Someone gently kick me to go play my Fire Emblem: Heroes stuff tonight.

I’m at my upload limits tonight, so I can’t post pictures, but!  SOREN HAS COME HOME TO ME AHHHH.  He’s only 4*, so I’ll have to spend a lot of feathers to promote him, BUT I AM WILLING TO DO THIS.  I also got a 5* Sheena, which would have been better if I didn’t already have her in 4* and that she’s not super useful, sadly.

I’m also considering putting in effort to get my 3* Zephiel up to 5*, except… I already have Lucina, who is still better.  And I have 5* Alm if I really need another red sword user.  Of course, that’d be a ways off, I only have 13k feathers right now, so I’m not even able to promote Soren (since I promoted Lilina to 5* the other night and did a couple of promotions to 4* characters for skill fodder)


lmao yo i’m convinced melania just tryna outlive this man and collect them billions at this point

Marvel: we can’t make one of our film or show leads Asian. That would be…. against the original source material. That’s also why we can’t make them LGBTQ+.

Power Rangers (2017): hey what’s up. 4/5 of our leads are POC. One is autistic and one is confirmed LGBTQ+. We have the first Asian superhero in a big-budget film, the first autistic superhero in a big/budget film, and the first LGBTQ+ superhero in a big-budget film. None of this was really in the original source material, but representation matters and we specifically casted them with the intention of making a diverse film.

can someone punch richard spencer in the face again? 2017 started off strong with him getting walloped on the regular, but now i feel like we as a society are slacking in this particular area

ok honestly bless fat guys. bless boys with pudgy stomachs and bless boys with chubby cheeks. bless boys with thick thighs. bless curvy boys and bless soft boys. bless big boys who were never good at pe. bless the fat boys who were made fun of in school. if you’re a chubby boy then guess what: you look great today and i love you. your body is wonderful and so are you 🍑🌟❣️✨❤️💫💌