked his eyes several times (like he couldn’t control his emotions), then his smile faded and his eyes averted to elsewhere (like he couldn’t stand watching JI being hurt), and at last he even ducked his head to look at the floor. And damn that crossed chopsticks and those caption words and CY’s handsome face for fcking blocking KS’s reaction, but nonetheless, you get what I mean, right?

Idk about other members’ reaction to JI’s expression because all the scenes were very brief and zoomed out so all other faces were tiny af, but I’m so fcking sure that KS looked so fcking sad because his boyfriend was fcking sad and he just cared so much about JI’s feelings at that time (or all the times may I say :->). Just look at him, and if you tell me KS just ducked his head to look down at BH’s shoes which might be more interesting than the whole scene before his eyes, fight me (or not, I’m just kidding).

To me KS is a type of guy that hardly shows what he’s truly feeling. He always looks pretty calm or cold or blank or puts on satansoo’s facade whatsoever, but in this scene, he was like being caught off-guard, and we all can see how much he was affected by JI’s feelings. I know probably KS would be reacting the same if this were other members, but still, I find this (this scene, this brotherhood, this bromance lol) absolutely beautiful. So even if watching this scene makes me hurt, it also warms my heart too.

Omg I need to stop here lmao. Sorry, again, for this shitty post which I doubt there is even someone else not me read. I just wanna release my feelings *laughs* *cries*



Thank you @isitandwonder  for bringing up this topic in your comment on this post:  ‘The Reichenbach lie - scene analysis’.  It’s one of the things I can’t find an explanation for if viewing it as a real life event.

There’s actually a quarter of an hour missing in this scene. When John is knocked out by the cyclist, his watch shows the time as 14:45. The watch of the woman when John tries to feel Sherlock’s pulse shows 15:00. So, what happened during these 15 minutes

Regardless of the date of the events at Bart’s roof (according to John’s blog it is mid June) John reaches Molly’s lab at nighttime. Only some minutes later Sherlock contacts Jim for their date at the roof:

Come and play. Bart’s Hospital rooftop.  SH    PS. Got something of yours you might want back

Time passes. It’s now early dawn. If it is indeed mid of June that would be round 5.00 am in the morning.

The very next thing we see is John waking up because his phone rings.

It’s the fake news about Mrs. Hudson being shot and probably dying. According to the 'Sherlock Chronicles’ (and just like in Canon as well) this information comes from Moriarty. Anyway - John gets up and leaves the lab in a hurry. Now Sherlock gets the message from Jim that he is already waiting on the roof. The very next picture shows Sherlock on the roof and Moriarty waiting for him. It’s broad daylight.

And this is again a scene where the quck passing of daylight seems a bit odd - to say the least.

But do we really consider that Sherlock and Jim talked until 14.45 pm on that roof? That would be about 9 hours!

And John - he drives to Baker Street - enters the building - sees Mrs. Hudson safe and sound - turns round and enters a taxi back to Bart’s.

Is he driving 9 hours as well?

Or did John sleep half the day away in that lab until 14.00 pm - Sherlock patiently waiting beside him and playing with the rubber ball - until Jim has moved all his people and himself in position - until that phone rings - and not one person from the hospital stuff or Molly comes to work in that lab?

And NSY never considering the idea to look for Sherlock at Molly’s lab?

Neither of this seems to make much sense to me. @gosherlocked  we talked about this only yesterday. :))))

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