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here’s a list of every single one of antisepticeye’s appearances, with names of the videos and links to the exact times. will be updated. 

Sister Location #1 [4:27, 8:20, 20:18, 31:27, 33:23, 34:10, 35:27, 39:27]

Sister Location #2 [1:173:59, 9:10, 9:19, 12:56, 17:08, 19:00]

Sister Location #3 [0:01, 1:12, 2:35, 5:26, 5:30, 8:21, 8:36, 10:42, 14:30, 17:27]

Sister Location #4 [0:00, 1:17, 2:39, 3:14, 5:13, 7:28, 10:04, 10:23, 20:10, 21:59, 27:33]

The Temple of No [11:10 (mention)]

Hello Neighbor #2 [9:42]

ClusterTruck #16 [12:40]

Stuntfest #1 [8:33]

Stuntfest #2 [2:17, 4:59]

Pipejob [12:13]

Manual Samuel #3 [21:33]

Guts And Glory #5 [6:58]

Mr. President #3 [1:08, 11:15, 15:50]

The Cubicle [1:40, 3:46, 3:49, 7:23, 9:15]

Layers Of Fear [20:30, 20:38, 22:08]

Layers Of Fear #2 [4:38, 7:50, 10:20, 13:02, 20:11, 26:02]

Soon [entire]

SAY GOODBYE [2:30, 3:17, 3:40, 4:20, 4:32, 5:32, 6:35, 8:05, 8:28, 9:49, 10:35] (10:35 to end)

Detention 返校 #2 [0:25, 3:43]

Detention 返校 #3 [8:51, 9:02, 22:13]

Detention 返校 #4 [1:12, 2:04, 5:30, 27:45]

PAX East 2017 Intro [entire]

Bloopers & Outtakes #1 [5:17, 10:12]

Bloopers & Outtakes #2 [2:30]

Epidemic [8:03, 8:29]


Mister Donut by ChihPing
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Library named for Charleston shooting victim Cynthia Hurd hit with racist, sexist graffiti

  • Police in Charleston, South Carolina, are investigating instances of racist, sexist and anti-gay graffiti found on three local buildings Monday.
  • Including the Cynthia Graham Hurd St. Andrews Regional Library which was named for its former manager, Cynthia Hurd, less than a month after she was murdered by white supremacist Dylann Roof.
  • “Go to hell black women,” the graffiti read, according to WCIV. “Fuck crackers. Fuck da police.”
  • “Fuck yall white devil,” was also spray painted on a shed at the local aquatic center. Police are looking into whether the incidents are related. No suspects have been identified. Read more (3/14/17 12:42 PM)
Usagi/Mamoru Manga Kisses Master Post

I’m kind of obsessed with the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga (or Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon for those who prefer the Japanese title) and Naoko Takeuchi is ace at drawing kisses. I wanted to see all of the kisses in one place, so I decided to make a master post. I’ll be listing them all from beginning to end, with what Act and story arc they belong in. So… enjoy! (This is a REALLY long post, so I’m putting it under a “read more”)

Inspired by: http://purinsesu-sereniti.tumblr.com/post/146393448438/manga-kisses

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H2oDelirious: Aww.. I lost my motorcycle…

Vanoss: Delirious.. Delirious…I.. I am.. You-You can still beat me.

BasicallyIDoWrk: No! I hit a tree! Goddammit!

H2oDelirious: We can catch up, we can catch up… we can catch up, I believe, I believe.


H2ODelirious - GTA 5 Online - Gunrunning DLC Funny Moments! (ROCKET BIKE & BIG TRUCKS!)



i call disss my~~~ sea foam aqua haul for the soul 💎👗🌙

stores today ~ vs, l 0 rd and tyler, american apparel, and primark

total ~ $495

*not pictured: one bracelet set from primark (like $3) and one from L&t ($38 i think)

green set - $12
yoga leggings - $9
velvy nighty - $10
bralette - $6
thong - $6
fancy panties mmkay - $6

L&t hunty:
crushed velvvvy dress - $78
bodysuit - $24

v$ :
sweatshirt - $50
yoga leggings - $65
black bralette - $25
green bralette - $23

american appar-free-for-all :
shiny top - $14
jeans - $42
tennis skirt - $35
rose undies - $5

and my favorite thing i think ive lifted EVER :
Ted baker bag 💦💦💦 - $45

14, 42, and 46 with Yondu

14: you look amazing tonight
42: you’re always on my mind
46: Dance with me

It was rare that you had a reason to wear something nice. You and Yondu had been invited to a big anniversary party for the day Xandar was saved. Yondu had fought you for days. He hated these kinds of things. You were excited for this and you’d been jumping off the walls.

You had dragged Yondu around the day before picking out outfits and trying things on. He would never usually give in to this but the look on your face was enough to keep him quiet. He wouldn’t deny the fact that he was enjoying watching you try all of these dresses on. He especially liked the tight ones. You didn’t show him what dress you picked wanting to surprise him.

Later that night you were in your room getting ready. You pulled on the tight red dress making sure to brush out any wrinkles. You pulled on your heels and some jewelry. You gave yourself a grin in your mirror as you put some lipstick on. Making your way down the corridors of the ship you found Yondu standing at the opening of the ship. He was as dressed up as you could ever get him. He had plain black leather pants on and a nice button up shirt with a plain leather jacket over it. You walked over to him your heels clicking on the grated ground. He turned to look at you his eyes widening.

“Woah…. didn’t know ya could clean up like that… thought ya were always gonna Yondu be a scruffy little Terran.” He laughed putting his hands on his hips.

“Very funny. You don’t look bad yourself. Never thought I’d see you in a shirt that wasn’t stained.” You teased back.

He pretended to be mad before holding his arm out for you to take it. You did gratefully as the two of you walked to the big Nova Corp building. You leaned into his as you walked and he didn’t push you away. When you stepped into the party people started whispering. You knew that none of them had expected the two of you to actually come. You rolled your eyes letting Yondu lead you wherever he wanted. Seeing Peter across the room he dragged you there trying to at least be somewhat intimidating to the other people there.

After a long time of Yondu and Peter snapping back and forth at each playfully, you tugged on Yondu’s arm. He looked down at you telling Peter he’d be back as he let you pull him away.

“Dance with me?” You asked him hopefully as you watched others dance.

“Ya better be glad ya look amazing tonight or I just might have said no.” He grinned at you holding out his hand.

He spun you around surprisingly good at this. You smiled as he put one hand on your waist and held your hand with the other. As the faster song ended and a slow one replaced it Yondu moved his other hand to your waist. You put your arms around his neck as he pulled you closely to him. He smirked down at you as he swayed your hips with his.

“Yer always on my mind but now that you is gonna be in this dress.” He grinned letting one of his hands slid down your waist to your hip.

“Yondu! Not here.” You giggled not bothering to stop his hand.

“How about later? Back on tha ship. Give me something ta replace ya in that dress in my mind. Something else ta think bout when ya ain’t around.” He gave you a dirty grin as he held you close.

“If you manage to go all night without getting in any trouble… I’ll make sure you barely even remember this dress.” You whispered in his ear with a smirk.

“Ya better deliver on that. Cause I’m gon be on ma best behavior.” He grinned putting his face in your neck.


Soft Lips and Birthday Wishes (pt. IV)

May 14, 2017 - 03:42
1 Missed Voice Message
To: Maiolaine Bonneau

“Happy Birthday, again. Hopefully 20 is starting to treat you well… Uh-… I still smell like your perfume… it’s nice… But… that’s not why I’m calling you. I… I shouldn’t have kissed you last night, Io. I don’t regret it, but… fuck-… I shouldn’t have done it… Listen, Io… I can’t do this right now… “us”… You’re an amazing woman, and I do like you, but… I don’t think it’s our time… I… I think it would be best if we distance ourselves for… a while… I-… Maiolaine, I’m sorry…“

End of Voice Message

ft. Rei Ohara by @plumbobsophy

25.03.2017 14:42// [March Study Challenge - Days 24 & 25] One exciting thing you did today & favourite study youtube channel

Yesterday I totally forgot to post, so I’m doing two days in a row. The exciting thing I did was announce the #aprilstudychallenge. My favourite study youtube channel is TheStriveToFit, she is an awesome third year med student in the US and she is always so positive and helpful :D

I’m posting a proper studyspo photo because I haven’t done that in a while. Today I’m studying the skull bones and muscles and doing informatics assignments.

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60. Things you said while putting Rosie to bed -- and you didn't notice I overheard. [I got the parentlock feels uwu]

John deduces that Sherlock must have turned off the baby monitor so as not to wake him. It’s a lovely gesture, it really is, but he still wakes anyway- probably his body realising that the space next to him in bed was empty. 

He blinks the sleep away, and it takes him a few seconds to figure out where Sherlock has gone. He turns, and yeah, there it is, the monitor on its side, switched off. He flicks it back on.

A rustle of clothes, and Rosie’s cries. They’re not the beginning shrill ones, they’ve already calmed into little whimpers.

“There, now,” Sherlock’s voice comes through the speakers. “Just a dream. Only a dream, darling. Shh. That’s it, that’s it.”

John smiles, and is almost lulled back to sleep himself. But then, Sherlock’s voice changes a little:

“Can I tell you a secret?” And there’s a laugh wrapped up in the words: “You have to promise not to tell. Scout’s honour, Watson.”

Of course, there’s no reply. But there’s another quiet sound of clothes shifting again- Sherlock moving Rosie closer. And then, John’s ears strain to hear- yes. A quick kiss on the top of her head.

“I have bad dreams, too,” Sherlock murmurs. “Well, everyone does really but- yes. They feel real but… they won’t hurt you. I promise. Your Daddy would say the same, I’m sure. You just need to…”

He trails off. At first, John thinks there’s something wrong, and he braces himself to move, but then the speakers pick up on the noise: Sherlock, unmistakably yawning into his sleeve. 

Oh, bless him, John thinks.

The monitor falls silent. John could tiptoe into Rosie’s room and have his suspicions confirmed: Sherlock, back resting against the cot, Rosie tucked into his chest, both fast asleep. 

For now, he sets the morning alarm a little earlier than usual. He decides tomorrow will be a breakfast in bed day.

Doing johnlock (& now hoopkins too <3) prompts from this lovely list even though I’ve got loads of other prompts to fill lmao sorry but these are so lovely for more inspiration <3

Numbers filled (johnlock): 6; 31; 12; 11; 60; 8; 51; 34; 54; 60x2; 3; 14; 42; 60x3

Numbers filled (hoopkins): 14; 25; 41; 9

Молодость возвращается – надо просто не упустить момент!

  В древнейших восточных учениях говорится, что жизнь человека делится на циклы или периоды. Каждый длится семь лет и представляет собой весь наш век «в миниатюре»: от младенчества до старости. Прожив за это время целую жизнь, человек выходит на новый виток – и всё повторяется сначала. Таким образом, периоды детства, юности, молодости, взросления, зрелости, старости, угасания происходят каждые семь лет. Важно учитывать их влияние на жизнедеятельность и активность человека, чтобы не хвататься «в детстве» за дела, которые способен решить лишь переживающий очередную «зрелость».

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For the detailed Headcannon meme how about 14, 18 and 42 for Sara (Please and thank you!)

#14 Physical abnormalities? (Both visible and not, including injuries/disabilities, long-term illnesses, food-intolerances, etc.)

Compared to a more canon looking Mienshao she’s:

  • Slightly smaller in shape with leaner features
  • Shorter wrist whips and whiskers, wider tail.
  • Tear drop markings on whips, tail and whiskers. no belt mark, instead a heart shape on her chest. No spot on her head. leg marks reach to her ankles.

Her family adapted to a city life and slowly changed from her kind’s fighter physic, she still retains almost the same amount of strength thanks to training and exercise, but depends more on skill than pure power.

#18 Favorite beverage?

A choice of cold or hot weather~ (that is the cutest Sara i’ve ever drawn omg)

#42 Hobbies?

Another hobby Sara has is to exercise, she doesn’t do it just for the health benefits, she actually enjoys going out and jog around the city or do a small routine at home.


Monsta X will be coming back with their first full length album entitled The Clan 2.5: The Final Chapter ‘Beautiful’ on March 21st, 2017. Pre-orders for their album begins March 10th, 2017. The album will come with various components, so please take note of the differences between versions depending on which website you plan on ordering from! A post with links to pre-orders for the album will be posted shortly after.

[!] Monsta X ‘The CLAN Part 2.5′ The Final Chapter ‘Beautiful’ 3 Type Set:

Beautiful Version (Main Version) 
Brilliant Version (MV Making Version)
Beside Version (Unit Version)


- 150 x 200mm
- Photobook (unique to each version)
- Version photocard (random 1 out of 8; total 24)
- Version transparent photocard (random 1 out of 14; total 42)
- Sticker (2 pieces)
- X-CLAN Oath paper (random 1 out of 7)
- Poster (random 1 out of 2) *For the first press only
- Special poster (random 1 out of 7) *For the first press only 


Monsta X’s Official Site [ Beautiful, Brilliant, Beside, Set ]
Includes special poster in addition to first press posters

Kpoptown [ Beautiful, Brilliant, Beside, Set ] 
Kpopmart [ Beautiful, Brilliant, Beside, Set ]
Ktown4u [ Beautiful, Brilliant, Beside, Set ]
Yesasia [ Beautiful, Brilliant, Beside, Set ]

© FYHYUNGWON ✷ Take out with full credit.

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johnlock + 16!

things you said with no space between us

“Let’s just…” You yawn and stretch and then roll over, hugging me. “Do nothing in particular.”

I laugh against your neck. “Mmm, nothing in particular. Sounds lovely.” 

You hum and kiss my check. I can’t believe it took me this long to realise just how affectionate you are. 

I pull away slightly and then kiss you on the lips, long and slow to start the morning. “Won’t you get bored of nothing in particular?”

I’m only teasing, but you still frown. “Of course not. Besides, it’s Sunday.”

“You’re not religious.”

“John. It’s a sunny Sunday.”

“Oh, I see. Sorry, must’ve missed that in the calendar for nothing in particular.”

You giggle. It’s such an easy thing to make you laugh. I’ve missed hearing it. But, all of a sudden, you fall silent. My hands go to your bare shoulders, trying to touch, soothe. 

“What is it?”

You’re shaking your head and smiling at the same time. “Nothing in particular.” You’re trying to brush it off.

I know that’s not quite it, but you’ll say when you’re ready. We settle back down for a lie in, skin against skin, and that’s when you whisper it:

“Just surprises me sometimes. In- in a good way.”


A kiss on my shoulder now. “You’re still here.”

“Oh, Sherlock.” I hold you tight. “Of course I am. Not going anywhere.”

“Oh. Good-that’s-neither am I.”

Doing johnlock (& now hoopkins too <3) prompts from this lovely list even though I’ve got loads of other prompts to fill lmao sorry but these are so lovely for more inspiration <3

Numbers filled (johnlock): 6; 31; 12; 11; 60; 8; 51; 34; 54; 60x2; 3; 14; 42; 60x3; 22; 10; 16

Numbers filled (hoopkins): 14; 25; 41; 9

Gloria Steinem would like you to meet Alice

NEW YORK — Gloria Steinem sits in the ground-floor den of her brownstone apartment with a young Zambian woman visiting America for the first time.

The lives of the two women — one an icon, the other quietly charismatic — could not be more different, though the paths that led them here share common threads.

The 82-year-old activist struggled with a lack of formal education during her itinerant childhood on the road, fled an engagement to the wrong man, admits she’s living the life her mother never could, and is the entrenched face of a powerful feminist movement. Her house guest is 26-year-old Alice Saisha, who struggled to stay in school because of her family’s poverty, at 14 nearly wed a 42-year-old man, is living a life her widowed mother could never have dreamed, and is an emerging face of a powerful feminist movement.