13th village

with the help of @floraidhan and @thepuzzlesquad, we have put together a *drumroll*…

Prompt Week for Professor Layton’s 10th Anniversary!

this week will go on from february 13th - 19th! the prompts are…

february 13th - curious village

february 14th - diabolical box

february 15th - free space for the 10th anniversary!

february 16th - unwound future

february 17th - last spectre

february 18th - miracle mask

february 19th - azran legacy

you can do any type of media, like art, writing, etc. you dont have to do the entire game but you can do something specific from it, such as characters, scenery, etc etc! 

we hope you have fun with it, and have a nice anniversary for the game!

-Schoolboy Q

This was my favorite pic from the SchoolBoy Q show. The combination of the “Hiiipower” ink mixed with the expression of the young lady holding the cell phone and the multiple reaching and grasping at Q’s is iconic. It’s the moment where you see a movement frozen long enough to grasp at what it’s about. The moment where you see two dreams collide. Now everybody put three fingers in the air…….

“Music is Life, Village Life”