13th baktun

The time is fast approaching towards the infamous date of December 21st 2012, which has been tattooed on the brain of every individual from great continent to great continent. It does not matter that the mainstream media has portrayed the date as one of end times focusing on doom and gloom. Let us not forget that all is Spirit and all is moved by Spirit. The language that is spoken is relative to the vibration of the individual. The trickery of the Great Spirit has accomplished what is needed in order to bring attention and focus to the Solstice date. The mind is a collective field – one field. Individuals tune into different frequencies of the one mind and vibrate accordingly. Each of us has the ability to tune to higher or lower frequencies, yet the denser frequencies are more easily accessed due to the cultural pollutants and societal programming that have jammed the airwaves so to speak. In order to penetrate the higher frequencies of the one mind, each individual must take up the task of accomplishing inner work to clean the pollutants and remove the old software. In the same way your computers need continual maintenance for optimum performance and software upgrades to operate with greater efficiency so to does the innerlife of the individual if they wish to remain in the current of the higher-mind – the integrated intuitive intellect. 

On December 21st 2012 Saints, Sages, Masters, Chiefs, and Great Teachers of Humanity guided by a High Council of Angelic Forces will lead assemblies of spiritual adepts at specific grid points (pyramids and other sacred sites) around the planet to focus and direct the spiritual light and beings of light that will descend during the Galactic Alignment to adjust the frequency of the one-mind so that all of humanity will receive the benefits of the new energy announcing a new cycle of 5,000 years. Pyramids are antennas that receive and ground cosmic rays to distribute energy through the crystal grid of the earth. The elders have instructed us that it is important to gather in groups wherever you are on this date. It does not matter if you find yourself at a sacred site, what is important is that you gather in the spirit of unity. It is advised to fast and meditate together in silence to receive the messages and instructions for the 13th Baktun. It is helpful to direct your prayers towards the enlightenment of all human beings so that everyone has the opportunity to have some moments of self-realization. 

In order to prepare to communicate with and vibrate with higher consciousness, the Maya elders have advised us to be firm in our daily spiritual practices while working diligently to be in command of our vices, so as not to be polluted and distorted. They have advised us to awaken before the sunrise and greet the early morning light before the sun appears and at sunrise to ask the light to bless and consecrate our day. It is advised to greet the sun again at the mid-day zenith as well as at sunset to gaze into the soft-light and feed our spirits. There are more detailed practices but it’s best that you become firm in whatever is already working for you (yoga, meditation, chanting, etc). Inner work is what is important now, cleaning the heart and the mind. 

It is also helpful to meditate upon and study your natal charts, especially in relation to the planetary transits from the full moon lunar eclipse (the last one of a 5,000 year cycle) until the Solstice point on December 21st. For example, with the Sun in Sagittarius, whose arrows points to the Galactic Center, the heart of the milky way, we can begin to understand how best to manage and direct the energy that will be projected through the lens of the Sun during the Solstice Alignment by studying which planets we have in Sagittarius and in which house its ruler Jupiter resides in our own natal charts. 

Remember that this is a time of change, subtle and massive, incremental and sudden. So is the nature of the Sacred Duality. All is mind. We have the power to align with the divine or to cling to old patterns that no longer have the energy to be sustained. The choice is ours, day by day, moment by moment, breath by breath. We are traveling together in a vast ocean of space – now moving into a photon belt of the light of billions of Suns. We are aligning with the kingdom of heaven that resides in the center of the galaxy that the Maya call Hunab Ku – the only giver of movement and measure. What a blessing it is to be chosen to bare witness to this divine event. May we be responsible to one another and unify our hearts and minds for peace and harmony, joy and justice. May we all hear the voice and receive the vision. So be it.

-Santiparro Alan Scheurman

The end of the 13th Baktun is on December 21, 2012. It will be the beginning of the 14th Baktun. A Baktun is 144,000 days. While many people are basing their apocalypse theories on this being the end of the world, it is supposed to also be a cycle – hence the spiral pattern that expands and recedes. I did a lot of research for it. Most of the glyphs are original but I did use the “galactic butterfly” (AKA “Hanab Ku”) symbol in the middle, the Mayan numbers, and one of the dragons is an old sculpture.