13th win


If Lin-Manuel Miranda gets a nomination, he will be the -10th Latino AND -3rd EVER Puerto Rican nominated for Best Song And if he ends up winning, he’ll be: -3rd Puerto Rican winner (Irene Cara and Luis Resto, RISE UP) -4th Latino EVER (the above two plus Jorge Drexler, who is a BADASS and got fucked over by the Academy during the ceremony, look him up) -15th person of color to win -13th EGOT -Youngest EVER EGOT -Fastest EVER to EGOT -4th person of color to EGOT -3RD EVER PEGOT, and by far the youngest -FIRST PERSON OF COLOR TO PEGOT PASEK AND PAUL EAT YOUR HEART OUT

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PHI @ BOS, 13th June (3-4, win, 12th inning)

Two walk-offs in a row? With this particular Red Sox team? You know what I’m not going to do, what with being an optimist and all? I’m not going to wonder why the team with the second-best record in the AL East is getting played into the 11th and 12th innings by a team with a 21-42 record that has lost 7 in a row. I’m not going to do that because that would be too much of a Boston-sports-talk-radio-misery-guts thing to do. But also, and this is important, baseball doesn’t always work like that. Sometimes it’s a slog and you have to fight through to the end regardless. And the Sox have certainly done that over the last two nights. The fact that they played at all is a minor miracle, what with the weather being awful. When you watch Benintendi’s at-bat that ended it all (that hit though… I could watch that kid’s swing all day), the rain is coming down in sheets.

Bright sides:

I’m going out on a limb here, but David Price didn’t have control and still managed to put in 6 innings, giving up only three runs. I know he’s not terribly popular at the moment, but I don’t really care. I want him to do well. I want him to be an ace. I don’t care if he doesn’t talk to the press on his off days. And if he’s on the mound without his best stuff and still manages to keep the team in the game, he gets on the bright side list. So there.

Andrew Benintendi. Not only did teen wolf hit the game-winning walk off in the bottom of the twelfth, but he robbed Howie Kendrick of a run, gunning him down in the top of the eighth with a perfect throw to Christian Vazquez at the plate. He went 3-for-5 and knocked in two and, let’s be honest, was pretty awesome last night.

Xander went 3-for-5 and scored the winning run. He was going through a little mini-slump, but that seems to be over now. Which is good. Xander hitting is awesome.

Mitch Moreland went very deep in the bottom of the third, with a 449 foot home run that went behind the triangle in centre. 

Mookie didn’t have a great game at the plate, but made a spectacular catch in the stands in the top of the tenth, pretty much saving the game. 

The bullpen sent five pitchers out over six innings and gave up no runs, combining to save the game. Abad got the win. The bullpen has been very good recently. 

We won!

The Yankees lost!

So did the Orioles (who also slipped to below .500)!


141228 ♡ apink completed their sweep of music shows in december with their 13th (official!) win with LUV and a triple crown on inkigayo! you girls have worked so hard all year and have accomplished so much, and you have deserved every award so far. thank you for such a wonderful december and an even better way to end the year!!! we’re all extremely proud of you girls!!!


130905 Ending - EXO Winner + Encore @ M!Countdown [HD 1080P]


Luhan’s ❤ is the highlight of the whole video.
EXO 으르렁 at MCountdown!