gdi that number tho
but yeah, okay. man, you’re super cool in my book, and we aren’t that close but I do consider you an important person in my life because of the general affect you’ve had on it (which is a good one). you’ve helped me a lot more than you realize.
also, you’re really intelligent and really great to talk to, and I apologize if I’ve ever made you uncomfortable or anything, but I would totally love to talk more whenever you have time.
(also, thanks for helping me redevelop my Kurloz “obsession”)


Ohhhh 13666

how can I even start this???? You are a blessing in my life, always. You are so beautiful and wonderful, such a great great soul. When I first “met” you I wasn’t near as confident and radiant but somehow, our friendship helped blossom that. You’re one of my fav little aliens, you’re so lovely and such a great friend. Your mere presence helps bring me confidence when I feel it lacking.

you’re seriously one of the best alien friends, queer alien friends forever <3

Викторианский шарм схема

На этой странице представлена схема вышивки автора Людмилка под названием.

В составе набора: канва Aida #18 синего цвета, мулине - хлопок, игла, схема, инструкция.

Викторианский шарм Арт. Тип схемы: Трёхцветная символьная схема Канва: Аида 18.

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Invalid Site. Викторианский шарм - набор для вышивания, продаем в Киеве, Комплектация: канва Aida 14 синяя, нитки Royal - аналог DMC, схема, игла. Размер в…

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