13b rotary


6 Rotor BMW M6.

This is a must watch.


Brap Brap Brap!
Letting the RX3 warm up for compression testing.
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Following @tracebutow and @ilia____ doing a solo run in his old cefiro.
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Prime advantages of the Wankel engine are:[11]

  • A far higher power to weight ratio than a piston engine
  • It is approximately one third of the weight of a piston engine of equivalent power output
  • It is approximately one third of the size of a piston engine of equivalent power output
  • No reciprocating parts
  • Able to reach higher revolutions per minute than a piston engine
  • Operates with almost no vibration
  • Not prone to engine-knock
  • Cheaper to mass-produce as the engine contains fewer parts
  • Superior breathing, filling the combustion charge in 270 degrees of mainshaft rotation rather than 180 degrees in a piston engine
  • Supplies torques for about two thirds of the combustion cycle rather than one quarter for a piston engine
  • Wider speed range gives greater adaptability
  • It can use fuels of wider octane ratings
  • Does not suffer from “scale effect” to limit its size
  • On some Wankel engines the sump oil remains uncontaminated by the combustion process requiring no oil changes. The oil in the mainshaft is totally sealed from the combustion process. The oil for Apex seals and crankcase lubrication is separate. In piston engines the crankcase oil is contaminated by combustion blow-by through the piston rings.