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From the expressions and raised guns of these ‘signalmen’, their foxhole in Hempstead must be under heavy fire. The soldier at left is communicating by 'walkie-talkie’ with the soldier wearing overseas cap, at right. Probably ordinary conversational tones can’t be heard over the din of battle. The kids dug this foxhole themselves. (8/14/44)

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6, 14, and 44!

6. Favorite fic (or one of them)?

I’m gonna cheat and give three. 
Favourite series - Of Sorrow And Bliss by @sunflowerseedsandscience because I don’t read WIPs very often but this was so worth the anticipation of each new chapter (also Natalie churns them out as such a ridiculous high pace that it doesn’t feel like a WIP!)
Favourite drabble - Gnaw by @chileananderson because this hit me like a tonne of bricks and I wanted to yell at Mary for hurting me (and yes both of these were mentioned in my last answer)
Favourite longer one-shot - Precipice by @2moms-0fucks because it was one of the first XF fics I read became my headcanon for all things

14. What tropes/elements/scenarios get you the worst?

I’d not really considered it but given my last answer I guess cancer arc? But I’m a sucker for angst in general.

44. How fluffy is too fluffy?

I like my angst. I like to hurt when I read fic. For me to like fluff it has to be really good fluff. And short. Pet names, overly sweet dialogue, fluff with no purpose… no thanks. There are plenty of fluffy drabbles that I’ve liked and reblogged though!

Thank you! 💜💜💜

The Scratchy Beard

221b Baker Street-14.44 hrs.

Molly and Sherlock had had an unresolved argument; they were so pissed at each other. The genius detective had then been sulking on the sofa in his flat since; neglecting his personal hygiene and health completely. John looked at his best mate with concerns.

John: Are you sure about that?

Sherlock: (Frowned) About what?

John: That…

John pointed at Sherlock’s unshaven face.

John: It ages you…

Sherlock: Molly likes it.

John: (Shook his head) No, she does not.

Sherlock: How could you possibly know ‘my’ Molly’s preference, Jawn?

John: (smirked) ‘Your’ Molly? Are you also sure about that, mate?

Sherlock: (Huffed) Of course I am. She is mine as much as I am hers.

John: Is that so? Why are you still here then? Sitting here, sulking, won’t do you or ‘your’ Molly any good.

Sherlock: She will come to see me…She loves me very much.

John: As much as you love her, Sherlock. (Sighed) But you just have not yet told her and she might…

Sherlock opened his mouth to argue but John cut him off.

John: Might…I said ‘might’. Molly might not know how you feel.

Sherlock: It’s impossible, John. Molly always sees through me. She must know.

John: (Rubbed his forehead to rid the headache) And you call yourself a genius detective?

Sherlock: (Promptly corrected him) Consulting detective. (Caught John’s glare) OK…please do continue.

John: (Sighed) She does not know, mate.

Sherlock: (Frowned) She does not?

John: (Shook his head) No….

Sherlock paused for a moment to process John’s advice.

John: (Impatiently barked) Oh! For the love of God, go tell her that you love her, Sherlock!!

Sherlock: ……

John: Now!!

The consulting detective then sprung up from the sofa and left the flat in his billowing dressing gown.


St.Bart Pathological Lab-15.25 hrs.

Molly: You said what again?

Sherlock: You might have already known but John said I should tell you to make sure that you know how I feel about you, Molly.

Molly: How you feel…about me? (Sighed) If John made you do this, I could just call him…You don’t have to try too hard, Sherlock. (Shrugged and grinned grimly) I know quite well that I could never inspire you to any degree of emotion.

Sherlock frowned deeply as her words sank in.

Sherlock: John was right then; you don’t know.

Molly: Hmm? I don’t know what?

Sherlock: That I love you, Molly Hooper, very much.

Molly blinked repeatedly, trying to process his confession.

Molly: You love me??! (Blushed) But…h..o…w?

Sherlock: (Grinned faintly) Love is like a tree: it grows by itself. It is never stronger than when it is completely unreasonable.

Molly: (Chuckled) Claude Frollo? So you are into literature now?

Sherlock: No, I am not but you are…and it’s for a case…(started fibbing) Have I ever told you about the drown poet case?

Molly: (Chuckled) Oh…Sherlock

Molly could not help herself. She tiptoed and place an unsure kiss on his lips. Sherlock quickly wrapped his arms around her and devoured her thin lips in his, stealing her breath away. After some loving moments;

Molly: Scratchy beard.

Sherlock: You don’t like it?

Molly: (Shook her head) No, you look ‘too’ sexy with it…I don’t like you to be too attractive, Sherlock, (shrugged) if you are not attractive enough already.

Sherlock: (Smirked) I have never thought of you as a territorial creature before, Molly.

Molly: (Caressed his cheek) Unfortunately I am.

He kissed her palm fondly.

Sherlock: You will need to shave them off for me later tonight then.


Just to celebrate Sherlock’s glorious sexy beard a little. Happy Monday!

If you are looking for more of my ficlets, please see here.

Take care,


Now the Betrayer personally had given them a signal, saying, “The one I kiss is the man. Arrest him, and lead him safely away.” So Judas immediately went up to Jesus and said, “Rabbi,” and kissed him tenderly. Mark 14:44-45 (ISV)

Biblical Mythology: Jesus and Judas

Negyed óra múlva
  • idő : 14:34
  • *csörög a telefon*
  • ő : szia, negyed óra múlva találkozunk a buszmegállóban.
  • én : ok
  • idő : 14:44
  • én : jó, már csak öt perc elindulok.
  • idő : 14:47
  • én : Úr isten, miért nincs még itt? Elütötték, vagy elrabolták? Nem szabadna ilyeneken gondolkodnom...De mi van ha mégis baja esett? Ha megette egy galamb a téren? Még csak 14 : 47 van...Lehet, hogy még él.
  • idő : 14:49
  • én : eltelt negyed óra. már itt kéne lennie... Talán a földönkívüliek rabolták el? Ez hülyeség, nem lehet semmi baja. Biztosan csak késik. Tényleg, milyen lehet egy földönkívüli? Vagy az űr? Mi az a kovalens kötés? Miért élünk? Miért kék az ég?....
  • idő : 15:21
  • * Megszólal a telefon újra*
  • ő : HOL VAGY MÁR?!
  • én : a buszmegállóban...várj, nem ez nem is buszmegálló. hoppá. negyed óra és odaérek.

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adorable asks : 7 , 14 , & 44!

7 - First kiss details? (If you haven’t been kissed, reply how and if you would like to be.)

Once I was at a sleepover with my friend and her friend and suddenly the topic of conversation was “have you ever been kissed before?” and I said nah and we ended up kissing. That’s the story of how I kissed two girls in one day. It was really weird, don’t question it..

14. Favorite sweet food?

Mochi, chocolate, cakes, and all that good stuff. There is no ONE favorite.

44. Do you flirt?

@fluffmilton knows, don’t ya love? ❤️️

Thanks for the ask! 💚

Get to know me tag

Tagged by @chimchimerie (i usually dont do this stuff but this once ill give it a trie xP)

Rules: Answer the 20 questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs youd like to know better.

Nickname: Lu

Gender: Fluid

Star Sign: Gemini ❤

Height: i dont know but my ID card says im 1,64m so 1,64 it is

Time Right Now: 14:44 (i actually only posted this around like 17:00 so…)

Last Thing I Googled: “strong woman do kdrama” (saw it in a post and decided to see what it is xP)

Favourite Bands: Beatles, Exo, Got7, Topp Dogg, SF9, EXID,… (Most of them are kpop groups)

Fave Solo Artist: GDragon, Taeyang, K.Will, CL,… (again, most of them are kpop artists)

Last Movie Watched: i have no idea

Last TV Show I Watched: The Flash i think

When Did You Create Your Blog: I dont know like 2012/2013 but i was almost inactive till last year kinda

What Kind Of Stuff Do You Post: Whatever appears… I dont really know what im doing

When Did Your Blog Achieve Its Peak: it didnt

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: nope

Do You Get Asks Regularly: nope

Why You Chose Your URL: … I kinda use “lululu174” everywhere… Its a lame story but here it goes… it started when i first got into online games i had to create an username and i typed “lulu” it said it was too small so i put ‘lululu’ and it said the name was already taken and they suggested some, “lululu174” was the one i chose and to remember it i started using it everywhere. End

Following: Im following 2250 blogs… Yes i follow everyone…

Posts: 3359 (3360 xP)

Hogwarts House: im a proud Ravenclaw

Pokemon Team: i dont really like pokemon

Favourite Colours: Greenish Blue, Black and Purple

Lucky Numbers: i have no idea and maybe is a cool number too>

Average Hours of Sleep: around 3h… I dont know

Favourite Characters: i have too many… Animes/Mangas/Games/…- Mello from Death Note (i have lots of faves in Death note but Mello is my baby x3), Kano from Kagerou Project/Mekaku City Actors, Akise from Mirai Nikki, Kise and Kazuya Hara from Kuroko no Basket, Sosuke from Free, Mizuki and Noiz from Dramatical Murder, Jumin from Mystic Messenger, Sollux, Eridan and Gamzee from Homestuck …
Books/Movies/Series/…- Cedric, Snape, Fred and George from Harry Potter, Luke, Nico and Ethan Nakamura from Percy Jackson, Simon and Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments, Aaron, Drew and Call from Magisterium, Kishan from Tigers Curse, Kavinsky from Raven Cycle… (I have lots more but this list will get too long soooooo…)

What Are You Wearing Right Now: im staying home all day so just sweatpants and a shirt

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: 0/1

Dream Job: Writer

Dream Trip: Japan

So i dont really know who to tag cause its my first time doing this so you people dont really have to do this: @prosa2002 @neptunememories @guardian-angel-of-my-heart @nerdae @kpopakamylife @your-exo-facts (also if you already did this you dont need to do it ^-^“)

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5, 14, 18, 19, 26, 44? :3

5. Coke or Pepsi?
Really doesn’t matter to me, they both fuck up my circuits the same

14. Birthday?
Well… I was never really given birth… But, I guess I could take it back to my creation, which was… 1975. October 21th if I recall well. 

18. Obsession?
Obviously, music! But also blood and the few I care about. 

19. If you had one wish, what would it be? 
I used to wish I could get out of here, but with Jack’s help, I was able to go out and see the shows I want whenever I want. Still kinda wish I could be making a life with Foxy away from this darn place though. 

26. Best thing that has ever happened to you? 
I’m gonna sound fromagé here, but I’m gonna have to go with meeting Foxy. he’s always been the best of friends, he’s here for me. Love the guy! 

44. Selfie? 

There you go man

obsessive-enthusiast  asked:

8, 12, 13, 14, 44? :>

8: Want any Tattoos?

Been thinking hard about it, and if i WERE to get ANY tattoo, it would be my ponysona’s cutie mark on my outer thigh!

12: Relationship Status:

Married. jkjk! Single! U w U

13: Biggest turn ons

Uhm… BDSM, Oviposition, Omorashi… Sadist/Masochist??

14: Biggest turn offs

YO MAMA- (I can’t think of any oops-)

44: A random fact about anything:

My birth name isn’t Riley OR Tristan, it’s Angelyna…