13.7 BCM build. The barrel originally started as a 16", but was sent off to be cut somewhere between 13.7-13.9 and then get a Griffin Armament Taper flash hider pin and welded. So the overall barrel length would be 16.1". The result… a shorter but legal length rifle.

Midwest Industries keymod rail. ATPIAL-C. Surefire Scout with dual pressure pad. BCM VFG angled forwards (allowing a more aggressive grip). B5 Systems SOPMOD stock. Aimpoint T1 with ADM mount. SD3G trigger. Magpul BUIS pros. Ferro Concepts Slingster in Multicam. Rattle can paint job with Rustoleum. Forget expensive cerekote. ;)

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The mathemagician’s room - by, now it comes, meeeee :P

It’s a place full of wonder, strangeness and bizarre beauty: the room - or should I say space - of a “mathemagician”…

It’s a common optical illusion, a kind of tricky paradox. “If our brains are simple enough for us to understand them, then we’d be so simple that we couldn’t.” ~ Quote by Ian Steward (a mathematician)

In my mind, mathematics equals (somehow) magic, mathematics is magic, therefor “mathemagic” :P

The floor self is an impossible figure - a typical symbol for paradoxes… 
The spirals on the chessboard-floor are Fibonacci spirals. (If you want to know more, then check out my Phi/Fibonacci tag.

This drawing is mostly about the beauty of Phi Φ, Psi ψ and the Fibonacci-sequence.

The fibonacci sequence
The fibonacci sequence works this way:
1+1 = 2
1+2 = 3
2+3 = 5
3+5 = 8
5+8 = 13
8+13 = 21
13+21 = 34
21+34 = 55
34+55 = 89
… and so on…
The sequence then is: 1;1;2;3;5;8;13;21;34;55;89;…….

Let’s play with these numbers!
21/13=1.615384 …

…If we continue this more and more, it will come closer and closer to a mathematial constant: 

Phi Φ
It can be calculated as followed:
Φ= 1+√5’ /2
Phi, the golden ratio as ratio:
If you have two lines:
The proportions are 1to1.618:
Or here demonstrated: 10 to 16.18
Like:  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (10) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (16 (aka~16.18)lines) This is the proportion/ratio stupidly demonstrated in a text. xD

Psi ψ
Psi is the golden angle. Its value is about 137.5°.
So.. Let’s connect Φ with π (Pi)

ψ = 2π -2π/Φ = ~2.40 And now we show this as an angle:
2.40/2π = x/360°
(2π is the circumference of a circle (consider without r or r=1 :P ); 2π is equal to a 360° circle: So 2.40 of 2π (It’s about 6.2831) is equal to x of 137.5°)
And here the x equals ~137.5° :P

2.40/2π = x/360° : And now we solve the equation for x → *360
x = 2.40/2π *360 = 137.5

Yepp, that’s math :P

The golden angle can be found in nature almost everywhere!
Did you ever wondered about the awesome arrangement of the blossoms’ leaves? 
Check out this picture:


External image

I would also recommend you to read the golden angle article of wikipedia

Math can be really beautiful - Psi, Phi and Fibonacci show you the most awesome aspects of math! :)

After all I would really recommend you to visit my phi/fibonacci tag again^^
There you can find REALLY awesome things, such as finding Phi, the golden ratio ind the proportions of your body, your hand, bee population, plants etc…
it’s just WOW! :)

External image


This picture is dedicated to the beauty of mathematics, as well as the majesty of the Fibonacci-sequence, the golden ratio and the golden angle, which appear to be a sort of important algorithm in life… :)


Because I am a real math advocate, here are some quotes too:
• “Mathematical beauty is a highly abstract, inner beauty, a beauty of abstract form and logical structure, a beauty that can be observed, and appreciated, only by those sufficiently well trained in the discipline.” ~ Keith Devlin
• “The difference between the poet and the mathematician is that the poet tries to get his head into the heavens while the mathematician tries to get the heavens into his head.” ~ G.K. Chesterson
• “Nevertheless, the fact is that there is nothing as dreamy and poetic, nothing as radical, subversive, and psychedelic, as mathematics. It is every bit as mind blowing as cosmology or physics… and allows more freedom of expression than poetry, art, or music…
Mathematics is the purest of the arts, as well as the most misunderstood.” ~ Paul Lockhart

Have a good day :)

I was finally here. I was finally here to visit him. Sitting on the end of his twin bed after a long day of meeting his friends and seeing his campus, I couldn’t help but be honest with him. “It’s funny because before I got here I got the question ‘is he worth it?” about a million times, and I’ve had some time to think over it. Obviously I would say yes for the simple fact that you’re my friend and I like you, but then there is the reason I can’t really explain. I’m not sure why I’m so drawn to you. I’m not sure why you’re worth my time, my money, and my emotions. I’m not sure why I would travel 1800 miles just to see you for a weekend. But I did. I’m here, and I’m happy. I’m happy to be in your presence. I’m happy to be able to cuddle with you. We may not be together, but there’s just something that won’t let me pull away. I know I’ll get used to this. Eventually five months apart won’t hurt so badly. I’ll get used to it, but no matter how far away we are and the amount of time we’re apart, I’ll always be drawn to you. So, are you worth it? Of course you are because there’s something about you that ignites a fire in my heart that I just can’t seem to put out.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write // #137 // he’ll always be worth it
Housewarming Party


It didn’t take long once Jax made the deal on the house for the owners to accept. It had been by the next day and due to the fact that they were just dealing in cashier’s checks and not with a mortgage company, it had taken not more than a week for it to become final. Moving them was a group effort. Jax had promised if everyone got it done, that they could throw a pool party that weekend.  He got someone out there to get the pool in perfect condition the day before, and the prospects knew how to maintain it now.

They were still not 100% unpacked, but it was mostly done. Jax had been surprised how little time it took Lyla and the other women to get everything done.  The club still hadn’t heard anything from Frankie and even though they needed to do so, it hadn’t happened yet. But, he’d told everyone to come over for a barbecue and pool party. He’d even told Nero to have the Diosa girls over, or the ones that were going to work there, once they got reopened. He knew Lyla had been slowly learning all that this week too, with him.

But today, was just for unwinding, despite the fact that his backyard was filling up with people. He took this pool party situation seriously. He’d even gone out and bought himself some blue and white shorts, and told all the guys they had to dress appropriate too. If they didn’t want to swim, fine. But this was not the clubhouse. He had a SAMCRO t-shirt and shorts on, and just his bullet necklace in the way of jewelry. After all the chaos and Opie, they needed to wind down. He and Chibs were trying to heat up the grill, when Jax stretched. “My wife is around somewhere.” 

kyumin is:

roommate couple (for seven years) <3

joy couple <3

sweet couple <3

musical couple <3

cute couple <3

incognito couple <3

sexy couple <3

subtle couple <3

airport couple <3

thighs and butts (and other body parts…) couple <3

wine couple <3

and now bunny fingers couple?

oh and lets not forget: dance couple!

omg forget it,dance couple is eunhae not kyumin jejejeje sorry, but…  

they are just kyumin <3

cr: the images and gifs are not mine the credit is to their owners : )