13th c

so i was talking with @turianmailman about what if the kids in class 1A had to do that thing where they have to take care of a fake baby and

  • Izuku accidentally names his Deku. he can’t change it. is somewhat ok at taking care of the baby but it comes back a little worse for wear
  • Aoyama is just. bad at this. the baby hates his room. he tries to fix it by adding more sparkles. it makes things worse
  • Mina accidentally melts part of her baby. also part of Aoyama’s baby
  • Tokoyami gets a giant egg instead of a baby. it hatches by the end of the project and inside there’s a little Present Mic plush. he doesn’t know how to feel about this
  • Sero is actually?? really good at this??? he swaddles the baby in his tape and tapes it to his chest like a proud papa and gets weirdly over protective of his child
  • Tsuyu is great at this b/c she’s had to take care of her younger siblings since forever
  • Tooru loves dressing her baby up all the time
  • Shouji is also really really good at this and has absolutely no trouble with the baby b/c of his extra hands
  • Iida is really good at the technical stuff but the emotional stuff still kinda stumps him. he’s the fastest diaper changer in the entire class. 
  • Momo is the most loving mother in the whole class and treats the baby like her own and the class has never seen her look so happy and content and cute it’s so heartwarming to see. the only thing she struggles with is making the baby laugh/entertaining it
  • Mineta stuck his to a wall on the first day and forgot about it
  • Satou is also really really good at this????? he never had any problems at all he’s just very good with the baby
  • Kirishima gets one of the best grades in the class b/c he’s also just. really good with babies apparently??? 
  • Jirou suffers because she can hear it’s cries louder than anyone else thanks to her quirk and desperately tries not to destroy it with a sound wave and does a fairly good job of taking care of it otherwise
  • Ochako is fairly decent at taking care of her’s too, but she can be clumsy and forgetful at times so the baby comes back a little roughed up, but fine overall
  • everything Todoroki does is unintentionally funny to the baby and he has absolutely no clue why
  • Ojirou uses his tail to hold the baby most of the time and he’s also a really good papa to it. a very loving and sweet papa
  • Denki accidentally destroyed his during the first week
  • Kouda is very kind and patient with his baby b/c to him it’s just like caring for baby animals
  • Bakugou was the only person not allowed to do his project alone because without supervision there’s a 98% chance that when it cried he’d throw the baby at the wall repeatedly until it broke or blow it up out of anger and he’d fail the entire project, so he’s forced to partner up with someone. (the idea we had is Ochako b/c she’s 13th in the class and really really really needs a good grade and isn’t afraid to work with Bakugou)

After the last picture, I realized I really really liked drawing Tommy Jarvis. And the more I thought about it the more I just, really like his character and arc. So, after finally sitting down to Actually Watch one of the movies (that being part 6 because Tommy, and because it’s less gory than some of the others and didn’t make me ill), I came to a conclusion.

After three movies, one game, and actually killing Jason Vorhees a maximum of two times (since Tommy has to be present to kill Jason in the game)….

Tommy Jarvis needs a nap.

And as awesome and cool as it would be to draw him doing something Epic, I feel like he (and all the counselors in the game too) needs a chance to just rest. So, think of it post-re-killing Jason (since I doubt he’d be very restful if Jason wasn’t dead), probably waiting for the police and paramedics to get done. A cup of coffee, drying off after probably ending up in the lake at one point, the beginnings of a nice bruise on his face, probably more bandaging that we can’t see because heck Jason can do a lot of damage… I think Tommy’s earned a break.

Pose referenced from @senshistock (I’d link to it but tumblr’s a pain about outside links.)

Announcing: BetaKids Week - 2

Hello there guys!!!

I’ve seen a few good appreciation weeks already kicking in, so why leave our kids behind?
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May 8th - Day one: COSPLAYS! It’s time for a Con! What would they cosplay?
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May 11st - Day four: FAV CANON! Pick what you liked most from your fav kid!
May 12th - Day five: FREE SPOT/AU! Whatever you want there, baby
May 13th - Day six: EARTH C! What are they up to now in the new earth?
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Listen to the Playmoss playlist: The Troubadour’s Songbook by avvoltoio

“A collection of secular music from the High and Late Middle Ages (1000-1400). The mix features songs in vernacular from many different areas of Western Europe, as well as a few songs from the Byzantine and Islamic Empires.”

GUILLAUME DE MACHAUT - De Fortune Me Doi Plaindre Et Loer
Ciarlatani, I - Ach owe, daz nach liebe ergat
Arabo - andalusian 13th c. : Nuba Ushshak - mîzân qá'im wa-nisf
England - Anon. 1265 : Worldes blis ne last no throwe
Kitka - Bailemos nos ja todas
Francesco Landini (c.1325 - 1397): Adiu, adiu dous dame
Ey Dervişler - Hüseyni ilâhi - Yunnus Emre (Ilâhileri), Turkey, 13th c
Beatriz de Dia - A chantar m'er de so q
Waverly Consort - Ecco La Primavera
Carmina Burana (Anon.11 - 13th c.) - CB 200: Bache, bene venies
Miraval (1165 - 1229): Cel que no volh auzir chanssos
Christodoulos Halaris - The Nightingales of the East
Els Trobadors - Tant M'Abelis
Brunwart von Augheim, 13th c. - Willekomen si der sumer schoene
Akira Tachikawa - Esperance
Laude novella - Laudario di Cortona, Italy, 13th c


A collection of secular music from the High and Late Middle Ages (1000-1400). The mix features songs in vernacular from many different areas of Western Europe, as well as a few songs from the Byzantine and Islamic Empires.

De Fortune me doi Plaindre et Loer | Guillaume de Mauchaut (1300-1377)
Ach Owe, daz Nach Liebe Ergat | Meister Alexander (1247-1288)
Mîzân Qá'im Wa-nisf | from the Nuba Ushshaq, (13th c. Arabo-Andalusian Anon)
Worldes Blis ne Last no Throwe | English Anon. (ca.1265)
Bailemos Nós já Todas | Airas Nunes de Santiago (1230-1289) 
Adiu, Adiu Dous Dame | Francesco Landini (1325-1397)
Ey Dervişler | Yunnus Emre (1238-1320)
A Chantar M'er de So Qu'eu no Volria | Beatriz de Dia (1140-1212)
Ecco la Primavera | Francesco Landini (1325-1397)
Bache, Bene Venies | from the Carmina Burana, (11-13th c. Anon)
Cel que no Volh Auzir Chanssos | Raimon de Miraval (1165 - 1229)
The Nightingales of the East (Ta Aidónia tis Anatolís) | Byzantine Anon. (14th century)
Tant M’Abelis | Berenguer de Palou (1160-1209)
Willekomen si der Sumer Schoene | Brunwart von Augheim (1250-1300)
Esperance | Guillaume de Mauchaut (1300-1377)
Laude Novella | from the Laurdario di Cortona, (13th c. Italian Anon)

Photo: Illumination of a Christian and Muslim playing ouds,
from The Cantigas de Santa Maria (13th century Spain)

Christendom et al. Reading List

Early Christian:

Apostles of Jesus (1st c.) †
The New Testament

Apocryphal Christian
Protoevangelium of James
Syriac Infancy Gospel
The Acts of Paul and Thecla
Gospel of Nicodemus (Acts of Pilate)
Gospel of Thomas

Philo of Alexandria (1st c.) א
On the Creation
Allegorical Interpretation I, II, III
On the Unchangeableness of God
On the Eternity of the World
Hypothetica: Apology for the Jews
On Providence

Apostolic Fathers (1st - 2nd c.) †
Epistle of Diognetus
Epistles of Clement (of Rome)
Epistle of Barnabas
Epistles of Ignatius of Antioch
Epistle of Polycarp
Martyrdom of Polycarp
Shepherd of Hermas

Justin Martyr (2nd c.) †
1st Apology
2nd Apology
Discourse to the Greeks
The Sovereignty of God
On the Resurrection

Ireneaus (3rd c.) †
Against Heresies
On Apostolic Preaching

Clement of Alexandria (2nd - 3rd c.) †

Hippolytus (2nd - 3rd c.)
Refutation of All Heresies
Origin (3rd c.)
On First Principles
Against Celcus

Arnobius (3rd - 4th c.) †
Adversus Nationes (Against the Pagans)

Lactantius (3rd - 4th c.) †
The Works of God
Divine Institutes
The Wrath of God
The Phoenix

Constantinian Shift:

Athanasius of Alexandria (4th c.) †
On the Incarnation

Basil of Caesarea (4th c.) †
On the Holy Spirit
To Students on Greek Literature

Gregory Nanzianzus (4th c.) †
Orations (Selected)

Augustine of Hippo (4th - 5th c.)†
The City of God
On the Literal Interpretation of Genesis

Ephraim the Syrian (4th c.) †
Nisibine Hymns
Nativity Hymns
Epiphany Hymns


Plotinus (3rd c.)

Porphyry (3rd c.)
Philosophy from Oracles
Against the Christian

Iamblicius (3rd - 4th c.)
On the Mysteries

Proclus (5th c.)
On the Eternality of the World

Pseudo-Dionysius (5th - 6th c.)  †
Divine Names
Mystical Theology
Celestial Hierarchy
Ecclesiastical Hierarchy

John Philoponus (5th - 6th c.)  †
Commentary on Physics
Eternality of the World
Creation of the World
Contingency of the World

Germanic Kingdoms of the Post-Roman West:

Boethius (6th c.) †
Consolation of Philosophy

Gregory of Tours (6th c.) †
Ten Books of History (“History of the Franks”)

Isidore of Seville (6th - 7th c.) †
Historia de regibus Gothorum, Vandalorum et Suevorum

Bede (7th - 8th c.) †
The Ecclesiastical History of the English Peoples


Paulus Avalrus of Cordoba
Incipit Confessio Alvari
Vita Vel Passio D. Eulogii


Maximus the Confessor (6th - 7th c.) †
Life of the Virgin 

John of Damascus (7th - 8th c.) †*
Exposition on the Orthodox Faith
Three Treatsies on the Divine Images

* John was an Orthodox Christian of Syrian origin living under Muslim rule. His importance to the Eastern Orthodox and his pro-Chalcedonian views place him in this section.

Photios (9th c.) †

Michael Psellus (11th c.) †
Compendium Mathematicum
Fourteen Byzantine Emperors

St. Symeon the New Theologian (10th - 11th)†

Gregory Palamas (13th c.) †

Gemisthis Pletho (14th c.)
De Differentiis

Near East, Rise of Islam:

Muhammad (7th c.) Ↄ
The Quran

[Muhammad] ibn Ishaq (8th c.) Ↄ
The Life of Muhammad

Jacob of Edessa (7th c.)  †

Hunayn ibn Ishaq  (9th c.) †
How to Grasp Religion

Yahya ibn Adi (10th c.) †
Tahdhib al-akhlaq
Maqala fi at-tawhid

Al-Farabia (9th - 10th c.) Ↄ
Al-Madina al-Fadila
On Vacuum

Ibn Sena (10th - 11th c.) Ↄ
The Book of Healing

Maimonides (12th c.) א
Guide for the Perplexed

Al-Ghazali (11th - 12th c.) Ↄ
The Incoherence of Philosophers
Deliverence from Error
Revival of Religious Sciences

Ibn Rushd (Averroes) (12th c.) Ↄ
The Incoherence of Incoherence

Michael the Syrian (12th c.)  †

Bar Hebraeus (13th c.)  †
Hewath Hekhmetha “The Cream of Science”
Makhtbhanuth Zabhne,  "Chronicle"

Catholic Christendom:

John Scotus Eriugena (9th c.) †
De Division Nature

William of Malmesbury (11th - 12th c.) †
Gesta Regum Anglorum
Gesta Pontificum Anglorum

Peter the Venerable (11th - 12th c.) †
Summa totius heresis Saracenorum (The Summary of the Entire Heresy of the Saracens)
Liber contra sectam sive heresim Saracenorum (The Refutation of the Sect or Heresy of the Saracens)

Robert Grosseteste (12th - 13th c.) †
On Light
The Six Days of Creation
De lineis, angulis et figuris

Roger Bacon (13th c.) †
Opus Majus

Peter Lombard (12th c.) †
The Sentences

Albertus Magnus (13th c.) †
On Union with God
De Bono
Liber phisicorum sive auditus phisici

Thomas Aquinas (13th c.)†
Light of Faith: Comependium of Theology
Summa Theologica
Summa Contra Gentiles

William of Okham (13th - 14th) †
Sum of Logic

Nicolas of Cusa (15th c.) †
Of Learned Ignorance

Of course, like everything else, it was not something he could stop thinking about. His mother. Miron Mai. There was anger and disgust and uneasiness, a deep feeling of sickness that could not be purged, that sat deep within him. He had even sat under the tree and sought its guidance, but he couldn’t reach it, and even in its almost magical serenity he could feel this disgust in his throat. It was a looming feeling, that arched everything he did. Thankfully, it hadn’t led to him fucking up anything yet. 

He sat outside. By the Rhine, by one of his favourite spots, almost literally knee-deep in schoolwork. He had set up a perimeter ward and had felt its breach. He recognised it as Adelor, and while normally this was something that would have brought his mood up immensely, it only - if not furthered, then sharpened the dread into something else, into forced apathy. And when he felt arms around him, all he did was squirm away from it. He didn’t even say anything, only continuing the scribbling that had stopped.