everyone please wish Yukon a happy 13th birthday today! when he was born he was the cutest puppy and i was like this one is gonna be mine and his name is gonna be yukon and then he grew up to be very sweet but kinda boring and always handsome, i wouldnt trade his sweetheart boring handsome lame ass for anyone 


All the free stuff and my splits on the run. Next one the Marine Corp historical half marathon in May. At least I know I can make it. I can tell you this much 13.1 is a long way. I dropped for water every 1.5 miles. And I walked 85 step a out of the whole race. One hill was so bad I walked 15 step a and ran 15, 6 times. Had to do it but I’m very happy with how I finished. 13th in my age division. There were 1700 runners in the half marathon and the people all along the road were amazing. Flags and people cheering just about the whole race. Very motivating ….makes you reach inside yourself to push on!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Once again thanks to my Tumblr friends, you are the best! 👍🇺🇸💗


2017 Worlds Countdown Day 4 → Team Italy

Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte

SD: Cry For Me, Choo Choo Boogie
FD: Chaplin Medley

Worlds history:
2007  — 13th place
2008  — 10th place
2009  — 10th place
2010  — 11th place
2011  — 8th place
2012  — 6th place
2013  — 4th place
2014  — 1st place
2015  — 4th place
2016  — 4th place

April Fixtures: (Kick-Off Times in GMT)
- 01st - West Bromwich (H) - 15:00
- 04th - Everton (H) - 20:00
- 09th - Sunderland (A) - 13:30
- 13th - Anderlecht (A) - 20:05
- 16th - Chelsea (A) - 16:00
- 20th - Anderlecht (A) - 20:05
- 23rd - Burnley (A) - 14:15
- 27th - Man City (A) - 20:00
- 30th - Swansea City (H) - 12:00
All matches remain subject to change

It’s Friday the 13th again. You may not be as superstitious as others, but it would be well to still be aware of these common omens or actions that could possibly indicate dire circumstances ahead:

  • Black cat crossing your path
  • Broken mirrors
  • Walking beneath a ladder
  • Three 6s in a row
  • Opening an umbrella inside
  • Three Three 6 Mafia songs in a row
  • A square pancake
  • A group of crows having a breakdance battle
  • Moon falling from sky, over and over and over again
  • Empty egg
  • Coffee mad at you
  • Fiancé turns into a frog
  • And then explodes
  • But your parents are crazy about him
  • And already put a deposit down for the wedding
  • So you gotta scoop up his guts and marry the bits of toad anyway
  • Um, yeah. Try to avoid that one.