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Happy Birthday to the sweetest, funniest, talented and bad-ass little unicorn of all time, Taylor Swift @taylorswift!! I know you probably won’t see this but this is my little way to send you all the best, fluffiest, sparkly birthday wishes for your 26th! Thank you so much for being in our lives every day especially your 25th year as it has been a truly a pleasure to share it with you!! All of us swifties are so proud of you and can’t believe you’re 26! May your 26th year be even greater and filled with all favourite people and things on a daily basis! #happybirthdaytaylor #happybirthdaytaylorswift #taylorswiftisaunicorn #taylorisaunicorn #1989 #13december1989 #13 #queentaylor #swift #swifties #londonswiftie @taylornation

13december1989 asked:

What is your favorite music video? :)

of taylor’s? dsklfmdsjf so hard! I love the you belong with me video, it’s a classic. I also love the our song video :D 

put a personal/swift question in my ask and i’ll do this about your blog: 

ew | ok | average | decent | good good | excellent | wow flawless | i cANT edkfmsdjkf

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!! 😍😍Thank you for your words, your songs and thank you for your love.
You are my light in the dark, you are my hope in the worst day and my smile in the moments and days of happiness.
You’re my inspiration and my life.
Thank you Taylor.
Thank you very much for everything. I love you.
Italy needs you Tay. ❤️❤️
1989 ❤️