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We’re testing the waters for new products with a few tote bags!

We’ve been wanting to do totes/makeup bags/something of the like for a while now, and we’ve finally found a printer with GREAT printing quality on canvas!

These totes are amazing.
18 x 18", sturdy material, and surprisingly nice printing quality.
We’ve printed too many of them for our own use no seriously it's becoming sort of ridiculous.

Please check our current available tote bags on our Etsy!

Quality example totes available here:
Sailor MoonDoctor Who
Bioshock Infinite


GhostBook KickStarter News!

Stretch Goals and New Rewards!
Original reward extras (available no matter the goal):
Two 13crowns stickers
Two 5 x 7 inch prints of illustrations from the book
The GhostBook decal
The GhostBook charm

- REACHED! $10,000 | New rewards available: A set of 4 new stickers by Shy Custis, a bookmark by Felix Kramer!
- $10,200 | New rewards available: A PDF copy of the book for all pledges $60 and above.
- $10,500 | New rewards available: A magnet by Reapersun, a memo pad by RJ Britton!
- $11,000 | New rewards available: Antiqued-silver Ghostbook lapel pins, a memo pad by Coey!
- $12,000 | KickStarter-exclusive embossed cover-sleeve for all physical copies of the book given to backers.
- $15,000 | KickStarter-exclusive hard-cover copies of GhostBook for all pledges $300 and above.

Pledging Tiers Revamped 
- Pledge $5 | The new set of stickers in addition to the original two!
- Pledge $10 | All 6 stickers, the bookmark, and your choice from the original reward extras.
- Pledge $20 | A PDF copy of the book, and your choice of either the 6 stickers or the bookmark.
- Pledge $20 | All the extras, including the new stickers AND bookmarks.
- Pledge $25 | A PDF copy of the book, and your choice of TWO from any of the extras.
- Pledge $35 | A PDF copy of the book, and ALL the extras including the new ones!
- Pledge $45 | A copy of the book, and your choice of TWO from any of the extras.
- Pledge $60 | A copy of the book, a PDF copy, and your choice of TWO from any of the extras.
- Pledge $65 | A copy of the book and ALL the extras including the new ones!
- Pledge $85 | A copy of the book and TWO sets of ALL the extras including the new ones!
- Pledge $90 | Two copies of the book and a full set of all extras.
- Pledge $100 | The book, two sets of all the extras, a sketch from Coey or Shy, and your name on the 13crowns site as a sponsor! 
- Pledge $300 | Two copies of the book, three sets of all the extras, both books sketched in by Shy or Coey and your choice of one other 13crowns book. Plus your name as a sponsor on the 13crowns site AND in the book, AND a limited-print GhostBook poster!


More GhostBook stuff in!

We picked up the shirts and pins, today, and watched the last few being printed. * u * Everything looks really amazing so far, makes us eager to get the last few things in.

At this point, we’re pretty much just waiting on the books themselves, and the KickStarter-exclusive slip covers. The books are supposed to be here by the 27th, and so long as the slipcovers are here by then, we’ll be shipping stuff out starting that day!


Pencil/Cosmetic Bags Preorder & Giveaway!

Recently, Emily was sweet enough to help us figure out how to make small bags! We’ve ordered a starting batch to test the waters with selling them, so here are preorders! 

Bags are 5 x 8 inches, printed on durable 600d polyester fabric with a zipper enclosure, and smaller zippered pouch inside.

Preorders: $12, will be open for 2 weeks, and include a random free charm! After preorders, the charm will no longer be included, and prices may rise to $13-15 depending on demand.

Giveaway Rules: reblog up to 2 times. Two winners will be picked at random all rebloggers on August the 31st, at 9:00pm EST. Winners will given one bag of their choice (without charm).


After our amazingly successful KickStarter, GhostBook is finally up for general sale!

SPOOKY & WONDERFUL, this compilation book is comprised of 79 artists, with both illustrations and short comics pertaining to a ghostly theme.
108 pages, over 100 of which are art!

THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE GHOSTBOOK EXTRAS GIVEN OUT FOR THE KICKSTARTER. Several of those items were exclusively for KS backers of the book. The few leftovers not exclusively for backers will be up for sale at a later date.

Shipments for GhostBook orders will start going out the week of June 9th.


The 5 x 7" prints (a few half-shown on the far right) and notepads came this week! Now just waiting on the pins, shirts and stickers as far as the extra swag goes. The books will be the last things to make it to us, unfortunately, BUT SOON.

(Clockwise from left- Felix’ bookmarks, Coey’s note pad, RJ’s notepad, 5 x 7" prints, the decal, charms, Reapersun’s magnets.)


The GhostBooks for backers have started going out! We’ve been spending much of this week since we got the slip covers prepping and packaging, and a few days ago GhostBooks started going out! Here’s some preview shots of the slip covers!

Like mentioned before, those who have used the Etsy listing for shipping, your will be going out first so you will be getting yours shortly (and some of you already have!). There’s still a chance for those who haven’t used the Etsy shipping listing to do so here for another few days. Using this option costs you 21-cents, but you’re ensured tracking on your book, your book will ship faster, and it makes things a hell of a lot easier for us.