13th robot


As the air date for Season 2 of Mr. Robot gets closer and closer, we, at dailymsrobot, thought it would be a great idea to honor the ladies of the show. The week before July 13th will essentially be an appreciation week for the female characters of Mr. Robot. Ideas for each day are posted below, but they aren’t limited to just that. Make whatever you want for the ladies of Mr. Robot, and remember to tag your posts with #dailymsrobot and #msrobotweek, so they can be reblogged here!

July 7th - Favorite Female Character

July 8th - Favorite Scene

July 9th - Ladies + Colors

July 10th - Favorite Outfits/Hairstyles

July 11th - Favorite Relationship

July 12th - Favorite Cast Member

July 13th - Free Choice