I keep having snippets of a story I’m not entirely sure what to do with or how to write, so I’ve been drawing a lot of them, and this was one. Just a sort of struggle between Tommy Jarvis and Jason Voorhees sometime during Tommy showing up to rescue the remaining counselors. (He’s gonna get out, he’s got a pocket knife X3) It also works with a small headcanon I have that Tommy’s got a bit of a phobia of people touching/grabbing him from behind, after the scene in 4 where Jason grabs him through a window.

I wasn’t sure which Jason to go with, and I didn’t get any responses when I asked so I just went with part 6; it works with the movie, and it’s just a nice bit of drama, though if I do end up writing something I’m still unsure if it’ll be part 6 or not. Either way I’m super proud of how Tommy’s face came out, and while I’m a little worried the pose isn’t dramatic enough, I think it works fairly well. The anatomy was a bit hellish but eh, it’ll do. XD

What to Watch While You’re Waiting for Yuri!!! on Ice to Come Back

The wait is long, but don’t you worry! I will give you some good anime to watch in the meantime lol give me your suggestions too!

1. Haikyuu!!

You’re literally living in a hole if you haven’t watched Haikyuu yet, but now you have time, don’t you? It is an amazing show - the OTPs, the characters, the storylines, the feels, you’ll love it. Plus, 3 seasons and an ongoing manga - what fun! 

2. Bungou Stray Dogs

You have to watch this, guys. The story is unique, the characters are hot, there is a storyline that’ll have you hooked and Dazai is awesome. Got some strong OTPs in here too.

3. Joker Game

This is one of the newest anime in this list, and it is spectacular and mind-boggling. The characters and the stories in different episodes will have you full of feels and amazement throughout. Worth the watch.

4. 91 Days

Mafia. Hot men. Broship at its finest. What else do we need? It has feels, excitement, anticipation, and everything you need in a short anime. Good watch.

5. Kuzu no Honkai

If you’re looking for something along the lines of mature, watch this. The story and the characters are angsty and the manga, in my opinion, is even better at it. It’s a good watch. Some people don’t like it, but I think it’s worth a try.

6. ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-Ka

I’m not done with this anime yet, but I am very intrigued up to the point that I have watched. The art is very different, Jean Otus is hot, and the concept seems worth watching too.