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Can you believe that I literally made 14 part and 140 photo with this meme

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4 of 17: Compass Plant on the Tallgrass Prairie

The Tallgrass prairie once dominated the Iowa landscape until John Deere’s stainless steel plow turned it under. Over 400 species covered the state consisting of multiple grasses and flowering plants referred to as forbs. One of the tallest among the forbs is the July blooming Compass Plant. The basal leaves of Compass Plant orient themselves North to South thus the name. The Latin name, Silphium laciniatum, derives from the resinous juice it produces during the bloom phase. Used by pioneer children as a chewing gum.

Camera: Nikon D810; 200 mm Micro; f/14; 1/200s; ISO 140.

Observ. xxiii. Of the curious texture of Sea-weeds

Those little holes, which to the eye look’d round, like so many little spots, here appear’d very regularly shap’d holes, representing almost the shape of the sole of a round toed shoe, the hinder part of which, is, as it were, trod on or cover’d by the toe of that next below it…

Hooke, R., Micrographia, The Royal Society: 1665; Scheme 14, Fig 1., pg.140