13th win

^the Chocobros walking through a haunted house^

Prompto: *clinging desperately to Noct* W-who’s idea was it to come here again?

Noctis: Uh…yours?

Gladio: Come on, these fake props can’t really be scaring you. Look at this. *dangles a fake spider*

Prom: STAHP! *cowers behind Noct*

Noct: Ew, get out of here. *swats it away*

Ignis: *steps behind the three, getting phone out*

Gladio: *laughs* You guys are total pansies. We deal with daemons for breakfast, literally.

Noct: I don’t get scared.

Prom: Oh, really? Remember last Halloween when-

Noct: SHUT IT. We don’t talk about that…ever! It was a misunderstanding.

Gladio: Says the black cat who ran away from two year olds.

Noct: They were five, in a group, and dressed like munchkins. It was creepy…

Gladio: Whatever helps you sleep at night, your highness.

^a man dressed as a clown jumps out, making Noctis, Prompto, and Gladio scream^

Ignis: *snaps photo* Priceless.

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How about the predator vs your boy Jason? Couldnt he disintegrate him with his bomb?


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Jason Voorhees

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If it was the Jason Voorhees who was actually alive from part 2, 3, 4 and the Remake then Predator STOMPS. Because those Jasons could feel pain and could take damage.

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But once HE WAS REBORN in PART 6 as a SUPER ZOMBIE GAME OVER for the Predator!

Jason as a Zombie Doesn’t feel pain. Has Luke Cage Strength

And Deadpool esque Regeneration

They’ve tried burning him

drowning him

blowing him up

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Freezing him

and He always comes back

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Predator could try to slow him down but if its a fight Jason OWNS EASILY!

"I'll be your calico cat."
  • Jimin: I don't like my birthday this year
  • Jungkook: Why not?
  • Jimin: It's on Friday 13th...so it's unlucky
  • Jungkook: I'll be your calico cat(good luck) then!
  • BTS:
  • Namjoon, proudly sipping his tea book in hand: Those were my lyrics
Reverse Idol!AU Pt. 3 — Wanna One Fic

part 1 part 2

requested by anon! (for the nth time LOLOL (((:)

genre: lil bit of angst (like a lil bit, trust me, shouldnt hurt your heart or make you tear), and fluff? its a happy ending!

The Next Day

Your schedule was empty, so you decided to go watch your idiotic group of friends perform at The Show. You had the privilege of going back stage before the performances AND after.

Heading backstage, you bump into a very tall, lanky guy. “Oh! Guanlinnie!!”

“NOOOONA, what are you doing here???!” He was very excited to see you, not giving you time to answer, he pulls you towards Wanna One’s dressing room. Slamming the door open loudly, announcing his arrival with you in tow, the rest of the members look up alarmed.

Noticing that it was just Guanlin exaggerating his entrance, something Ong would do tbh, Jisung walks up and smacks him upside the head, telling him to never do that again. Doors are expensive, he says. When he finally notices your presence, he immediately shouts at the other members,


The rest of the members rush over, almost knocking Jisung off his feet to the ground, shouting at your name at once. How exciting, you being there and cheering for them calmed their nerves a little bit. You spent some time with them, occasionally pulling little pranks, microphone that shocks you when you press the button. Let’s just say, Minhyun wasn’t impressed.

It was the time for them to perform, hyping them up, “YOU CAN DO IT, DON’T MESS UP. YOU HAVE TRILLIONS OF EYES WATCHING YOU!” yes as if that will calm them down. You high-five and fist bump them as they pass by you, walking up the stage, “FIGHTING!”


Screaming in delight once they got off stage, you ran towards them, gathering them into a group hug and celebrating.


Days go by, weeks, months.

Both you and Wanna One’s schedules have been piling up. What with you going on more music shows, filming for a mini web drama. Wanna One continuously going on music shows and winning more and more trophies too. However, you two don’t see each other in the music shows. You either perform before of after them. Your schedules are so packed that you arrive a few minutes before you actually perform and leave right after you finish.

You miss them, you miss their idiotic, dorky selves.

Time went by, the group chat died obviously. You opted to privately messaging each individual members, sending congratulatory messages, comforting ones, TRYING to start conversations. Some leave you on read, some don’t.

Each and every single member, one by one, slowly stop responding to your messages. They must be busy, huh?

The only one who doesn’t completely stop responding is Guanlin. He keeps you updated on things that have been happening, with the group or just himself. But one day, he randomly stops. He doesn’t respond and your messages have been left on ‘Unread.’

Yesterday 2:45PM

hey linlinn, what’s up!

Yesterday 3:01PM

I guess you are ))):

I hope you take care of yourself, and reply back soon!(:

Staring at your messages, sighing. He stopped responding too. Am I nuisance? Maybe I’m just distracting them from their activities. I shouldn’t stress over it, I have my own to focus on anyway..

“Hey, Y/N-ah,” your manager calls you. “You have The Show recording tomorrow, be prepared!”

Your heart races at the thought of meeting your friends there. But wait, they might be performing at a different time and leave straight after.. Your good mood slowly dissipates, instead of sulking over this though, you head onto practice. 

Today is actually sort of a good day for you, your schedule isn’t as packed so you get to go to The Show earlier and watch all the performances. Arriving at the location, heading out, you go straight to the vending machine. You hear loud chattering behind you, but paid it no mind,

Taking a mouthful of your drink, you look at the time. Almost spitting your drink out, Oh shoot! It’s almost my turn, aahhhh 

Abruptly turning around, you bump into a guy only a few inches taller than you, as fluffly as a cloud (hint hint). “OMG SUNGWOON, WHAT. IT’S YOU,’

“Ye, it me. Sorry, I haven’t been responding to your messages, I got busy, we all did.” Frowning slightly, “Our phones got taken away, we literally had to beg on our knees to get here earlier than usual just to see you.” Pointing at the people behind him, oh i was wondering where the rest were. They were staring at you with sad puppy eyes, their king, Kang Daniel, in the center.

Opening your arms for a hug, they all rushed towards you. Shouting that they miss you and they had no say in what happened. Forgiving them quickly since you know it isn’t their fault at all, it’s how the entertainment world runs, you try to escape the mess of a group you’re trapped in.

Panicking as it was almost your turn, like 5 minutes before. I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN READY??? 

“OKAY GUYS, LET ME GO.” A chorus of “NO”’s were heard,


…… Let it sink into their heads…


Daehwi was the only one who reacted fast enough (good job daehwi), “WAAAHHHHH, OKAY GUYS. HUSSLE HUSSLE. WE HAVE TO GET NOONA TO HER DRESSING ROOM. QUICK!”

Disentangling your limbs from their own was pretty hard. You couldn’t tell which arm belongs to who??? After 2 minutes, of getting out of the mess, you were dragged by Jaehwan, shouting at his members to hurry up and run their slow butts over.


Why is Jisung hyperventilating? Shouldn’t that be me? And why aren’t the rest of them doing anything?????


“Calm down Jisung, bREATHE. You’re the one that is nervous right now, WHY?”


10 seconds.

“Alright guys, watch me win this time. I’m winning that tropHY!”

“Yeah, right. We’re going to win again, just watch us princess!” Aaaaand ego man is back.


Walking towards the stage, you shout at them, “Wish me luck!” A jumbled mess of words were heard, making out a “You’re going down,” obviously from Seongwoo.


It’s showtime! (heh, BOA. heh ;-;) 

The Show was aMazING. More than usual since you finally got to meet the idiots after a while. Sadly, you didn’t win, Seongwoo jinxed it man. This was Wanna One’s 13th win. I’m so proud of these idiots.



no but seriously, congrats to our babies omg sjbjdna 13 trophies, aaahhhhhhh


i hope you like it! ♡

Imagine meeting Chris at a casino (Vegas Encounter Part 1 of 2)

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(gif made for this imagine by the wonderful @jessica-bones-winchester)

It’s your last night in Vegas after being in town for a business conference. You’ve been too busy the entire time to even think about hitting the games but on this final night, you’re ready to take the casino in your hotel by storm. 

You start out small, a few slot machines, but that gets boring, so you move on. You settle in at a Texas Hold Em table and order a drink. You’re pleasantly surprised that the deck isn’t slanted completely in the dealer’s favor and you end up winning a hand while you wait for your drink. 

Your waiter arrives and as you turn to pay him, you catch a man with the most dazzling blue eyes watching you. You try not to stare back but it’s easy to fall into his gaze. 

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...Ready For It?  Chapter Two Break the Ice

Chapter One-Dynasties

Jon was standing on the cold empty street, it was near midnight. He suddenly felt a pair of slim arms wrap around his torso, so he spun around and met with Daenerys, medially connecting their lips together. Their eyes met, he brushed a thumb across her blush-coloured cheek. They kissed again, staying in their embrace for a while longer. The feeling kicked in again, deep in the pit of his stomach.

-And cut! – Shouted Mormont.

He pecked her lips one more time before letting go. They smiled at each other, hearing the crew clap at them. It was 4 AM, the shoot finally wrapped. They had one more filming day before Sunday, and that was on Friday and the shoot was in a bar. The music video would debut soon, at the MTV Awards, where The Night’s Watch was supposed to perform.

-Go to bed, kids, it’s late. – Yelled the assistant.

They went to the trailer to change, again together. They enjoyed their small talk, about their families, growing up in the spotlight…

-My dad realized I was talented and asked me to try out in a play when I was little. I nailed it. I mean I had a job before, but it was a cameo.-


-How did you get into music?-

-My uncle Benjen bought me a guitar for my 4th birthday, but I never learned how to play it until I was 7 and my other uncle, Arthur, showed me some basic chords. I met Gendry through my dad and I knew Tormund and Theon from high school. We got my surrogate uncle Davos Seaworth to manage us and signed a record deal when we were all 20. Our first album was a smash and we won the Grammy for Best New Artist and here we are, I suppose. –

-What a story! And you write everything on your own?-

-I do, in fact. I get inspired everywhere. Sometimes, it’s just a tune, or a lyric, but in the end we get neat songs. This one is, and don’t tell anyone, based on Gendry’s secret girlfriend.-

-Oh, that sounds so sweet! Who is she?-

-Well, he won’t tell anyone.-

-Now I want to know.-

-And I want to know if you want to grab some breakfast with me. Or dinner?-

-Hm… I think we can consider it an early breakfast.-


-First, I need to take of the cake off my visage.-

She pushed the door open, placing herself on the chair and grabbing the makeup remover, talking to Jon about her acting experiences.

-I once did a scene where I had to scream at someone and we had to do it 9 times, so my voice broke.-

-Acting is more demanding than I thought.-

She nodded silently, removing the remains of mascara.

-All done!-

They walked to a small diner down the street that worked 24/7, choosing a secluded spot and ordered their food. She was pleasantly surprised to find out they had so many things in common, like food preferences, favourite spots, pets, they loved art and were nerds secretly, and they shared the fate of children who were since birth in the spotlight.

-Are you seeing someone? – She asked, out of the blue.

-Uh, sort of… - He huffed.

-Me too.-

-Are you happy? – He asked, sensing the unease in her voice.

-Not really, you?-

-Me neither.-

She gave him a reassuring squeeze.

-Is she famous?-

-She’s trying to be.-

-Poor girl.-

They both chuckled slightly, the tension around them growing. He looked at her lips before locking gazes again, the waitress interrupting them when she brought over their bill. They left together, it was nearly 8 AM.

-How did you come here?-

-My brother dropped me off, he was working on a set nearby… Don’t worry, I can call him…-

-I can drive you home. Where do you live?-

-You don’t have to…-

-I insist.-

-Do you know where Dragonstone Mansion is?-

-Of course you’d live there. – He laughed, remembering the infamous house Aegon Targaryen built, where his family has been living ever since conquering the industry.

-No, but I live close. You know the apartment complex down the hill?-

-Oh, I assume you live in one of the penthouses.-

-Good guess.-

-Let’s go then.-

They were on the way, as Jon’s phone rung. As he was driving, he was unable to answer it.

-Oh my god, can you answer it please?-


She saw the caller ID sad Code Red but she answered it anyway.


-Jon? Who the fuck are you?-

-I’m… the secretary!-

Jon laughed at her reply.

-Well, secretary, tell him his girlfriend is expecting to see him!-

-It’s your girlfriend. – Mouthed Dany. Jon shrugged.

-He’s busy at the moment.-

-Hey, you sound familiar, have we met before?-


-Odd. Tell him to call back.-

The phone line went dead and Dany told him what she said.

-I’ve been trying to break up with her, it’s not as easy as one would presume.-

-Well good luck.-

-And what is your partner like?-

-He enjoys the gym way too much.-

-Well, better the gym than drugs.-

-Hm, I suppose.-

-Are you coming on Sunday?-

-I wouldn’t miss it for the world.-

She arrived at her apartment, after saying goodbye to Jon and slipped into her tub. She moved into her bed soon and slept for a good 6 hours. She was awaken by her phone ringing, Tyrion’s voice inaudible.

-Tyrion? What? Where? Who? Wait, I’ll Skype you.-

Turning on her laptop, she called him immediately and was greeted by a panicking Lannister.

-Go and open the link I sent you.-

So she did, and there it was, her pictures splashed on the headlines again.

Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow spotted together? Here’s the tea!

There were paparazzo pictures of them walking down the street and some of them in his car. To her surprise and fear, they looked as if they belonged together. There was this natural chemistry between them, they looked like every filmmaker together.

-I swear, it’s nothing, just tabloids…-

-I know, but you two shouldn’t be spotted together anymore.-

-Oh, now it’s us two?-

-You said us.-


-Daenerys, I know your private life is none of my business, but keep in mind you have a squeaky-clean image and that you are in a public relationship. Adultery and cheating isn’t your thing actually.-

-I was planning on breaking up with Darrio actually.-

-Oh god! Finally, I mean oh I’m sorry for him.-

-For a Lannister, you are a terrible liar.-

-Good one, D. good one.-

She said goodbye and went to get ready, as she had to go and have lunch with her papa.

On the other side, Jon arrived home to his gang. Theon was playing video games with his sister Yara who dropped by, Gendry wasn’t home and Tormund was sleeping to get ready for three days straight of performing and partying. He kicked his boots of and joined Theon and Yara.

-And I sunk your ship, bitch! – Shouted Yara, making Theon sad.

-Fucking hell, Yara!

His phone rung. Ygritte. He didn’t have the patience for her now. Or ever. Oh god, this means he has to go through the breakup conversation again.

-What is it?-

-It’s Ygritte.-

-What’s wrong with you? A month ago you were head-over-heels in love and now you’ve been trying to break up with her?-

-I-I don’t know. But I won’t pick up the phone. Perhaps she’ll take a hint.-

-This isn’t your style, why are you angry at her?-

-She’s really malicious, Theon. And spiteful. I’m tired of getting dragged through that again.-

-I had no idea, why didn’t you tell us?-

On that moment, E! News started a report on the candid pictures someone took of Jon and Dany when they were having breakfast. Jon looked at the report in shock and Theon snickered.

-Oh, I see, you plan on catching an actual A-list actress, not a lousy C-lister…-

-Hey, it’s not like that! I swear! – Said Jon, walking upstairs. He took of his clothes and got into the shower. So what if some stupid media outlet wrote some dumb story? There was nothing there anyway.

He went to bed feeling this discontent he couldn’t explain, so he fell asleep. Shaken awake by a call, he answered and heard Daenerys on the other side. Almost as if he was struck by lightning, he jolted up, wide awake.

-Hello, Jon. I hope I’m not disturbing you somehow?-

-Oh no, not at all. I think I know why you’re calling.-

-I just wanted to check if you’re okay. I used to have this reputation as a ditz when it comes to dating.-

-Listen, I don’t give a shit. I love hanging out with you. It’s not going to change for some media bullshit, ok?-

-Ok. Hey, about your gig… Is it mandatory to wear a band tee?-

-Um yes? I’ll bring you one over tomorrow on set. What are we filming anyway?-

-A bar scene. With an implicated sex scene… - She said, her voice wavering.

-You’re the actress here. Is it difficult to do sex scenes?-

-It’s not sexy at all! Trust me! It’s rather awkward. Don’t worry, I’ll help you out.-

-How did you film your first sex scene?-

-Jorah actually directed it. It was uncomfortable but he didn’t request nudity…-

Topic by topic, hour by hour, they talked. He felt drawn to her like a magnet, but she was just one of those charismatic women who pull you in their force field and you cannot help but soak in.

-What’s your favourite colour?-

-I really like red and purple, you?-


-I would have guessed… You always wear black.-

-It’s my aesthetic!-

She laughed on the other side, and he did too. And then he had an urge to know more about her, but since their conversation was over, he decided to search about her. Daenerys Targaryen was born November 13th 1993, to Oscar- winning director Aerys Targaryen and jazz singer Rhaella. Her older brothers were Rhaegar and Viserys, another director and a DJ. Her first acting role was when she was just 4 months old, in her father’s film, Madmen, which happened to be a favourite of his. Since then, she has starred in over 30 movies. She won an Oscar for Stormborn, where she portrayed Anna Dandollo, a serial killer. She also played some historical figures and rumour has it that she has been cast as Lisbeth Salander for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She also won an Emmy for her role of Serenei Lys in the mini-series Pyramid, she was only 18 years old. He found her Oscar speech and saw the utter shock on her face when she won. Dressed in a lovely blue dress with diamond shaped cut-outs, she walked the stage and gave a teary-eyed speech about her love of arts and acting and thanks to her family and co-workers. She had such grace and beauty, just like those actresses he used to watch in black and white movies when he was younger.

Next day, they were filming at some shitty bar, it was terribly lit so Jorah brought some heavy duty lights. The bar had 8 tables, black furniture, a counter, and the naked walls were covered by a makeshift collage of photographs, ranging from the 60s to today. Gendry was playing the bartender here and Tormund and Theon were extras. Sansa and Arya joined them, along with Sansa’s girlfriend Margaery, as extras. They were all seated on the tables, while the camera and the lights focused on Dany and Jon. The song played, Jon mouthing the words while slowly taking her hand and pulling her up.

What time you coming out?

We started losing light

I’ll never make it right

If you don’t wander off

I’m so excited for the night

All we need’s my bike and your enormous house

You said some day we might

When I’m closer to your height,

Till then we’ll knock around and see

If you’re all I need

He pulled her closer, bodies pressed together and they shared a kiss. The music was still soft in his ears, he just depened the kiss and she wrapped her arms around him.

I’m caught on your coat again

You said, “Oh no, it’s fine”

I read between the lines and touched your leg again (again)

I’ll take it one day at a time

Soon you will be mine, oh, but I want you now (I want you now)

When the smoke is in your eyes, you look so alive

Do you fancy sitting down with me maybe

‘Cause you’re all I need

He brushed his hand against her thigh, pulling her burgundy mini skirt up accidentally. He pulled away to say sorry but she just kissed him again, fisting his hair. He knew nothing of acting, chemistry and other things, but he was questioning if she was pretending or really enjoying this. Oh how she did. Dany loved his kisses, they were tender, but they slowly woke the fire in her and she felt the urge to take as much as she can. The next scene was them, in the small hallway, pressed up against the wall. Legs wrapped around his waist, they were kissing and grabbing each other’s hair. It was getting hot, too hot. The bright lights and the warm body pressed against him made him lightheaded and warm. Dany was salvaging the heat, she felt as well. She bit Jon’s lip and dragged it with her teeth, so he returned the favor.

Don’t you see me I?

I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you

And don’t you need me I

I think I’m falling, I’m falling for you

On this night, and in this light

I think I’m falling (I think I’m falling), I’m falling for you

And maybe you, change your mind

(I think I’m falling, I think I’m falling)

-And cut! That’s a wrap! - Shouted Jorah.

The crew clapped and Jon and Dany went to their trailers to change and go home. Jon was aroused after all that and wondered how actors never get aroused. But then again, not many people had Daenerys Targaryen pressed against them. He slid down the door, trying to cool off.

Dany was changing, but she was still hot, too hot, as if she needed to take an ice bath in order to survive. Dressed in a lacy brallette and underwear she roamed the room for her actual clothes when she heard the door screech. She quickly hid behind a panel and shouted.

-Who is it?-

-Jon! Um, I brought you a band tee for the concert.-

-Thank you, darling! Now, if you’d be so nice to hand me that white blouse on the chair.-

-Here it is! - He realized she’s probably nude. He felt the redness crawl up his neck.

-And the mustard shorts?-

-Oh, here there are!-

-Thank you so much!-

They left separate ways this time.

Dany called Darrio after all this mess, saying they need to talk.

-I think it might be okay if we were to take a break.-


-I need some time to think.-

-Daenerys, this is…-

-We barely see each other, Darrio. I need some time to go through it all. Is that okay?-

-I suppose it has to be, since I don’t want to be the bad guy.-

She winced at his words.

-Sure, bye.-

She didn’t have the strength to wait for his response. After all, tomorrow was Sunday which meant its concert day. The thought left her happier than she thought she’d be.

Clad in ripped jean shorts, black converse and the band tee, Dany put on a pair of sunglasses and left for the concert, accompanied by Missandei and Arianne Martell, Elia’s nice. The three women entered the crowded balcony from where The Night’s Watch was already performing. She started jumping up and down, screaming and shouting at the music. The atmosphere was energetic and she couldn’t resist it.

-And now, as you know, we dropped a new single, a first-timer for us. This ballad was written by me and Gendry, it’s called Falling For You. –

Jon grabbed the acoustic guitar and walked over to the B-stage and sat down on the bar stool. The slow music played, and Dany recognized the song, it was the one they filmed the music video for. She swayed gently to the soft tunes of the song, letting the melody carry her.

-Is this the song the music video was for?-

She nodded, closing her eyes. When she opened them, she felt Jon’s eyes on her. She almost laughed at the prospect, as if he was serenading her. She waved at him and they locked gazes again, dark blue and black locked together.

He sung the final verse and the crowds clapped, but his eyes never left the silvery figure on the balcony.

Their house was stacked with the elite of Westeros, drunk people floating around the hallways. Dany winced at the amount of dazed individuals, but her eyes found Jon’s and he introduced her to the rest of the band and his sisters. The music was blasting from the loud speakers somewhere, and Dany decided to have a sip of wine, but got bored soon. She usually enjoyed parties, but this one was just plain.

Disappointed, she walked upstairs all alone and sat down on the balcony. And then a giant white fluffy creature jumped upon her lap.

-Oh my god, aren’t you a beauty!-

-Ghost! Let her go, boy!-

-Oh no, it’s fine!-

-He’s heavy and sheds like crazy!-

-No, Jon, it’s okay.-

She grabbed his head and petted him.

-He is beautiful.-

-Thank you. His rarely this clingy.-

They smiled at each other and Jon sat down next to her on the floor. It was just them, in the cool shadow of the night. The air tasted sweet. Jon started petting the dog to, and he was now sprawled across their laps. She looked at him, there was this almost tense feeling between them. Jon and Dany sat in silence, locking gazes time from time, until Dany decided to break the silence.

-Can I ask you a question?-


-What was your childhood like?—

-Mostly happy, especially in my youngest years. You know, when I was younger I wasn’t aware of the nature of the relationship between my parents. To me, they were my mum and dad, and one day, my mum explained to me why Robb is actually just my half-brother, and why Sansa and Arya are my half-sisters. I’ve never met Mrs. Stark before that. She was never in particular fond of me, but I cannot really blame her. I was the living proof that her husband wasn’t fateful to her. She despises my mum. But I’m grateful for my siblings, I love them too much.-

-Listen to me, Jon Snow. You cannot blame yourself for her disliking you. You are innocent in all of this. What do you know of her family, the Tully’s?-

-I know they’re rich and have some kind of business? Was it something with fish again?-

-Her father, Hoster Tully, owns half of the Narrow Sea’s fish. They literally made their billions on fish, but he inherited quite a lot actually from his broker father. His wife is Minisa Whent, she was a model back in the 1960s. They’re a dynasty, almost. She was raised in a wealthy, privileged environment. I was too, but I’d never blame an innocent child for her husband’s action. You weren’t just the proof of his infidelity, you were the proof that her family wasn’t picture perfect. To an entitled rich girl, that must sound like hell.-

-The Starks were never like that. My father, he… He taught me always to separate right from wrong. I remember my grandfather, Rickard, he was just like that. I never met my Uncle Brandon, as he died in a car crash before I was even born. On the other side, Uncle Benjen shares the same firm beliefs, about honour, respect, family, people… He was the one who gave my idea for my pseudonym. It sounded so vague, so generic. That’s why I liked it. And what was your childhood like?-

-It was a very intense one, actually. I was in the spotlight from day one. I was supposed to be spoiled rotten, but my mum never allowed it. My dad calls me “Princess Dany” every day still, and my brother Rhaegar is my best friend. Vissie, he’s a rather difficult chap, we never got along as teens. But I love my family, no matter what. My grandpa, Jas died when I was about 7, I miss him dearly and Nan Alyssa was a hardcore feminist, she taught me everything I have to know about it. We’re close, but sometimes consider them too posh for my liking. I love them, but fuck they’re a mess.-

-They sound pretty decent to me?-

-Rhaegar and his wife are on the verge of divorce, which is bad, since they have two small children. Rhaenys is 4 and Aegon is just 6 months old. You see, they’re too distant, he’s here 24/7 and she’s running a company with her brother Doran. They spend little time together. My parents, on the other hand, had a turbulent marriage. My mum has quite the temper and my dad has these odd artistic moments, I have no idea how they’re still together. And Viserys… He’s too caught up in his partying to notice. He’s a prick, but he’s also affected by this.-

-Perhaps your brother and his wife should take a vacation and some counselling.-

-I suggested that too, but Elia says she has no time and Rhaegar believes they can sort it out alone.-

-By the way, I admire your father’s work, Madmen, Wild Fire and The Woman in Red are my favourite films of all time. You were in Madmen, weren’t you?-

-He is good, but I don’t think I’d have the courage to work with him.-

-I’d ask you to ask him to direct a music video for us, but that would be disrespectful.-

-It wouldn’t, he likes a challenge.-

Their gazes locked again. Oh how, he wanted her now. And she wanted him. But it was never that easy, was it?


If Lin-Manuel Miranda gets a nomination, he will be the -10th Latino AND -3rd EVER Puerto Rican nominated for Best Song And if he ends up winning, he’ll be: -3rd Puerto Rican winner (Irene Cara and Luis Resto, RISE UP) -4th Latino EVER (the above two plus Jorge Drexler, who is a BADASS and got fucked over by the Academy during the ceremony, look him up) -15th person of color to win -13th EGOT -Youngest EVER EGOT -Fastest EVER to EGOT -4th person of color to EGOT -3RD EVER PEGOT, and by far the youngest -FIRST PERSON OF COLOR TO PEGOT PASEK AND PAUL EAT YOUR HEART OUT

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