“Từ khi nào em đẩy tôi ra xa, và chúng ta không còn là chúng ta nữa. Từ khi nào câu hỏi mọc lên không còn chỗ chứa, và tôi mệt mỏi giữ chúng lặng im. Tôi nhìn những vết đinh ghim, còn sót lại sau dãy ảnh hạnh phúc. Tôi đã gặp và yêu em đúng lúc, còn em kết thúc chỉ có một mình. Nếu tình yêu là cuộc viễn chinh, em đã chiến thắng còn tôi có tất cả mà tay trắng cô đơn.”

(“Và để cơn mưa nằm yên” - Zelda)

#CHIÊU Thành phố này ồn ã quá, anh à.

Companions as Monster Factory quotes.

Cait:  “ You know how the slogan for Bethesda is “Come fuck this thing right”?”

Curie: “I’m gonna get deep in there with my little ass arms.”

Codsworth“Hello Metal Husband.”

Danse: “Daddy like a pretty baby!”

Dogmeat“What do people love about dogs?”

“Multiple nipples.”

Deacon:  “Are you ready to explore the land with this chill-ass banana?”


Nick: “ I’m a digital dog with FIVE electric asses.”

MacCready: “Gonna put you in this prison toilet, cause that’s what you are, you’re a stink-man. Garbage boy. Garbageboy Stinkman”

Piper: “ Hey, do you think this is the real download button or not?!”

Preston: “ I’m Will Wright, I don’t have an understanding of sexuality. It’s all dancing, right? That’s what my mum told me!”

Strong: “He looks like seven pterodactyls.”

X6-88:  “ I see you’re drinking from a cup. I’ve never done that.”

Companions react to the wifi suddenly going out.


Cait: Swears and slams her fists on the desks, freaks the fuck out when she spills her drink onto the keyboard.

Curie: Attempts to try and fix the computer itself, ends up rendering it completely unusable.

Danse: Isn’t really bothered by it too much, he was only looking up pictures of old WW2 army uniforms.

Deacon: Blames the government and drones and Bush. Also Danse.

Hancock: 420 blazes it while he waits for the wifi to come back on, picks on Danse.

Nick: Decides to do some snooping, finds out that he accidentally unplugged the router when going to watch Sherlock.

MacCready: Actually cries bc nothing seems to go his way.

Piper: Rants on Tumblr about the inequalities using her mobile data and how dARE THEY TURN THE INTERNET OFF.

Preston: Isn’t ever on the internet, too busy helping old people cross the road.

X6-88: Is actually the one who turned the router off because fuck everyone.