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Robin’s Nest: Part 19

Prompt: What if the robin’s were batmom’s and bruce’s biological kids?

AN: There’s only one more part after this.

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   You decide on a home birth early on. Your kids look at you like you’re crazy, Bruce looks like he’s going to be ill, and Alfred looks ready to retire. But you have your reasons. This is your sixth pregnancy, which means things should move fairly quickly. Plus, if you have the baby at home that means you don’t have to avoid the paparazzi. Lee agrees to assist in the birth, along with a doula friend of hers. You’re quite certain that you’re ready to go.

    However, this pregnancy is quite different from the others. You find yourself, infinitely more tired. Lee assures you it’s the combination of having eight children and your older age. You pout after the older age part. You’re in your thirties, that isn’t old.

    You hide it for as long as you can, but of course you start to show early. The papers have a field day with the news. There’s references to Bruce not being able to keep it in his pants, raising a nation, and you trying to trap him ever further. You roll your eyes at that; if he hadn’t left after Damian and Helena then he was in it for the long haul.

    Your boys take it upon themselves to ruin any possible paparazzi photos. You find it funny, how they make faces, and jump in front of you. At one point Dick even carries Terry on his shoulders. Your five years sticks out his tongue for the cameras. You can’t help but laugh.

    The months tick by, and you find yourself ready to be done. This particular pregnancy has been demanding physically. Your back always hurts, and you find yourself needing to use the bathroom all the time.

    So when your due date comes and goes without even a braxton hicks contraction, you get a little ornery. You go into labor, in the middle of the night, two weeks after your due date.

You’re wrong on the shortened labor part too. You spend a total of thirty-six hours in labor. By the end, you’re threatening Bruce’s life.

    Maxwell Benjamin Wayne comes into the world at 11 am. He screams, and cries, and is so full of life that you can only smile. You cuddle with him for a good hour, before Bruce carries you out of the guest room, where you’d given birth and back to your room.

    The two of you lie in bed with him for a while, before allowing the kids into the room. You fall asleep to the sight of them passing Max around, and you can’t help but smile, because you finally feel as though your family is complete.


The LGBT+ Pride Project, No. 21

A short interview with Maya and Rosanna Howes! (Interviewed by Luisa De la Concha)

Luisa: So, tell me about your relationship to the project.

Ros: I came out when I was 14 (Maya was 16), and I think I told you [Maya] kinda fast, and I as remember it you reacted pretty well, but a bit closed to the topic at the beginning. 

Luisa (to Maya): How did you take it, and how did you handle accepting it?

Maya: Well, at the beginning… Actually I was the first to tell our dathee, well, I was confused: I thought I was bisexual, when in truth I wasn’t. So, I told my father, it was a bit hard for me to do it, and then came Ros and says it… Ros: I actually said it in the same car ride as Maya [laughs]. Maya: I don’t know if I thought “oh it’s so easy for her”, maybe it was more that, but I also thought “is she really bisexual?”, I didn’t believe her that much [both laugh] because I turned out not to be. But then… 

Ros: You realised that for me it was for real?

Maya: Yeah, so… well one of the reasons I came here is to show my support for my sister.

Ros: Awww.

Luisa: Ros, what did it mean to you to have your family’s support?

Ros: Well, without them, I wouldn’t have been able to… keep going. For example, at school, when I came out, it wasn’t… it wasn’t the best of times: they were calling me a lot of things, and not even my friends were supporting me at that time, so having my father and my sister, specially them, there for me, helped me a lot to… keep strong, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to… well to keep going.

there are so many young lesbians/wlw on this site and i myself used this site as a young lesbian and it’s pretty disgusting that the message being sent in this ~safe mode~ update is that wlw are dirty and bad and not something that minors should see. like if i had seen that at 14, 15, 16, i probably would have forced myself to stay closeted even longer and internalized even more homophobia

to all the young wlw out there i am so fucking proud of you for being yourself


Vivian Ruiz, Stars Dance Studio
Queen of the Dryads Variation from Don Quixote

Technical Score: 7.85 || Artistic Score: 7.85
Round 2 Classical Score: 7.85
Score after Rounds 1 and 2: 7.9
Pre-Professional Category (Age 14-16)
World Ballet Competition 2017

ID #85218

Name: Kaitlyn
Age: 15
Country: USA

I love listening to almost all types of music and something I’m really interested in right now is Heathers the Musical and Hamilton the musical. I love having deep, intellectual conversations with people.

Preferences: Age preference would be someone 14 to 16.

anonymous asked:

Aaron told Robert to stop bitching about Lawrence on the 14/7/16 and the next day Aaron went to help calm Lawrence down at Home Farm the next day. By the logic of someone being gay and sticking up for someone else because their a decent human then i guess Lawron is endgame! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

That’s the next big storyline, I hope you’re excited.

(Excuse me while I go and throw up)

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1, 4, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 25 and 28

1. How tall are you?
-around 166-170cm?

4. Favourite place?
-ocean, forest, home

12. Do you find it easily to trust others?
-lmaooo not at all! Have you seen people?

14. Are you available?
-well yea

15. Most hurtful thing someone has said to you?
-there’s so many! most recent: “you’re a terrible friend, you don’t even like her. you’re so fake to her.”

16. Favourite song?
-it’s always changing but atm it’s don’t try by Gerard way

17. Are you religious?
-no, not really

18. Do you ever want to get married? Have kids?
-married? well maybe, have kids? not sure…?

25. A few things on your bucket list?
-publish a book
-travel the world
-fall in love with someone who loves me back

28. Your top five blogs on Tumblr?
there’s loads more though

Thanks for sending these in ☁️

Send me a number and/or flower

can y’all start treating artists like human beings, especially minors ?? i follow a few artists who are, like, 14-16 year olds and some who have a huge following and i see them literally get harassed every single fucking day. it’s enough artists get treated like shit already but kids ?? are y’all serious ??

you’re all demanding content from kids who just wanna draw. you’re harassing them over petty bullshit like followings. like what the actual fuck is up with some of you people ??

some of you should be fucking ashamed of yourselves, honestly. get a grip and learn how to respect young artists.

(all) BTS Ships...basically

smol and smoller
(find out which one in the next episode of cake)

Roommate privileges

[YoonKook/ SugaKookie]
“maybe lamb skewers will be our always”

[YoonSeok/ SOPE(me)]
hobi: *breathes*

[NamGi/ SugaMonster]
Bro goals, friendship goals, relationship goals, just…goals…in general

suga: *breathes*
v: omg so cool

“i was born in busan first”
“stop copying me omf–”

“Bro…i luv u”
“im not gay”
“…we’re dating”

jin: *breathes*
jm: hHHAHJDkhahhwiakHAHAHA

jm: *breathes*

jm: *breathes*
hobi: Must Protec

actual children

Cooking For Dummies 101

someone: jin–
V: hyung’s graduation should have been bigger and better

[JinHope/ 2Seok]
the cooking dance

most underrated bro pair to exist like don’t get me stARTED–

*war flashbacks to rookie king ep 4 at the 14:16 mark*

hobi: *breathes*
jk: ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!! PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[NamKook/ KookieMonster]
“i joined bighit because of you”
(brb crying)


[TaeKook/ VKook]
“bro, will you be the McCree to my Hanzo?”
“*sheds a tear* bro…”
(kudos to you if you get that reference)

and the ultimate OTP… 

[Bangtan x Army]
bangtan: take care of yourself
army: awww but you take care of yourself
bangtan: no YOU take care of yourself!!!
bangtan: taKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!!

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Goryeo’s Best Dressed: Hae Soo as the King’s Woman


[CHARACTER] Nephrite.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: ネフライト
Romaji: Nefuraito

Role: Villain
Type: Humanoid
Alignment/Organization: Dark Kingdom
Alias: Masato Sanjouin
First appearance: Episode 13
Last appearance: Episode 24
Status: Dead
Voice actor: Katsuji Mori


  • He is named after the mineral nephrite. Like jadeite, it is a variety of jade.
  • Sailor Jupiter killed Nephrite early on in the manga. His death was postponed until episode 24 of the anime, though. Yet in that continuity, he was killed by Zoisite’s youma rather than by a hero.
  • In one of Naoko Takeuchi’s illustrations, Nephrite was romantically paired up with Sailor Jupiter. Takeuchi never had the chance to explore the idea of Princess Serenity’s four guardian Sailor Senshi being involved with the Shitennou in the manga. While the first anime and the live-action adaptation both excluded the Sailor Senshi/Shitennou couplings, they were included in Sailor Moon Crystal. In what was likely an unrelated moment, an image of the planet Jupiter appeared when Nephrite created his Black Crystal in episode 23.
  • Nephrite was the first villain in the anime to be redeemed.
  • Nephrite and Zoisite were the only two members of the Shitennou to have signature attacks with vocal calls. In episode 23, Nephrite used a technique called Starlight Attack.
  • Unlike his peers, Nephrite adopted a human alias and persona that lasted for more than one episode. He went by the name of Masato Sanjouin (三条院正人). Broken down, the characters in his names respectively translate to: “San” (三; three), “jou” (条; article), “in” (院; institution), “Masa” (正; real), and “to” (人; person).
  • Nephrite bled green blood in episode 24. After Sailor Venus injured Zoisite and Kunzite’s hands in episode 33, those two were shown to have red blood.
  • As he crossed paths with Mamoru in episode 18 at the museum, Nephrite had a déjà vu moment where he mistook Chiba for someone else. This could have been a reference to the manga subplot where the Shitennou were once Prince Endymion’s friends and protectors in the past. The concept was otherwise never brought up in the anime.
  • Masato drove a Ferrari Testarossa 512 TR.
  • In episode 44, Nephrite appeared along with the rest of the Shitennou in a flashback. However, he did not speak.