Junior Year

I have been slacking so much throughout my freshman & sophomore year. It’s ridiculous. I never took school seriously I’ve always messed around, NEVER doing my work. So now, I’m going to set a goal to myself and i have to reach that goal. I hate letting my parents down & disappointing them. Cause I have been told that Junior and Senior year counts the most so now it’s time for me to step up my game. No more slacking off and messing around. And I want to be more friendly and let go of the past. Whoever I disliked before I’m going to try to act like nothing as happened and have the last two wonderful years at PG. YUPS! That’s my goal. & Try to go to ALL of the football games for PG and other schools. And I cant wait for Junior prom and Senior ball. WOOT WOOT! Leggo class of 2013 :D