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How would the other slashers (excluding bubba, he saw him already) react to maskless michael ?

Jason does not know this man but something seems familiar.

Meanwhile Freddy low-key insulting Michael. He was expecting him to be something zombie-like, was also low-key surprised how good he actually looks

Happy Zolstice!

Today–and every day–I’m grateful for YOU. Thank you so much for being the best part of ZODIAC.

The Houses of Helios have their own version of Thanksgiving: One of the few universal holidays they celebrate is ZOLSTICE, the anniversary of the day Earth’s survivors found a new home in the Zodiac Solar System.

On this day, the people of every House commemorate their ancestors’ plight by engaging in acts of gratitude. For example…

On Taurus and Libra, families spend hours cooking rich, elaborate dishes together, then they welcome less fortunate families to their homes for a majestic meal where they get to know each other. The Librans often become lifelong friends with their guests, while the Taurians tend to invite so many people over that tallying up who fed the most mouths at their ZOLSTICE dinner is practically a competitive sport.

On Capricorn and Virgo, the whole population spends the day taking care of the planet by picking up litter, pulling out weeds, planting new trees, caring for any animals that need help, and generally trying to make up for humanity’s footprint.

On Pisces, people prepare for the holiday by posting lists on their doors of pending tasks they can’t complete on their own, and neighbors swing by to sign up for whatever they can help with; on ZOLSTICE, each person follows their own unique schedule, going from one place to the next to help out. At midnight, everyone parties together, toasting with Seaberry liqueurs as they compare schedules to see who was the most helpful.



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13th doctor in 2

its just a quick sketch but its to teach myself not to constantly lose sleep and hours on one drawing

People about 13s look: I can’t take someone who is dressed like that seriously

Me: But you could take someone seriously who danced like that

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and who dressed like that:

and who ran around with a VEGETABLE on his suit:

and who talked like that:

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So i would say she actually fits in just fine with the other doctors