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Do you play World of Warcraft? Are you looking for a more relaxed, positive raid environment, that’s still focused on progression?

Our raid group is the one for you!

Theorycrafters is a Horde guild looking for DPS* and one tank to join us in Hellfire Citadel (11/13N) Thursday and Sunday nights, from 4:45pm to 8:00pm PST. Apply today, and see what it’s like to raid the Theorycrafters way! (link to application)

You do not need to be on US-Hyjal or experienced to apply.

(*except paladins, priests, and warlocks.)


“Ghosts of Christmas Past” (A Christmas Carol Parody) #ADDMovies #UrbanComedy #AddParody

Productive raid night...

After being stalled 3 hours we eventually got in and took out Mannoroth on normal and got a few pulls in on Archimonde. After that we knocked out Kormrok Heroic and High Council Heroic, which puts (me personally and) the guild at 4/13 H and 12/13N on week 4 of the raid.

Not horrible, and I’m happy to knock out more heroic bosses and down Archimonde soon too. And I haven’t needed to PuG anything so far.