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Writing in English VS Finnish, Niu edition.

Wail in English 
in Finnish

1. ulvoa
2. itkeä
3. valittaa
4. ulista
5. vaikertaa
6. huutaa
7. ulvonta
8. ulina
9. valitella
10. vaikeroida
11. voivotella

Groan in English
in Finnish

1. huokailla
2. urista
3. vaikeroida
4. voihkia
5. nurista
6. äheltää
7. ähistä
8. voihkaista
9. valittaa
10. ähkiä
11. ähkäistä
12. huutaa
13. urina
14. voihkinta
15. ähellys
16. voihkina
17. voihkaisu
18. ähkäisy
19. valitus

Moan in English
in Finnish

1. ähkiä
2. huokailla
3. vaikeroida
4. valittaa
5. voihkia
6. nurista
7. älistä puhekieli
8. kaikertaa 
9. huutaa
10. voihkinta
11. voihkina
12. voihkaisu
13. valitus
14. voihke
15. älinä



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slightlied  asked:

9, 14, 15, and 16 for the yoi ask meme !! :)

14. who would you want to be rink mates with

MILA AND SARA ALL THE WAY. And it’s not just because they’re pretty, I see you side-eyeing me. I feel like Mila would be a blast, and if Sara’s brother wasn’t around she’d also be tons of fun :) They clearly know how to joke and would hopefully make up for the fact that I am not very social by being extremely social

15. who would you want to get turnt with

Unfortunately, not Phichit, because you know there’d be pictures, and it’s best for pictures of me turnt to not get out. I think Viktor and Yuuri would be fun, of course, but I’m a light-switch drunk that goes back and forth between giggling at funny shoe noises and pondering why we exist as a species, which isn’t very exciting to experience. OOH I VOTE MINAKO, you know she’d be a blast. Also Yuuri’s dad, because did you see his picture? Heck yes

16. who would you want to be your coach

Yakov would make me cry. I’d push Viktor over because I can’t take a compliment or criticism well. I think watching Yuuri’s calm savagery would be fun for a while, but oh geez. Hmm. I’d probably need somebody like Minami’s coach to wrangle me and encourage me.

Hello! I’m Maya and I’m a 15 year old girl from the US! I really want a pen pal via snail mail! I love YouTube and many netflix shows! I’m very interested in learning about other people’s cultures! I hope we can send letters and packages to each other with like cool goodies and stuff!! Anyone from any gender between the ages of 13-20 can be my pen pal!!

Email: mayareagan10.mr @ gmail .com (No spaces)
IG: maya_reagan
Twitter: maya_IRL


Hey, I’m Bryn, I’m sixteen, queer, and from California! I’m really passionate about feminism, activism, and politics. I spend my time either working, reading, writing, going to the gym, hiking, or binge watching Netflix with my cat! (: I love 1950s pulp novels, art, drag queens, LGBTQ history, traveling, old movies, and big cities. I’m pretty bad at talking about myself, but I think I’m pretty nice, so feel free to message me! 💞

IG: bryndeforge
URL: @vintagequeer


16 // Virginia
hellooooo my name is mikey, im hella gay and im really just looking for some friends and maybe a girlfriend who i could spoil and give all my love to lol. i am a vegetarian and a complete animal lover, seriously if there is any type of animal near me i can not resist petting it. i either look like a lesbian farmer, a hipster, or like im homeless there is no in between. im 65% sarcastic and 35% stupid yet very lovable. i really like nature and i have a hamster & a dog who is my partner in crime. im a political activist and i enjoy cooking and going on adventures (i love road trips), and im only slightly obsessed with harry potter & im pretty darn gay

message me whenever i dont bite and i love talking to new people!! (but i do usually work 6-10pm eastern so i might not reply as quickly then!!)

kik: peeachpixie

phone #: 7575083318 (if you are going to text me please tell me your name and where you got my number i get scared to reply to numbers i dont know lol)



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Hey I’m Brianna u can call me Bri for short. I’m 17 and live In Illinois. I’m looking for friends maybe a relationship. I’m ok with distance just be prepared for long phone calls and skyping and late night texts. I love animals, basketball, and music. I play piano guitar tenor saxophone and the flute. I love talking to people. So hum
tumblr: @pretty-catapiller
Kik: littledyingangel
Snapchat: brithedrifter
(fyi wen I made my sc I was watching fast and furious so that’s y that’s my name… lol)


Don’t worry, that’s not the whole apology  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Yay dark-eyed Zen is back, I am so happy

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hey! i’m Robin

I’m 16 and a pansexual demiboy

looking for friends or a relationship.

long distance is coolio with me

i’m a huge space nerd, talk space to me and i’ll swoon and shit

i also swear quite a bit so apologises ;p

My music taste is a mush of gernes but mostly gorillaz, top, p!atd, msi, fob etc

I’m really into musicals! 

Huge ass weeb, too many favourite animes to say lmao

HUGE harry potter fan..Slytherin in case youre wondering ;p

obsessed with cartoons especially voltron rn. 

i’m an arty art artist

i like taking pictures and i love glitter 

i’m shy at first but once you get to know me i’m loud af and annoying. i’m like a child thats had way too much sugar. however, i do have my down days, all i want is attention and to be reassured that not everyone hates me and shit. But generally i’m a bundle of positive vibes. 

Ways you can contact me are:

Tumblr: xbittersweetthoughtsofsanityxo

Instagram: Lean_mean_dad_joke_machine 

Facebook: Robin Arden Vantas


And thats all folks! 

p.s hope you like lame ass jokes and puns ;)