Come Home With Me

Prompt: “Omg I beg of you to do a reader x Percival graves fic?? But him as himself as opposed to being grindelwald in graves body? Please? Thank you!!”

Word Count: 1387

Warnings: idk post-kidnapped Graves?

Your sleepy eyes glided over the report one last time, trying to grasp anything, even the tiniest hint as to where he could be. You worked at MACUSA, and your boss, Percival Graves, was still missing. He had been kidnapped and hidden away by the twisted Grindelwald, and it seemed as if you were no closer to finding him than you were when you first started the investigation. You reflected on all the great times you had had with him, allowing tears to start flowing from your heavy eyes. He and you were extremely close, having been partners for almost 2 years now. You always felt like there could be something more between you, with all the lingering looks and touches that lasted a bit too long to be friendly. But now it seemed, you would never have what could’ve been.

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YouLove #1

Summary= How many chances there were that your famous crush would like you back? The chance of a click -and a video, it seemed. [YouTubers AU].

Pairing= Nalu.

Rate= T.

Chapters= Multichaptered.

Word Count= 1387.

Hey guys :3 This is a new story I started recently, and I’d like to share it with you to see if you like it! I hope you do >.< Thanks for your lovely support!

I don’t own Fairy Tail, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Skype. All of them belong to their respective creator.

Chapter one: subscribe to me 

Lucy couldn’t stop laughing.

For real.

From the start of the video, she hasn’t been able to stop. So much for a kind-of-professional, to be fangirling over someone’s video.

But how could she not, when it was him on the screen?

She laughed at what he said, again, and she even had to pause it for a minute to calm herself down. It was not her first time doing so. She did it when she read, when she watched something, or when she did anything at all.

She had to stop, take a deep breath, and restart.

Though this time, she stopped a little longer. She’d paused it on the right moment: he was smiling sheepishly, an adorable blush on his cheeks, as he scratched his scarf adorned neck.

Sometimes she felt stupid for acting like that over a boy who wasn’t a proper celebrity -he was just a boy who enjoyed uploading videos on YouTube.

And a boy who had a million subscribers, also.

Okay, so he was a kind of celebrity. There was no person on YouTube -or Tumblr or Twitter- that hadn’t heard of him at least once.

Because FireDragonSlayer was someone who was well known. And Lucy was his fan.

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Navan Fort, County Armagh, Northern Ireland

Navan Fort is an historical royal fortress and the stronghold of the kings of Ulster from around 700 BC. The Fort was the center of King Conchobor mac Nessa and his Red Branch Knights. It is surrounded by a bank with a ditch inside, suggesting that it was a ceremonial, rather than defensive site. The Fort was eventually abandoned, which probably was a result of the creation of St. Patrick’s church two miles away. But in 1005, the Irish king Brian Boru camped there, and in 1387, Niall O’Neill chose Navan Fort as the location for a house.

It is said that the great Irish mythical hero Cuchulainn spent much of his youth in Navan Fort before single-handedly facing the army of the mythical Queen Maeve.

One mile west of Navan Fort lies another myth site, the mysterious King’s Stables which is thought to have played a role in water rituals in the area.

Second Star to the Right - I_am_Best - Wander Over Yonder [Archive of Our Own]
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Rating: General Audiences

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: Other

Fandom: Wander Over Yonder

Relationships: Wander & Sylvia

Characters: Wander (Wander Over Yonder), Sylvia Zbornak

Summary:  Quantum entanglement: a state where particles cannot be described independently of each other, where one affects the other, regardless of time, regardless of distance.

Notes: Oneshot, 1387 words


You’re hunting with the boys and staying at the bunker. When Dean hears you’re going on a date with someone, he gets jealous.


Word Count: 1387

Warning: Some mild, very mild smut

From time to time you hunt with the Winchesters. This was one of those days. You stayed with the brothers in the bunker for a week to get some jobs done. On this sunny Friday afternoon you chased down a shapeshifter and made sure it was dead. It was just another day of hunting for the three of you.

Content you all stepped in the Impala. It was a hot day and you were a mess. You could kill for a shower.

“Y/n you want to go grab some burgers?” Dean asked nonchalantly, while he tried to make eye contact through the rearview mirror. You looked into his green eyes and smiled slightly, trying not to think about how sweaty and sloppy you looked. “Normally I would love to, but I’ve got a date tonight,” you answered.

Dean raised his eyebrow and focused on the road again. “Ok,” he mumbled, “let’s get you home then.”

“Who’s the lucky guy?” Sam turned around to look at you. He seemed sincerely interested.  “Someone I’ve met at the bar the last time I stayed with you guys,” you answered vaguely. “We’ve exchanged phone numbers and have been texting ever since.”

“Just texting?” Sam’s eyes twinkled.  He was in the mood for some teasing. He looked at Dean, hoping he would join in on the fun, but his older brother seemed to be concentrating on the road. He had a frown on his face.

“Yes Sam, just texting,” you said. “You know, the way to a girls heart is through her brain. It’s the most powerful sex organ.

“So you’re sexting with him?” Sam looked amused.

Dean sighed and you could see him rolling his eyes. He avoided eye contact through the rearview mirror with you, even though you were trying to get his attention. It was obvious something was bugging him.  

“No sexting. Well, not really. I’m not going to share the details with you two. Not this time.” you said grinning.

“I’ll ask him when he picks you up,” Sam said triumphantly. 

“No such luck, because I’m meeting him at the restaurant. Hah!” You stuck out your tongue. This time the boys didn’t get the chance to interrogate your potential boyfriend.


You took your time at the bunker. While you rinsed off the dirt of the day, you couldn’t help singing. You sang during your whole beauty ritual. It had been a wonderful day and you were looking forward to a lovely dinner with a charming man. You picked the sexiest underwear you had and chose your lucky red dress that hugged your body in just the right way. It got you out of several tickets too. The fabric of your dress felt great on your clean, soft skin. After a thorough make up session you were happy with what you saw in the mirror. For a few minutes you looked at your reflection, turning around, singing and shaking your ass. You looked damn good.

You grabbed your purse and left your bedroom, almost bumping into Dean. Had he been standing there, waiting for you? You hoped he didn’t hear your singing. Startled you dropped your handbag. You bent down to pick up your bag and felt Deans eyes staring at your body.

“Sorry,” Dean mumbled, “I just wanted to ask you if you’re going to help us hunt down that demon tomorrow morning.” Dean was eyeing you from top to bottom and he was clearly impressed with your looks.

“How early in the morning?”

“Pretty early, I guess. It’s a few towns away.” He rubbed his neck and let his eyes rest on the low neckline of your dress.

“And this demon can’t be dealt with the day after tomorrow?”

Dean sighed. “Are you here to help us out, or are you here to build a social life?”

“Can’t I do both? Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure I’ll be awake way before you guys are. I might not even go to sleep, if everything goes well.” You winked, grinned and left the bunker, off to your date.


You just took the first bite of your main course when your phone rang. “Excuse me for a moment,” you said politely while you took your phone outside. You saw it was Dean calling, and publicly talking about demons and shapeshifters might be a bit too much information on your first date.

“Talk to me.”

“I can’t find Sam anywhere and he’s not picking up his phone.”

“So? It’s not the first time that has happened. What do you want me to do?”

“I have a bad feeling about this. Please help me look for him. Could you come to the bunker?”

“What? Right now? I’m on a date.”

“I know. But this is urgent.”

“Are you making this up?”

“Why would I make stuff up?” He sounded annoyed. “I’m serious, he could be in big trouble.”

You sighed. Even though you were pretty sure this wasn’t a real emergency, you didn’t want to take the risk. So you made up an excuse for your date, took one bite of your dinner and drove back to the bunker. Such a waste of a great date night. And a good meal.


“Dean, are you here?” You yelled, while entering the bunker.

“Yes, I am.” Dean slowly walked towards you, looking worried.

“What’s wrong? Did you hear from Sam?”

“Sam is ok,” Dean responded, his eyes focused on the floor, “as it turned out, he’s just having a drink at the bar.”

“So you DID lie to me?”

Dean looked up and rubbed his left arm for reassurance. “Maybe. A little bit. I couldn’t find Sam at first. And then I didn’t like sitting here, thinking about you. On your date. With a man with whom you are or aren’t sexting. Looking the way you’re looking right now.”

He repositioned himself and looked you straight in your eyes. You could swear you saw his eyes light up when he said: “Why don’t you dress up like that for me?”

“It’s hard to fight shapeshifters with nine inch heels on.”

“I think I just saw you in a whole different light, when you stepped out of your room in that dress. And I hated the thought of anybody else having the pleasure of taking it off.”

Dean stepped closer and put his finger under the strap of your dress. You weren’t sure what to do. You had flirted with both boys, on several occasions, but that was it. It was all words. Deans abrupt physical approach caught you totally off guard. And you liked it.

Dean let the strap of your dress fall off your shoulder. He softly stroked the skin of your collarbone.

“What are you doing?” You said softly. His fingertips felt good on your body and you were eagerly awaiting his next move. Dean caressed your neck with his lips, while his left hand found the other strap of your dress.

“I’m going to prove that you were wrong.”

“Wrong about what?” you gasped while you felt your dress slip off your body. Normally you would feel uncomfortable, standing in just your underwear and high heels, but the look in Deans eyes told you that you had absolutely nothing to worry about.

“Damn.” He took  his time looking at you, slowly letting his fingers caress your body.

You forgot that you had asked him a question. You had other things on your mind. You tugged his shirt to pull him closer. Dean pushed you against the wall and pressed his body against yours. You placed your hands on his back and could feel the muscles under his shirt tightening as he put his arms around you. His full lips found yours and you kissed intensely. You could feel you turned him on. You rolled your hips and pushed even harder against him. God, he smelled so good. Dean held his forehead against yours, while catching his breath. You let out a soft moan when he let his hands slide down your back to firmly grab your ass.   

“I’m going to take you to my room,” he whispered in your ear, “and show you that you were wrong. The most powerful sex organ is definitely not your brain. And I’m going to make sure you agree with me after tonight.”

What is this mind? Who is hearing these sounds? Do not mistake any state for self realization. But continue to ask yourself even more intensely. What is it that hears?   Who is hearing? Your physical being doesn’t hear. Nor does the void. Then what does? Strive to find out. Put aside your rational intellect. Give up all techniques. Just get rid of the notion of self.

(Bassui Tokusho. Rinzai Zen Master. 1327-1387)

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