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35 for NaruHina?

First of all, let me apologize for how long this took. Second, let me apologize for the length.

35. “About the baby…. It’s yours”

This was the 13th village he’d searched today and he was tired. What he was doing was beyond reckless, leaving Konoha to his clones while he searched for her was madness. But he had to do it. He had to find her before the Hyuga clan did.

When she left, leaving only a note to explain her departure, the Main Branch of the clan decided she was to be labeled a missing nin and had to be found as soon as possible so the Byakugan and its secrets wouldn’t be lost.

Only two clan members of the main opposed this idea, Hinata’s father and sister.

The village’s council also expressed their concerns, they were living in a time of war and so no valuable information to Konoha should be lost.

Naruto was forced to send squads to hunt down his own wife.

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Le Films, L’Artical. (October Edition)

Greetings, Bri here!! Welcome to the first official film list of Meet Cute Mag named “Le Films, L’Article” which can be translated to “ The Film, The Review” .

Le Films represents the movies that I will recommend to watch during each month, while L’ Article represents the review that I will conduct after watching said film. 

As for the movies they can be found on either Netflix or Hulu. To be more specific, both The Village and The Road can be found on Netflix. While The Silence of the Lambs currently streams on Hulu. Don’t fear if you have neither of these streaming services, I encourage you to check out your local library for these resources.

October Watching/ Reviewing Schedule:

                                   8-13th  The Village.

                              15-20th- The Silence of The Lambs.

                                          22-27th. The Road

I will notify the blog whenever I began, and end the film. So, please feel free to watch along. See you then!



NECA is a toy company that makes detailed action figures of popular movie characters.

Lately they’ve developed a series of NES (and other retro consoles) inspired figures with wacky color palettes just like the characters had in the games they appeared in!

Not to mention the figures’ boxes look exactly like the boxes the games came in, right down to the subtle faux-wear-and-tear.

It’s such a fun series to collect and I wanted to show some of them off!

Spoilers 2-13 Feb

Thank you to andy614 for these (someone got hold of a copy of Soaplife early)

Aaron & Paddy

It appears that following their conversation on Friday, there is more Aaron/Paddy in Mondays ep, where Aaron reveals that he is actually seeing Robert. This convo appears to result in Aaron rejecting him the next day and he remains firm through until the wedding day, which is why Robert is disappointed.

The Wedding Day/Aaron’s Betrayal/Katies Exit

Not really any new info other than they say that Robert and Aaron plead with Katie not to make the photo public and reveal the affair. The mag makes it seem that will result in her exit via an accident unwittingly caused somehow.


Doesn’t get on the scene until Fridays episode, again, as some other spoilers have, it makes out he makes a shocking ‘discovery’


Friday 6th Feb:

Groom Robert is missing, and so is Katie…when Andy tracks his wife down at Wylie’s Farm, what will he find?

Monday 9th Feb:

The wedding party reel in shock over the day’s events, as one villager’s betrayal changes another’s forever…

Tuesday 10th Feb:

The village tries to get back to normality after the traumatic wedding, but one resident has a secret to reveal…

Wednesday 11th Feb:

The wedding aftermath continues when suspicions are raised and secrets emerge, leaving one villager torn.

Friday 13th Feb:

Adam’s scrapyard venture suffers a setback…is someone trying to sabatoge his new business? 

What next?

Who reaches new depths of despair…and will they be pushed over the edge?