Jinzhousaurus yangi

By José Carlos Cortés on @ryuukibart

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Name: Jinzhousaurus yangi

Name Meaning: Jinzhou Reptle

First Described: 2001

Described By: Wang & Xu

Classification: Dinosauria, Ornithischia, Genasauria, Neornithischia, Cerapoda, Ornithopoda, Iguanodontia, Dryomorpha, Ankylopollexia, Styracosterna, Hadrosauriformes, Hadrosauroidea

Jinzhousaurus is another Hadrosauroid, found from the Dakangpu member of the Yixian Formation in Liaoning, China. It dates back to the Hauterivian to Barremian ages of the Early Cretaceous, about 135 to 144 million years ago. It is known from a fairly complete skeleton, about 7 meters in length and with a half a meter long skull. Originally found to be an indeterminant ornithopod, it has been since found in subsequent analyses to be a Hadrosauroid. It had some similarities to Iguanodon, such as in the shape of its snout and skull, though some parts of its jaw were different. This may indicate that it had a modified feeding strategy than Iguanodon. It was also very similar to Probactrosaurus, though less similar to Hadrosaurids than it was. It is the first large sized Ornithischian known from its ecosystem, and there are no Sauropods in its locality, indicating that it had a major role as a large sized herbivore. Furthermore, there were no large sized predators in the ecosystem, which might either be an aspect of bias or due to no large predators being present to feed on Jinzhousaurus, potentially due to flora turnover. It lived alongside such dinosaurs as Liaoningosaurus, Archaeorhynchus, Confuciusornis, Dalingheornis, Hongshanornis, Longicrusavis, Shanweiniao, Zhongornis, Sinornithosaurus, Tianyuraptor, Sinosauropteryx, and Yixianosaurus. 


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day 135
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May have spent the night in the ER, but not dead. Yes I’m wearing a shirt, it’s just covered by the Pikachu-ness. I am ok, just hurt. Migraine, blood pressure was 208/135 which was… pretty freaking terrifying. Plus one of the EMTs ran the ambulance into one of the cars. Dude it was just a dinky BLS unit, wtf mate. Ok. Drugged up but ok. Made some Dark Matter gifs to distract myself. Whee.


Katie’s Culinary Corner (Part I - restaurant floor)
Restaurant; 20x20; 1 bed; 4 bath; 135.216 (is 145.100 including Sim-made paintings); GTW; GT; SD; DO; PP; CK; MH; RG; KR; BY; NoCC; NoMOO; play tested.

I promised I’d upload Katie’s restaurant, so here it is. I think you’ve all gotten an impression of what it looks like, but for those that haven’t read the story, I’ve made some pictures. It’s obviously very thoroughly play tested, as far as I remember I didn’t use MOO for this one, so that’s nice too.
The menu is mainly experimental food, with fruitcake and Taste of Diet - it is Katie’s restaurant after all ;). I’ve added outfits for male chefs, male waiters and female hosts (I hadn’t set them as I didn’t have them). There’s one chef’s station, which should work with seven tables. When you place the build in your game, the frames from the paintings and food prints will have dissappeared, so you need to re-apply them.
There’s an apartment on the first floor, more on that here.


In the Studio, 1888 by Molly

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<br />In the Studio, 1888

Alfred Stevens (Belgian, 1823–1906) Oil on canvas; 42 x 53 ½ in. (106.7 x 135.9 cm) Gift of Mrs. Charles Wrightsman, 1986 (1986.339.2)


Under the olive tree by Stefan
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