13th august 2013


For some time now, I wanted to write a post about one moment that - for me - is one of the most most evidence of Kaisoo being a couple.

On August 13th 2013 EXO was guests at two radio shows - SBS-R Power FM Park So Hyun’s Love Game and KBS-R Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio. Thanks to this amazing site, which provides us with EXO’s schedule, including the hours of the shows we know that So Hyun’s Love Game was on air at 18:00 KST (6PM) and Kiss The Radio at 22:00 (10PM).

One of the moments you may know about, the second one wasn’t analyzed that much, because it is more subtle one. Almost nobody knows that those moments are from the same day, what is very important, because I think that they are connected. Lets start.

Love Game, 6PM

During O,X (Yes/No) game at 5:23 the question is: if I was a girl I would date EXO member.
Ok, now, at 5:30 you can see few things. First of all, Kyungsoo is turning his head slightly to the left where Kai is sitting. Then we see Kai looking in Kyungsoo’s direction whit his mouth clench, like he’s trying to suppress smile. Next you can spott Suho looking at Kai and then laughing. At 5:34 Tao turns his head to the left and looks at Kai. Then he looks back and smiles shyly. When Tao looks at Kai, Kai turns his head to his right, like he was caught on doing something, he shouldn’t be doing.
The Kai’s answer is X and Kyungsoo’s O.
At 5:38 you can see Kyungsoo obvious reaction, as he looks again to the left checking Kai’s answer. Kai turns his head to his left trying to avoid Kyungsoo’s eyes while looking at Sehun.
Then the host asks Suho who he would chose. Meanwhile Kyungsoo looks confused. When asked about his answer, he looks kind of puzzled and disorientate. In the meantime Kai is teasing him, about his answer. There is a hour long subtitled video of this on youtube, you can check it if you want.
To conclude we have here Tao and Suho obviously knowing something and Kyungsoo confused and kind of dissapointed by Kai’s answer.
Now the second show.

Kiss The Radio, 10PM

Four hours later there was Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio where EXO was also guests.
This moment is possibly known to most of you. It’s famous “Nothin’ On You” “scandal”. Kyungsoo and Chanyol were ask to prepare some songs they can play during the broadcast. They sung few other songs but during “Nothin’ On You” Kyungsoo “messed up” the lyrics.
So, the correct lyrics are:

If I told you I was perfect I’ll be lying.
If there’s something I’m not doing girl I’m trying.

But ofcourse instead of “girl” Kyungsoo have sung “boy”.
Now, some people were saying that it’s just simple mistake or he meant “boy” like in “oh boy”.
First of all - why would he even do that?
Second of all - he didn’t look at any sheets. He even had his eyes closed.
It means he has had lyrics memorized.
And correct me if I’m wrong, but when you are gay, you changes lyrics of the songs you are singing, for example while taking shower, to reflect you personality therefore sexuality. It’s very common. So he obviously when learning the song, was changing the “girl” to the “boy”. But ofcourse this doesn’t have to confirm Kaisoo is real. But for me at least undeniably confirms that Lyungsoo himself is G.A.Y. But lets continue.
After he finished this verse he looked across the table where Suho is sitting.
You know - leader just-don’t-act-gay Suho.
Unfortunatelly we can’t see anyone reaction, except for Kris and Chanyeol.
But you can see that after “boy” Kris closes his eyes immediately.
Also at 0:45 when the second “girl” is about to happen, Kris looks like he is waiting in anticipation, and when “girl” finnaly happens Chanyeol sings witch Kyungsoo and smiles. Like he didn’t want Kyungsoo to make a “mistake” again.
So I think those two moments from the same day are connected.
Firstly Kyungsoo seems dissapointed by Kai’s reaction to “would you date a guy” question. Then few hours later he’s doing that. Like he wants to say “I dare you now”.
Ofcourse it could be unintentional. Just simple Freudian slip, and if you know what Freudian slip is, you know that Freud connected it primarily to sexuality or sexual desires.

So I don’t think it was a coincidence. 2013 was a very intense year for Kaisoo. And a year Kyungsoo was especially insecure when it came to Kai. And this two moments shows it perfectly.

This is only what I think, feel free to analyze it however you want. I know I’m delusional, stupid etc. so don’t bother to waste your time on me if you don’t like what I have to say.

PS: In the next post I’ll try to gather all of “Kyungsoo being jealous” moments of 2013 and there were a lot of them. Take care!