Nessus  - Uncontrollable abuse of action

Juno - Ideal Wife, Commitment
Pallas - Pineal Gland Awareness, Telepathy (Athena Goddess of Wisdom)
Ceres - Nurturing ability
Vesta - Dedication, Sacred sex
Chiron - Occult teaching, wounds to be healed
Karma - Karmic Debts from past lifeline (3811) *Fate, outcome, results
Destinn - Destiny, fate (6583)
Aphrodite - Beauty, attraction (1388)
Valentine - Loving relationship, sacrificial love (447)
Amor - Generic love, unconditional love (mostly platonic) (1221)
Anteros - Love answered/mutual love or love revenged (1943)
Medea - Extreme love, love/hate relationships (212)
Ophelia - Rejection of Lover (171)
Boda - Wedding (1487)
Lust - sexual Attraction (4386)
Kama - sexual Attraction (1387)
Eros - Passionate love of Divine Masculine (433)
Psyche - Divine Feminine aspect Giving herself fully to Eros (16)

Thorough Checkover

Characters: Sam x Reader, little bit of Dean

Words: 1387

Summary: The reader is sick, and Sam takes care of her. But as the reader get better. Sam and the reader start flirting more. Will anything come from it?

Warnings: implied smut, self doubt, cold

Italics are texts

This came to me when I was recovering from my second cold in a month. So enjoy the fluff!

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A Different Type of Feeling - boyf riends

Title: A Different Type of Feeling

Word Count: 1387

Pairing: Jeremy Heere x Michael Mell (boyf riends/Meremy)

Warnings: I don’t know anything about pot, so I’m kind of cringing at that part and I’m sure you will too (unless you know as little as me), kissing?

A/N: First ship I’m writing! (Well, publishing actually). I kinda got obsessed with Be More Chill, and especially boyf riends, so here’s this! I have two others in work that I’m not sure if I’ll finish, but I hope I do. I also have a Lin x reader one that I’m not sure I will finish, but I’ll try.



Gosh, Jeremy was in love. He know he shouldn’t, at least not with him. Now that he was with Christine he should love her. But he couldn’t help it. Michael was so cute and so good to Jeremy, and every time he saw his best friend his stomach filled with butterflies and his face turned beet red. He always cherished their moments together, and he had lost count of many video games he had lost to him because he was distracted by the way the shadows and light from the TV flickered on his face. Or how many times he had woken up beside him and just stared at his sleeping form. He always looked so peaceful. And his face seemed a little different because he didn’t wear his glasses. And sometimes he would smile a bit in his sleep, and small adorable dimples would appear on his cheeks. 

It was not like he didn’t like Christine anymore. He still thought she was the prettiest girl in existence, and he still loved to talk to her. But he had realised he loved her more in a friend type of way. He didn’t get all flustered around her anymore, and he never felt the sparks to start with.

But he didn’t want to hurt her. She hadn’t judged him after the whole SQUIP incident, and she supported him afterwards when he had to deal with all the consequences. But so had Michael. He had honestly not believed it when Michael came back to him after he had treated him like he had done. He had been so happy. That was when he realised he loved him.

“So, what do you think? Jeremy? Jeremy!” Christine yelled, trying to get her boyfriend’s attention.

“Huh? Oh, uh, cool?” Jeremy shook his head as he tried to not think about Michael.

Christine wore an annoyed expression on her face. “Were you listening at all? Or were you to distracted staring at Michael?” 

Jeremy’s eyes widened as his face turned beet red, and he started to shake his head. “N-no, I mean, I wasn’t staring, I just, I have a lot on my mind.” 

It was obvious Christine didn’t believe him. With a sigh she took a deep breath and looked into his eyes. Jeremy hoped she couldn’t see his fear in his eyes.
“Look, I think we need to talk after school. Can you meet me in the drama room at three?”

Dread and relief filled up in his stomach as he nodded. He knew those words. We need to talk. That was something girls said when they wanted to break up with you. He felt bad for being relieved and hoping she would break up with him, but he really didn’t want to do it.  

Christine smiled and stood up. “See you after school.” Then she left with her plate of food.

Jeremy caught Michael staring at him with a confused look, and Jeremy could feel the blush rise again. He put his head in his hands and sighed.


Jeremy were supposed to meet Michael after school to go home to his and play video games, but since he had to meet Christine, he had asked to just meet him there. But as he stood outside his best friend of twelve year’s house, he felt something he had never felt before. He didn’t want to go inside. He didn’t want to meet Micael and dealing with his feelings for his best friend. He didn’t want to worry about Michael finding out, or even losing the game because he was distracted. He just wanted to curl up in a ball under his covers and sleep. But he couldn’t, so after standing and staring at the door for five minutes, he finally walked in.

The way to the basement was memorised by now. He could walk the route in his sleep. 

“Hey, what took you so long?” Michael asked from his beanbag, his eyes fixed on the screen.

“Oh, uh. Christine and I, we sorta, kinda, broke up…” Jeremy trailed off.

Michael’s smile was immediately wiped off his face, and he paused the game to look at Jeremy.
“Oh, I am so sorry. Are you okay, I know you loved her?”

Jeremy got a sort of fluttery feeling in his heart. Michael looked so worried about him. What had he done to deserve this?

“Yeah, yeah. I’m okay. It was mutual anyways. I had planned on breaking up with her soon, I just needed to find the right moment.”

Michael patted the place beside him, and Jeremy realised he hadn’t even sat down. He still stood by the staircase.
When he sat down, Michael handed him something small rolled up. A joint. 

“Nah, dude, I’m fine without.”

Ever since the SQUIP, Jeremy had been terrified of not having a clear head. Of not being able to think without something influencing him. But he hadn’t told anyone. He should tell Michael.

Michael shot him a confused glance, but took the joint himself instead. Soon the familiar smell of pot filled Jeremy’s senses, and he felt strangely calm.
“So, what happened?”


“Why’d you break up? I thought you were helplessly in love with each other?” (A/N I’m feeling so helpless! Look into his eyes and the sky’s the limit-because I had to) Jeremy thought he heard a small undertone of bitterness in his voice, but he told himself it was just his mind running wild. He was hearing things that weren’t there, just because he wanted them to be there.

“It just didn’t work out. I didn’t feel like that for her anyway.”

And then Michael did something Jeremy should’ve expected. He hugged Jeremy. And a sweet scent of Michael’s shampoo and fabric softener, just ruined by the pot he had smoked engulfed him. Jeremy could feel himself instantly relax, and the butterflies in his stomach started to flutter again as his face went warm. Suddenly something Christine had said popped up in his head.

“You should tell Michael how you feel. Or else you might lose him.”

“Michael?” Jeremy said, his voice muffled because his head was buried in Michael’s shoulder.

Michael pulled away, and a small twinge of regret and nerves settled in his body.

“I-I have to tell you something.”

Michael’s eyes furrowed in confusion as he nodded. In the back of his mind Jeremy didn’t want to pull away, he didn’t want to this at all.

He took a deep breath, collecting courage, and then as he breathed out he said it. “I-kinda-have-a-crush-on-you-but-I-don’t-want-to-ruin-our-friendship-since-you’re-my-favourite-person-and-my-best-friend-and-I’m-never-gonna-have-a-better-person-than-you-in-my-life.”

Even though Jeremy had said it as fast as he could, and it probably had been pretty unclear, Michael seemed like he understood it, because now a shocked face had replaced his confused one, and a small blush spread on his cheeks, barely visible. 


Jeremy looked down, his courage almost all gone, replaced by regret. How had he thought this wouldn’t affect their friendship?

“Jeremy, look at me.” Michael used hand to lift Jeremy’s face up. 

He was met with his best friend’s brown eyes just a few inches from his face, and his breath fanned his lips.

“I-I love you.” Jeremy breathed, his mouth not following his head. Because in his head he was too busy picturing kissing his best friend.

Even though Jeremy could only see his eyes, he knew Michael was smiling.

“Good.” And then Michael gently placed his lips on Jeremy’s.

Even though this wasn’t Jeremy’s first kiss, it felt like it, because he had never kissed, or been kissed like this before. His kisses with Christine was awkward and lasted for a couple of seconds. He didn’t really feel anything with her. With Michael he felt like his whole body exploded. His eyes were closed but he could still see Michael’s eyes behind his eyelids, and the butterflies in his stomach was replaced with fireworks.

When they pulled away, the only thing Jeremy was able to think was ‘This was a different type of feeling’, and before he was able to react, he put his lips on Michael’s again.

‘Outlander’ Season 3 Teaser Plays Up Heartbreaking Separate Timelines — Watch

Starz has released the trailer for season 3 of its time-travel drama series “Outlander.” The network debuted the teaser during Sunday night’s premiere of the period drama “The White Princess.”

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Based on Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling 8-book series “Outlander,” the time-travel saga follows Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe), a married British Army nurse from the 1940s who is mysteriously taken back in time to 1743, where she marries a young Scottish warrior named Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan). As she travels back and forth in time, Claire’s heart is torn between two very different men and two very different lives.

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Based on the third book in the series, titled “Voyager,” season three picks up right after Claire returns to her “normal” life in 1948, while, in the 18th century, Jamie suffers from the aftermath of his ill-fated battle of Culloden, as well as the loss of Claire. The 13-episode season 3 returns in September on Starz. Check out the teaser trailer below.

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Your Constellations

Dean x Reader
Warnings: none I think
Word Count: 1387

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

“Get back to the car,” Dean growled.

It was just you and Dean on the hunt. Sam was stuck back at the motel with a broken arm, courtesy of the previous hunt. Dean had deemed him unfit to fight, leaving it to you two to hunt down a ghost that had been terrorizing a small town in Wyoming.

Things weren’t going as you guys had planned. The ghost was a hell of a lot more aggressive than you had anticipated, knocking you aside with little effort. With the wave of its hand you crashed into the wall of the dilapidated house before scrambling to get back up.

“I said get back to the car dammit!” Dean yelled, cocking his gun. There was no way in hell you were going to leave without a fight, but Dean’s hard glare sent you running. The bones were supposed to be around the house somewhere, so you grabbed the shovel you had brought, along with the salt and kerosene and booked it.

In no time flames roared before you, the bones burning into nothing but ash. You gazed into the fire, the warmth radiating off of it almost making you forget why you were there in the first place.

“You alright?”

You turned to see Dean limping towards you, leaning on his shotgun for support. You rushed to him, holding his weight up as he shifted. “I think I should be asking you the same question.”

You helped him hobble closer to the fire. With a sigh of relief he ran a hand through his hair.

“One heck of a day huh?” Dean stared into the fire as you glanced up at him. You drew your lips into a thin line before nodding. Hell yeah it has been, you thought but if it weren’t for today you wouldn’t be standing there with Dean.

Looking back up at him you watched in admiration as his features softened under the light of the flames. The fire seemed to illuminate his eyes, making them almost glow, and the light freckles on his face reminded you of the stars that decorated the sky above. They seemed to create their own constellations, and it was only you who really noticed. And that small smile, the one he reserved for moments like this, curled his lips up just enough for you to get a glimpse of the Dean you always wished to see.

He constantly had his walls up, guarding what he could, but when he felt truly safe, those walls would come crumbling down. Right now for instance was one of those rare moments his walls were down, and you were grateful that he felt safe enough to lower them.

During your little reverie, Dean glanced down at you, catching the way your eyes lingered on him. “You okay?” Worry laced his voice, as he knew the faces you made when you were thinking. You gave him a small smile before nodding. “Yeah I’m okay,” you whispered.

Back at the motel, long gone was Dean’s warm embrace, replaced by the hard exterior he usually had up. The car ride had been uneventful, the impala breaking down about halfway through your drive back home. Dean had jumped out of the car almost as soon as it had stalled, yelling and cursing about how he just wanted to get back to the motel to sleep. You had watched from the car as Dean raised his good arm to shake his fist at the night sky before popping the hood open. He spent a good half hour trying to fix the car before you finally found your way back to the motel.

“You guys alright?” Sam sat up from his place on the bed, eyeing your sullen expression and Dean’s limp.

“Just peachy,” Dean fake smiled. “I think my arm’s popped out of its socket.” His low gravelly tone pierced through you, the exact opposite of what it had been when you stood together before the fire.

You pursed your lips while Sam tended to Dean, slipping away to the bathroom. You peeled your shirt off, grimacing at the way the sweat and dirt seemed to cling to you. Your body ached and the day seemed to finally take its toll on you. Oh what you’d give for a nice cup of coffee right now. Sadly, on your way back to the room, you found that the motel’s only coffeemaker was conveniently broken, and Dean was way too tired to drive a few miles down to the closest coffee shop. Settling for a soda from the sketchy vending machine, you hoped the little caffeine in it would help keep you from passing out in the shower.

Stripping off your clothes, you were almost excited to get into the shower. You never liked walking around all bloody and dirty, especially when you were tired because it just bothered you all the more. Pulling aside the shower curtain you went to step in, but a light knock at the door stopped you and you quickly pulled your shirt back on.

“Yeah?” You called out.

“Can I come in?” Dean’s muffled voice came. You quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around your waist.

“Yeah,” you sighed.

Dean peeked his head in before slipping in and shutting the door quietly. You stood by the sink, watching him. “You okay?” He asked, worry once again evident. You almost scoffed. Did you look okay?

“I’m fine. Why do you keep asking?” You snapped.

Dean’s face fell and he seemed to be at a loss for words. “I-I uh sorry. I just thought… you know what? Never mind,” he scratched at his neck before turning to leave.

“Wait…I’m sorry. Just tired is all,” you whispered, just loud enough for him to hear. “Are you okay?” you prodded. “You’ve asked me twice today Dean.”

He scuffed his foot on the ground and laced his fingers behind him. He was the spitting image of a kid caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

“Uh yeah, of course I’m okay.”

“You can’t fool me Dean. I know something’s up, spill it.”

Looking down at the ground, he only shook his head. “Come on. What’s wrong?”

Dean slowly approached you, not meeting your eyes as if he had done something wrong. It was your turn to be at a loss for words as he came in closer, pressing you against the small sink.

“Just worried is all. That ghost earlier threw you pretty hard.”

You smiled up at him. “You know I can handle it. I’m fine now anyways. Maybe a little bruised, but I’m fine,” you reassured.

He slowly pulled you into a hug, his hands finding your waist and your arms around his neck. You leaned into him, his scent enveloping you with the scent of well, Dean. It was a mixture of beer, sweat, and something unmistakably Dean. You weren’t quite sure how to describe it other than the fact that it was almost intoxicating. And for some reason, you just wanted more.

Tucking your head into the crook of his neck, he rested his head on yours. Aside from his killer glare and bad assery, Dean Winchester was like a teddy bear. The guy couldn’t get any softer than this.

“You’re really warm…” you thought aloud.

“What?” He chuckled.

“You heard me Winchester. You’re warm,” you reiterated, pulling away to look up at him.

Again his green eyes seemed to glow, the same way they had in front of the fire. Except this time you were the reason why they glowed. Dipping his head down his lips caught yours, throwing you into a hazy state of excitement and confusion. He tugged lightly at your bottom lip before pulling away to pepper kisses all over your face. You giggled as he placed one last swift kiss to your nose, before slowly pulling away to look at you.

You again admired the freckles that you had seen so many times before. The way they seemed to form their own little constellations made you wonder if Dean realized how much he meant to you. Your eyes widened when you realized you had thought aloud. His lips pulled into a small smile as he pulled you in again, “not as much as you mean to me.”



anonymous asked:

What are the sex related asteroids? Other than Eros and Psyche, I don't know many

Mmm, there’s
4386 Lust
80 Sappho (apparently)
1387 Kama

Helena (248-329) - Roman Empress; instrumental in the conversion of her son Constantine and the Romans to Christianity; revered as one of the most important women in the history of Western Civilization.

Pulcheria (399-453) - Roman Empress; a major force in Roman politics and ecclesiastical history.

Clotilde (475-545) - Queen of the Franks; instrumental in the conversion of her husband Clovis and the Franks to Christianity.

Theodora (500-548) - Byzantine Empress; one of the most influential and powerful empresses of Byzantium.

Olga of Kiev (890-969) - Princess and Regent of Kievan Rus’; instrumental in the conversion of her grandson Vladimir the Great and Old Rus’ to Christianity.

Margaret of Scotland (1045-1093) - Queen of Scotland; founded churches, monasteries, hostels and towns; called “The Pearl of Scotland”.

Matilda of Canossa (1046-1115) - Imperial Vicar and Queen of Italy; countess, duchess, and marquise; noted for her military accomplishments; called the “Honor and Glory of Italy”.

Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) - German nun, writer, composer, philosopher, mystic, visionary, and polymath; mother of German botany; founder of scientific natural history in Germany.

Maud of England (1102-1167) - Holy Roman Empress, Queen of Germany and Italy; called the “She-Wolf of England”.

Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204) - Queen of France and England, Duchess of Aquitaine; the most powerful woman in western Europe during the High Middle Ages.

Clare of Assisi (1194-1253) - Italian nun and founder of the Poor Clares; first woman to write a monastic rule.

Trota of Salerno (12th century) - Italian physician and medical writer; wrote the Trotula texts on women’s medicine.

Gertrude the Great (1256-1302) - German nun and mystic; the only female saint to be called “the Great”.

Isabella of France (1295-1358) - Queen of England; called the “She-Wolf of France”.

Joanna of Flanders (1295-1374) - Duchess of Brittany; noted for her military accomplishments.

Bridget of Sweden (1303-1373) - Swedish nun and mystic; one of the most popular saints in history.

Alessandra Giliani (1307-1326) - Italian anatomist and prosector; first woman to practice pathology.

Elizabeth of Bosnia ( 1339-1387) - Queen of Hungary and Poland; one of the most powerful monarchs of her time.

Julian of Norwich (1342-1416) - English anchoress and mystic; first woman to write a book in the English language.

Catherine of Siena (1347-1380) - Italian nun, mystic, writer, and patron saint of Europe; one of the most influential women of the 14th century.

Christine de Pisan (1364-1430) - Italian poet, essayist and biographer; court writer for the Royal court in France; wrote 41 works.

Margery Kempe (1373-1438) - English mystic and writer; wrote the first autobiography in the English language.

Jadwiga of Poland (1373-1399) - Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania; first female monarch of Poland; instrumental in the conversion of Lithuania to Christianity and the union of Poland and Lithuania.

Joan of Arc (1412-1431) - French heroine and national symbol of France; defended France during the Hundred Years’ War.

Margaret of Anjou (1430-1482) - Queen of England; personally led the Lancastrians during the Wars of the Roses.

Isabella I of Castile (1451-1504) - Queen of Castile, Leon, Aragon and Sicily; completed the Reconquista of Spain and financed Christopher Columbus.

Caterina Sforza (1463-1509) - Countess of Forlì and Lady of Imola; noted for her military accomplishments; called the “Tigress of Forlì”.

Isabella d'Este (1474-1539) - Marchesa of Mantua; one of the leading women of the Renaissance; called “The First Lady of the world”.

Catherine of Aragon (1485-1536) - Queen of England and Princess of Wales; instrumental in the English victory at the Battle of Flodden.

Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) - Spanish nun, mystic and writer; one of the most popular saints in history.

Catherine de’ Medici (1519-1589) - Queen of France and Duchess of Brittany; patron of the arts; the most powerful woman in 16th century Europe.

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots (1542-1587) - Queen of Scotland and France; one of the most famous figures in Scottish and English history.

Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1653) - Italian Baroque painter and first woman accepted into the Florentine Academy of Fine Arts.

Elena Cornaro Piscopia (1646-1684) - Italian mathematician and first woman to receive a doctoral degree from a university.

Laura Bassi (1711-1778) - Italian scientist and first woman professor to be appointed at a European university; called the “Walking Polyglot”.

Maria Gaetana Agnesi (1718-1799) - Italian mathematician and philosopher; first woman to write a mathematics textbook; first woman appointed as a Mathematics Professor at a University.

Come Home With Me

Prompt: “Omg I beg of you to do a reader x Percival graves fic?? But him as himself as opposed to being grindelwald in graves body? Please? Thank you!!”

Word Count: 1387

Warnings: idk post-kidnapped Graves?

Your sleepy eyes glided over the report one last time, trying to grasp anything, even the tiniest hint as to where he could be. You worked at MACUSA, and your boss, Percival Graves, was still missing. He had been kidnapped and hidden away by the twisted Grindelwald, and it seemed as if you were no closer to finding him than you were when you first started the investigation. You reflected on all the great times you had had with him, allowing tears to start flowing from your heavy eyes. He and you were extremely close, having been partners for almost 2 years now. You always felt like there could be something more between you, with all the lingering looks and touches that lasted a bit too long to be friendly. But now it seemed, you would never have what could’ve been.

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Tony Stark is the Alyssa Milano

Ao3: by Akira_of_the_Twilight

Ship: StarkQuill

Rating: Teen

Words: 1387

Chapters: 1/1

“Kidnapped, enjoys space, likes your music, and can dance,” Drax listed off.

Peter grinned. “Yeah, pretty cool dude. I might actually miss him by the time we get him back to Earth.”

For a man who had been in search of a partner for as long as Drax had known him, Drax was surprised that Peter was unable to see his perfect match right before him.

Earthlings could be quite stupid sometimes.

Brownies ~

Pairing: Yoosung x Bodyguard!Reader.

Warnings: None

Type: One shot

Word count: 1387

No spoilers, apart from one subtle occurrence from Zen’s route.


Yoosung gazed out of his window. Not for looking out onto the scenery or anything, no in fact it was quite far from that.

He was instead looking at the hench looking men that guarded his home. Their mean looking faces, crossed arms and sunglasses made sure that no one dared approach them.

You would have have to have been insane to try and fight any of them.

“They must be hungry, standing outside for so long. Should I make them something?” He questioned himself as he squinted.

Behind the burly men was stood a beautiful young girl. With the exact same uniform as her male counterparts, except she had a lazy smirk on her face that no doubt promised pain to anyone that crossed her.

“I guess I will.” He was terrible with talking to girls, or anyone new for that matter. But he was determined to not let this oppertunity slip through his hands.

No less than an hour later, he was finished with all his baking. This time making sure everything was right and as aesthetically pleasing as he could manage (he even added the vanilla frosting and sprinkles.)

‘Should I go to her first?’ He noticed that there was atleast 6 bodyguards outside, all in a synchronised stance, her being the furthest away.

Thinking it to be more rational if he started from the first person; he slowly approached them, a sweatdrop sliding down his face from nerves. He couldn’t help it, it wasn’t his fault that they were all intimidating!

Approaching the first person with caution, he offered a lopsided grin to the muscley, sunglasses clad male.

“Urm, I made you guys some brownies to say thank you. Would you like one?” The man’s head tilted downwards as he gazed at the fake blonde.

“Really?” A broad grin encased the person’s features, rendering Yoosung speechless. He was not expecting that, at all.

“Y-yeah. I thought you would appreciate it.” He held out the tray, as the guard pulled out something that looked like a metal stick. He waved it over the baked goods, there was a green light and he pocketed the item.

“So there’s nothing there.” Yoosung deadpanned.

‘I guess they have to be cautious.’ He couldn’t exactly blame the man for doing that, only god knew what people could be putting in their food to lower their defenses.

Handing him a brownie, Yoosung smiled widely and moved onto the next person.

The brownies were quite large chunks, but he had saved a rather big corner for her, after all she was the reason he made them in the first place.

Steeling himself to stop himself from chickening out, he walked quietly towards her.

Sensing his presence, her head turned towards him, her inquisitive look hidden behind her shades.

“H-hi. Would you like a brownie?” He cursed himself for stuttering, his breath being further knocked from his chest as she slipped off her glasses.

Her eyes were so bright and so beautiful, he would have lost himself in the radiant colour had she not spoken and roused him from his awe.

“Oh, hi. What for?” She guestured to the tray in his hands and he looked down.

“To thank you for taking your time to come and protect me.” She smiled brightly, her hand running through her hair.

“Hm? You haven’t put anything in right?” Her smile disappeared and it was replaced by a disapproving and stern frown.

“H-huh? Of course not!” He protested as the scowl melted away, creating way for a cheeky grin and contagious laughter.

“I was only messing, don’t worry.” He handed her the piece he had saved especially, and watched with lip biting anticipation for her reaction.

She took a small bite, and squealed, startling him.

“Oh my god! This is bloody amazing!” Swallowing, she beamed at him.

“Are you a chef?” His cheeks dusted slightly red from the compliment, looking away bashfully.

“Thank you, but I’m nowhere near a chef’s level.” She waved her hand at her modesty, breaking off a piece and holding it to his mouth.

“Come on, try it. You’ll see what I mean.” His face turned bright red, but he opened his mouth and allowed her to place it into his mouth.

As he chewed, he swore he heard her mutter a small ‘cute’ under her breath as she took another bite.


He shrugged, fighting off the heat on his face.

“I could have made it better.”

“So modest. You could well be a world class baker. Say, what’s your name?” Her head tilted, her left brow raising as she looked at male who was around about the same height.

“Yoosung, how about you?” Her eyebrows wiggled as she smirked widely.

“Oo, bold aren’t you?” She added with a wink, making his blush return full force.

“My name is (y/n), nice to meet you.” He couldn’t help but smile back, her enthusiasm was infectious. A direct contrast to the cold front she put up when he had seen her through his window.

“Do you mind if I ask you a question?”

“Sure, go ahead.” She chewed her lip, wondering whether she should ask, before ultimately deciding to go ahead with it.

“Do you know why boss stationed us here? I got the basic details of someone being shady, but nothing in depth. If you can’t tell me I understand.” She softly licked her lips, getting rid of the crumbs that had gathered on them.

“There’s been a hacker infiltration in our group, it’s just security measures.” She hummed while nodding, now understanding why she was there.

“Ah ok.” Taking another pause, she looked him up and down, causing him to fidget.

“Has there been two assigned agents that will accompany you when you go to college?” He blinked, a confused look present on his visage.

“You know I go to college?”

“Provided information.” He let out a small 'ah’ before shaking his head, blonde locks moving around.

“Not that I know of.” She looked deep in thought for a moment before shaking herself out of it.

“How long do you go for?”

“Five days a week from 10.” He answered obediently, amusing her slightly with his eagerness.

“Oh yikes, I could never do that. You must be doing a tough major, kudos to you.” He shyly accepted the compliment, his fingers tracing the smooth underside of the tray.

“Isn’t university just as hard?” Her brows furrowed as she looked at him bewildered.


He immediately became flustered, apologies tumbling from his mouth, causing her to laugh and put her hands up.

“It’s fine honestly. What made you think I was in Uni?” She wasn’t offended, just curious as to what made him think that.

“It’s just, I thought you had to be older to join this group.” He couldn’t look at her, embarrassment washing over his entire being.

“Oh no. I’m in college too. I’m only 19, there was an advert in the paper for it so I applied and got in. It pays well.” She poked his hand that was covering his face, making him peek through the cracks of his fingers.

“What are you majoring in?”

“Medicine.” He was genuinely happy that soneone actually cared about his life and interests, not even the RFA knew what he was majoring in.

“That’s awesome! I-” She was cut off by a gruff and domineering voice batking at her.

“You’re not getting paid to stand around and flirt! Get back to work!” Her face morphed into an expression of displeasure as she yelled back.

“I am getting paid to stand around actually!” She turned to Yoosung with an apologetic smile.


“Don’t worry. It was nice talking to you!” She reached into her pocket and put a small folded piece of paper on his tray before waving him goodbye.

He gave it a questioning look as he walked away, wondering what it was before his curiosity got the best of him and he took the paper.

Opening it up, he found the words “Call me later, cutie” followed by her number.

Feeling the bright red hue return, he buried his face in his hands like an embarrased school girl while a huge overjoyed simper settled itself on his lips.

He was really happy that he decided to make those brownies.


Navan Fort, County Armagh, Northern Ireland

Navan Fort is an historical royal fortress and the stronghold of the kings of Ulster from around 700 BC. The Fort was the center of King Conchobor mac Nessa and his Red Branch Knights. It is surrounded by a bank with a ditch inside, suggesting that it was a ceremonial, rather than defensive site. The Fort was eventually abandoned, which probably was a result of the creation of St. Patrick’s church two miles away. But in 1005, the Irish king Brian Boru camped there, and in 1387, Niall O’Neill chose Navan Fort as the location for a house.

It is said that the great Irish mythical hero Cuchulainn spent much of his youth in Navan Fort before single-handedly facing the army of the mythical Queen Maeve.

One mile west of Navan Fort lies another myth site, the mysterious King’s Stables which is thought to have played a role in water rituals in the area.

Canterbury election result: Labour gains seat that has been held by Tories for 100 years

Labour has won Canterbury, a seat the Tories have held for 100 years.

The party made huge gains in a seat that has existed in some form since 1387 – and has never been held by Labour.

The last time the Tories lost the seat was to Whig politician John Baker, who took it for the second time in 1802.

Labour’s Rosie Duffield won the seat from Conservative Sir Julian Brazier. The result was so close it required a recount, with Ms Duffield winning by less than 200 votes.

That was a 9.33 per cent swing from the Tories to Labour.

The loss came on a night of a shock losses. Those included prominent politicians like Nick Clegg and Ben Gummer, who wrote the Conservative manifesto.