Electric Zombie has released its Halloween 2016 line of merchandise. it includes nine shirts ($20-$25) with nods to Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Lost Boys, Predator, The Real Ghostbusters, and more, plus four posters ($20-$25), and so much more that I couldn’t fit all the images.

There’s a lot of subtle stuff to love here: the video game-style take on horror icons, the clever names on the faux-mask advertisement, the ‘80s pop colors on the Dream Master poster… but I think my favorite detail is how the Real Ghostbusters design parodies the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II poster.


Ava DuVernay’s ‘The 13th’ Is A Searing Indictment Of The Pervasive Nature Of American Racism & Oppression [Review]

Watch: Ava DuVernay Takes On Mass Incarceration In First Trailer For Netflix Documentary ‘The 13th’

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Sorry to bother you, but I'm a little confused about the episode. Did we ever cleared up the question of the +1 in the building ? Was it really Kyoko at the end, because I thought the +1 was there since the beginning ?

No, it was not. DR3 just sort of forgot about the plot points like:

  • The extra participant
  • The 13th Division leader
  • Why Monaka was there in the first place
  • How Tengan set things up
  • His motivation in the first place, and why the one they gave us was so weak and stupid
  • How/when Kimura was able to develop an antidote to the wristband
  • What “Munakata and Naegi combining their hopes” meant, even though they never ended up having any effect on the finale or it’s climax, and Munakata just leaves to go off alone somewhere and not collaborate with Naegi to build a better future alongside literally everyone else.

But hey, why bother explaining any of that even though the entire anime has been building to it, when you can have 20 minutes of straight fan service that makes little to no sense?

SnK thoughts: dead/not dead

You know what annoys me? This ridiculous situation with Armin surviving the fall.

So, just think. He fell from 60 meters. He was burned so hard, his lungs were destroyed. They were, every medic would tell you that. He was literally burned to ashes. His skin even became dark brown of how hard he was damaged.

And he fell from 60 meters. He hit the roof, he broke his spine, I’m sure, because he was a bit frail and skinny. And he breathed! Magically? Cause there were no lungs for him to breathe with.

And we have Erwin. He was hit by a stone. He lay there for 30 min and died. He was a strong and solid man. And he died.

Why? Armin deserved to live because he was better? Or because he was a child? Or because he’s a main character? Why not kill them both? It, at least, would have showed that they were equals at death’s door.

But now one decent person is dead. Because, in Isayama’s point of view, Levi set him free and in Levi’s mind it the right thing to do. The right thing. Just imagine - to let your precious person die because the world was too cruel for him to live on. Because he need to rest. Just fucking let him sleep for 3 days! That’s rest!

But, of course, let’s see it as an act of love. Okay, why not?


I’ll never respect someone who thinks the way Yams made Levi think. I’ll never understand the words “But he made it for him, he chose what’s better for him, he helped him find peace!”. No. It’s not love. It never will be.

I want this series to end with as much darkness as possible. I want all ties and bonds to be crushed.

I don’t regret thinking that way.


Decided to idolize SLG Eli bc I like fairy nico better unidolized! She’s so gorgeous I’ve no regrets😭💙 add me if you’re active I’ve lots of free space 😘

The Procedural Literature Project

Every picture is worth a thousand words.

For my Introduction to Computational Media project, we were tasked to do the following:

“Write a procedural drawing program that uses an alternative metaphor for drawing, one different from the traditions of illustration, painting, and the like, and their reproductions in contemporary commercial software.” 

As it happens, I’ve found myself very proud of my project, so I decided to show it off to you all.

In essence, it takes 140 characters of text (familiar, huh?) and generates an image from it! So I’m going to post a few examples of what the algorithm comes up with.


“He raged at the world, at his family, at his life. But mostly he just raged.” — Raging Goblin

“A young man stands in his bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 13th of April, 2009, is this young man’s birthday.” — Homestuck

“War. War never changes.

When atomic fire consumed the earth, those who survived did so in great, underground vaults.” — Fallout: New Vegas

So yeah, that’s that.

I’m taking requests in my ask box so anyone who wants me to run a quote through the algorithm should throw me an ask!

And if you’re super curious and want to play around with this, here’s a link to an executable! (Windows 64-bit only, sorry y’all)

Epilepsy Warning: Typing in the application can lead to colors shifting rapidly as you type, caution is advised.

Thanks for reading.

- Cat

November 2016 European Tour Lineup Update!

Smackdown Live Event Dates:

Nov 5th Manchester, England

Nov 6th Newcastle, England

Nov 7th Aberdeen, Scotland

Nov 9th Birmingham, England

Nov 10th Cardiff, Wales

Nov 11th Barcelona, Spain

Nov 12th Madrid, Spain

Nov 13th Bilbao, Spain

If you are going to see a Smackdown live event in November, below is the advertised lineup as of today:

WWE World Championship Match

Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles

Street Fight

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt

Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz w/Maryse

Rhyno & Heath Slater vs American Alpha vs The Usos

Jack Swagger vs Baron Corbin

Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss

Nikki Bella

Becky Lynch



Tyler Breeze

And many more!

Line up subject to change

Lineup details via Metro Radio Arena

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Wait, what is the 13th branch thing? I forgot when that was mentioned.

In Asahina’s note before the anime started:

Notes: Former SHSL Swimmer, now a member of the thirteenth branch. A little prone to getting emotional, but believes in her friends and wants to protect people more than the average person. Originally wasn’t going to be invited to Naegi’s punishment hearing, but she came as a proxy.

The 13th leader was brushed aside so it comes off as “odd” and an excuse for Asahina to be there while not making another “useless” character.

Gaga's heading for Graham Norton's sofa with an Avenger
Monsters Assemble!

jeremy renner and amy adams are due to appear on the graham norton show on 14th october alongside lady gaga and chris o’dowd

this makes it seem most likely that jeremy and amy are also due to appear at the bfi london film festival for one of the following screenings of arrival:

  • 10th october odeon leicester square 7.15pm
  • 11th october odeon leicester square 11.00am
  • 13th october hackney playhouse screen1 8.45pm

dubleanon  asked:

My biggest qualm with the end is who the heck is the 13th head. We never learned that.

They made it sound like it was going to be something important but was just a red herring all this time.

Having Aoi be the only of the 78th class be in the 13th branch was strange, but not having anything come out of it is just, “well ok then”.