Kwon BoA – Here I Am #13oA

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BoA PH’s tribute to the Queen of K-Pop! 

13 years and forever with BoA. It’s really an amazing feat, guys! We promise that we will be singing with you until our voice crack. Jumping forever! 

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We all know that BoA has been in countless of commercials ever since her debut. And while most of these commercials feature her alone, as in her recent Missha commercials, we all have that little wish of seeing her endorse products with a male celebrity.

For this Throwback Thursday, why don’t we go more than ten years back and watch BoA in a phone commercial with none other than “Asia’s Prince” Jang Geun Suk? That’s right: before Jang Geun Suk became a household name through his drama roles as in He’s Beautiful and Love Rain, he starred in a commercial with “Asia’s Star” herself!

(The commercials with BoA are only until around 1:37. The rest of the video has more of Jang Geun Suk’s commercials :) )

Watch on boshi-love.tumblr.com

(fanmade) BoA Debut 13th Anniversary

credit: HB

AN: What made this video tribute for BoA’s 13th Anniversary so special among other else is the fact that they used the BG music that was written by BoA herself. As you read the lyrics, you could definitely feel the emotion and sincerity through her songs. And then they also incorporated several BoA videos that shows you how hard working and passionate she is as an artist.

Truly, I can only admire this woman.

Cheers! To another decade!



While we’re all spazzing about the recently released “Expect Dating” teaser, here’s another countdown trivia for you guys!

We all know that BoA has collaborated numerous of times with different artists: she was featured in DBSK’s “Tri-Angle” with TRAX; with Tablo, Xiah Junsu, and Jin Bora for Samsung Anycall’s “Anyband” promotions; among many others. But did you know that way before all of these, she participated in a very special collaboration?

In 2002, way way before her US debut, BoA got the chance to collaborate with popular 90’s boyband Westlife for a special rendition of their song “Flying Without Wings” as part of the Asian release of Westlife’s “Unbreakable - The Greatest Hits Vol. I” album.

Now this is one heck of a Way Back Wednesday, don’t you think?



We all know that BoA’s got quite a lot of nicknames throughout the years; Asia’s Pop Princess being one of them. Being Asia’s Pop Princess, she’s been compared to Pop Princess Britney Spears mainly due to the similarities of their careers: both debuted at a really young age, and have strong song and dance performances. But this constant comparing never stopped them from having a good work relationship.

In 2003, BoA and Britney Spears both participated in a special Christmas program in Korea! Both performed their greatest hits at the time, and even had a little interaction onstage. BoA even gave Britney a Christmas gift!

Aside from this special broadcast, in 2009, it was also reported that one of the tracks in BoA’s debut US album, “Look Who’s Talking” was written by Britney herself!

Just a little extra trivia for you guys tonight: TVXQ/DBSK actually debuted in this BoA-Britney Christmas broadcast! They performed their debut song “Hug”, and sang “O Holy Night” with BoA. Looks like you already got your preview of tomorrow’s trivia!

Watch on boaphilippines.tumblr.com


A lot of fans might have spazzed with the BoA-Yoo Ah In pairing for her “Only One” Drama version video, and spazzed some more with the BoA-Taemin pairing for her “Disturbance” video, but did you know that last year was not the first time that a male actor/idol acted with BoA in her music video?

The first was actually Super Junior’s Donghae, who acted as BoA’s love interest in her “Key of Heart” Korean version music video back in 2006, which was used as the theme song/video for the Olympus Mu camera series.



We all know BoA’s currently filming her first drama, “Expect Dating”, and her debut movie “Make Your Move” has been released in several countries around the world. But did you know that BoA acted early on in her career? She was featured as a guest for the Korean sitcom “골뱅이” as a girl who was sweet towards other people, but a complete bitch to her tutor.

Aside from these, BoA has also voice acted as Heather the Opossum in both Korean and Japanese releases of the animation movie “Over the Hedge”, and has guested in the Korean drama “Athena: Goddess of War”.

Looks like BoA’s got quite a bit of acting experience already, hasn’t she?


BoA’s second single from her debut album, “Sara”!


BoA’s debut single, “ID; Peace B”!

Happy 13th Anniversary since your Korean debut BoA!