150820 Ryeowook Twitter update

ryeong9: Kibum-ah, I will always support you!! I sincerely wish that you will be happier in a better place~ I also hope that the times of us being together as Super Junior will remain as good memories for a long time.. ^^ c. 13elieveSG

[INFO] 150902 Siwon will enlist as a police officer on November 19th 
Hyuk is enlisting on 13th Oct as active duty soldier while Hae is enlisting on 15th Oct as a conscripted police…. Super Junior special album part 2 is to release in mid-September, it’s the last album before EunSiHae enlist.
—  StellaTWloveKyu-raichanxd-miheexp-13elieveSG- mysilentmemory

@ryeong9 : 고마운 사람들~♡ 엊그제 공연 마치고 모인 우리들^^ 여신님이 보고 계셔 많이 사랑해주세요~
Trans: People I’m thankful for~♡ Couple days ago, the performance ended and people who gathered (to meet) ^^ Please give a lot of love to “Goddess Is Watching” (musical)~ (cr: 13elieveSG)


[Twitter] Kyuhyun: “우리 누나 조아라&Yuichi Watanabe상의 ‘가을 산책’ 공연이 9월 12일 (토) 한전 아트센터에서 합니다!! 울 누나 축하해^^ 대박나길!!!!”

[ENG] Kyuhyun: “My Noona Cho Ahra&Yuichi Watanabe-san’s 'Taking a walk in Autumn’ performance will be at Hanjeon Art Center on 12 September (Saturday)!! Congrats to our noona^^ Hope it will turn out to be daebak!!!!”

cr: 13elieveSG

Trans @eunhyukee44 아디다스의 새로운 축구화 그라운드의 지배자 ACE !!!! 숙소 거실바닥의 지배자 은혁 !!!!
#ace #그라운드의지배자 #모든것이달라진다 - Adidas’ new soccer shoes that rules the ground, (this is) ACE (stuff) !!!! The one who rules the dormitory’s living room floor, Eunhyuk !!!!
#ace #GroundMasted#EverythingIsChanging
_ trans by 13elieveSG

Lol okay baby😂😂😂
#superjunior #슈퍼주니어 #suju #eunhyuk #은혁 #leehyukjae #hyukjae #이혁재 #kpop #dalnimoppa #eunhyukee44 #mybaby #socute by heehyukjaee http://ift.tt/1KNPK2b

@shfly3424: 그래도 닭갈비는 맛나게먹자 강원도까지왔으니 … 🐔 #닭갈비 #강원도 #태풍 #오지마
Trans: Though I ate spicy stir-fried chicken deliciously but I came all the way to Gangwon-do … 🐔 #SpicyStirFriedChicken #GangwonDo #Typhoon #DoNotCome (cr: 13elieveSG)

Heenim’s comment on Kibum’s IG photo - You’ve suffered. In the near future when we all gather, come (join us). I will give you birthday punches.
*Birthday punches are a playful way of hitting a friend who is having birthday.

Comentário do Heenim no IG foto de Kibum - Você já sofreu. No futuro próximo, quando todos se reúnem, venha (se juntar a nós). Vou dar-lhe socos aniversário. * socos aniversário são uma forma lúdica de bater um amigo que está tendo aniversário.

cr: 13elieveSG