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Reminder that you are awesome and we all love you! <3

Thanks so much!  I love you guys, too!  ;v;  Thank you for being so patient and understanding for the time it’s been taking to complete chapters!

Hopefully the update should be within the next couple days. This chapter is being particularly stubborn and I had a hell of a time trying to put together the setup and plot so that things make sense and will affect things in the future appropriately. That, and I’m getting at the point where I’ve looked at it so long I’m beginning to second guess all of my characterization and dialogue throughout the whole thing, so I’m floundering a little and trying to make sure things make things from a characterization perspective, too. It’s kind of terrifying. :c

I’m at about 10,5k so far, and I’m imagining that it will be 12k-13k at its finish. Maybe. I’m at the beginning of the final stretch / final “scene”, so hopefully it won’t take too much longer. Hopefully.

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OMG I love 'Wild Things' so much!!!! It's everything I could hope for or want in a story and is just incredible! I love how you fused the 2 worlds and still kept most of canon, the humor was amazing especially the KakaNaru parts, Obito was incredible and the idea of him turning into some sort of nature spirit is great! The way you included Akatsuki and made them on the side of the spirits is just great! Ugh I can't stop smiling and am gonna go back re-read it AGAIN now!

!!! Yay! Thank you so much! Holly came up with the idea and I think I wrote 13k in like 4 days?? I was very inspired. 

(Tbh I left the idea of a sequel open pretty much so I could write an Obito-centric fic in this ‘verse. He almost took over the fic while I was writing because I’d apparently forgotten how much I loved him?? Which is REALLY RATHER A LOT, in case anyone was wondering.)

hey everyone (more that 13k of you woah! i love you all) i haven’t been able to gif cause my pc is being rebooted and i’m on my old dinosaur now - not really suited for it - but i’ll have it back shortly i hope! stay tuned 

—  Just wanna thank everyone who follow me and show love and support, I’m glad I can share my journey with you guys and feel comfortable doing so shoutout to my real supporters I’m very humble and blessed ❤️