For 13 years I’ve had the immense pleasure of not only growing up with my best friend but creating a life with him. We’ve gone through phases, cocooned and transformed, struggled and triumphed together. We have become an unstoppable force, testing each other, having daily silly and serious debates. Challenging each other to become our best selves. Loving each other endlessly, even relentlessly. We have this thing where no matter how chaotic and vicious the outside world gets we will always be a paradise for one another. I am so honored and humbled to be loved by this beloved being. Everyday I am reminded of how the universe has come together to give me this grand love. I’m in constant awe of his compassion, loyalty and strength. And to think this was the plan all along… How magnificent! | #love #doyouknowwhattodayis #itsouranniversary #youandme #blacklove #13years

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August 25th, 13 years ago is the day when an angel gained her wings. The day she left and entered the gates of paradise. Aaliyah I cannot believe it has been 13 years since you have passed away. Aaliyah, you did so much in your 22 years of life. Coming out with your street but sweet style to blooming into a young beautiful woman. Through your albums and your movies, you showed us how determined you were to be the best you can be. Us fans are so grateful for everything you did for us. When you met fans, you treated them like they were part of your family. So humble and down to earth, not caring if you had a headache or if you were tired, you always made time for us and waited for the very last fan to come in to get a picture and autograph. Through my final year of high school and throughout my life, you will always be my inspiration. When I feel like giving up, you always give me the strength and determination to dust myself off and try again. Encouraging me to do the best I can and not care what anyone else thinks. My love for you is one in a million and I know how you are looking down at all of us fans how proud you are of us keeping your legacy strong. You have touched my heart and the hearts of many, you have saved my life. I always think to myself where would you be now in your career. In 22 years you accomplished so many things and I thank you Aaliyah. For being the best you can be, you were taken away from us too soon. I know you wouldn’t want us to cry for you but there are times where I breakdown because of how much I miss you. You truly are a blessing and you are more than a woman. You came to give your love to the fans across the world. God needed you in his arms again. On the 16th of January 1979, we were given a queen and on the 25th of August 2001, we were given an angel. Thank you Baby Girl, you will always be a legend and forever remain my biggest inspiration. I love you.

Forever and always, Tommy.

By the way Li, save a spot for me and you so we can dance to try again.


I drew this back in 2001, I was 19. I started out reading Kabuki by finding a copy of Dreams in my sisters room. I was blown away by the colours of the artwork, and then by the emotions the story made me feel. I was truly moved by a book(in my mind at the time) I couldn’t believe it. I asked my sister for more, she delivered but only 2 more single issues. Then when I started buying my own comics when she moved out I found Scarab(I eventually went on to find all of the books, which I own.) I fell in love with Keiko’s story, the people she loved and subsequently lost as a result. The style of Kabuki really inspired me as an artist.

Half of her mask is my one and only tattoo. Everyone thinks it’s a butterfly, I don’t care I know what it is to me and I dream of the day that someone knows what it is and I can have a conversation about it with them. I am still inspired by David Mack’s art, but none so much as Kabuki and Scarab.

Scarab variant cover Joe Quesada(Pencils) Jimmy Palmiotti(Inks) David Mack(paints)