Wu Zhen. Fisherman, c. 1350.

"Love Me"

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Request: Can I make a request for an aro reader with an ex boyfriend(from before she knew she was aro) who’s obsessed with her, and mark Tyler and ethan help her out and protect her?

Summary: Fem!Reader’s ex-boyfriend has been giving her a “hard time” (understatement) since they broke up and now the guys are ready to Hulk Smash™ him into the void.

A/N: Hey all, meant to get this up yesterday but I wasn’t feeling sure about how I’d written it so I had the best person ever @sweetnestor beta it and now I’m feeling much better with it lmao. Thanks mah dude you helped BUNCHES. Anyway yup hope you guys enjoy this long ass fic!

Wordcount: 1354, back to my usual length for fics!!!!!!!

Warnings: mention of stalking, panic attack, mention of homophobia (is that what it’s called when it’s against someone that’s aro or is there a different word for that?? I’m not sure am srry)

Requests are closed for the time being friends, sorry about that!

It didn’t take long for the gang to realize something was wrong. You’d been holed up in your house for a few days already, very unlike your usual energetic self. How could they blame you? You could barely walk to the restroom without having a panic attack and they expected you to leave your safe space? Not gonna happen.

Not when every noise reminds you of him. Every knock at the door, every creak of the house, every tap on the window sent you into a frenzy. Your boyfriend had always had a… crazy way of showing his affection for you. As your ex he was no different, especially under the circumstances of the split.

Nonetheless by the end of week one of isolation every noise set you off, especially the doorbell. This time was no different. You dove under the covers, praying that whoever was there would just go away. The ringing persisted, followed by a few curt knocks at the door. When you heard the familiar creak of the door opening you felt you heart jump into your throat. Your blood ran cold through your body, your eyes were as big as saucers, your breathing short and shallow.

The footsteps continued, is there more than one intruder? Had he brought his friends? You felt around under the covers and grabbed the baseball bat you’d started keeping in bed with you.

“Ok self,” you whispered to yourself, “you’ll be fine. Just beat the shit out of them before they beat the shit out of you. Go.”

You slowly tip toed towards the living room, careful to avoid every creaky board. You jumped out from around the corner, ready to swing at the threat. Instead you heard your scream mingle with 3 deeper ones.

“AH- What the fuck?!” You screamed, falling back onto the couch behind you. The boys before you had the same reaction, more or less. “Why are you here trying to give me a hEART ATTACK?”

“Well why are you lurking around with a baseball bat in your own home?” Mark exclaimed as he clutched at his chest and tried catching his breath.

“To be fair, you did walk into my house unannounced,” you gasped for air, trying to fill your burning lungs.

“Yeah sorry, I still have that key you gave me when you moved out,” Tyler replied sheepishly as he held the small piece of metal up for you to see.

“You- shouldn’t have- done that-” you sputtered panting for breath. Shit, the panic was settling in.

“Hey are you ok?” Ethan asked as he sat down beside you, recognizing the symptoms of your oncoming panic attack. “Hey it’s ok, we’re sorry we just barged in here. Take some deep breaths with me?”

You were struggling to form a coherent string of words, but Ethan’s hand felt nice on your back and the tension lifted a little bit. “In, out, there you go just like that,” Ethan continued coaching you through the attack. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Mark and Tyler make worried eye contact before they ran into the kitchen. Out they came just moments later, water bottle and blanket in hand.

“Just let me know when you’re good, keep breathing for me,” Ethan whispered as he opened the bottle for you and placed it in your hand. “Drink when you’re ready.”

It felt like you’d sat there wheezing and crying for an eternity, staring at the ground hearing your heart pound in your ears. Ethan sat by you through it all, rubbing your back over the blanket Tyler placed on you. To be honest, after a while you forgot you weren’t alone. Everything just kind of fell away from you, the only thing anchoring you to reality was the hand at your back and the hand on your knee.

You looked up and saw Mark rubbing at his forehead while Tyler paced in front of you nervously. Something about the sight was calming to you. At least while they’re here I know he won’t get to me, the thought did it for you. You took the first deep and satisfying breath of the week.

“I, I think I’m good,” you said, still a little short of breath but loads better than before.

“Will you tell us what’s wrong?” Mark asked, kneeling in front of you to look you in the eyes. “We were worried before but, Jesus y/n, I think we were as scared as you were during that episode.”

“I really don’t think you were, Mark,” you answered.

“What Mark meant to say is that if we weren’t worried before we’re definitely worried now. What’s got you so on edge?” Tyler asked as he sat in the seat next to you and pulled you into a warm side hug.

“It’s…“ you paused. Were you ready for them to know? You could already see their reactions, not pretty.

“You can tell us y/n, we just want to make you feel better,” Ethan added.

Maybe it was the softness in his voice, or the worry lines scattered on Mark’s forehead, or the sound of Tyler’s slightly elevated heart beat ringing in your ears, or maybe a culmination of the three. Something told you they had to know. “It’s Isaac.”

“Isaac? What did he do?” Mark’s voice dropped an octave as he shot up into the air. You could practically see the smoke coming out of his ears. “He didn’t hurt you did he?”

“No, not yet.” You voice wavered. You could feel the tears coming on and there was nothing you could to stop it. “He didn’t take me coming out v-very well. Hasn’t left me alone since the b-breakup.” With tears in your eyes you looked down at the floor, “He comes a-and knocks on my door in the middle of the night. He taps on my window. He e-even leaves notes around the security cameras saying creepy sh-shit like h-how he’ll get me to lo-love him if it’s the last thing he d-does.”

The notes were definitely the worst part of the whole ordeal. He knew you’d leave the cameras on, and he knew you’d keep checking them. That sadistic fuck knew you so well and it was driving you insane with fear.

Mark’s knuckles were fisted so tight they were turning white. Tyler’s heart rate had increased by ten fold before he stood abruptly and began pacing once again, this time out of anger rather than worry. Ethan just held your crying body close to him, rubbing at your back once more. “Why didn’t you say anything?” He whispered.

“I was scared. I am scared.” You responded.

“We’d never let anything happen to you, bub. You know that right?” Mark said, pulling you out of Ethan’s arms and into his own.

“You’re staying with me,” Tyler said, already on his way to your room to pack you an overnight bag.

“We’ll all stay at my house. We’ll sleep on the floor in the living room and watch over you while you sleep, sound good?” Mark suggested as he held you at an arms length to wipe away your tears.

“We’ll get the girls to come over too,” Ethan called out from your bathroom as he grabbed your some of your essentials. “It’ll be like a big sleepover!”

Tyler came back in, duffel resting over his shoulder as he made his way to you and squeezed your shoulder, “He’ll regret ever making you feel like this if we ever see him again. He won’t get near you while we’re around.”

Ethan came back in, your makeup bag and travel bag with him. “You’ll be safe with us.” He said with a small smile.

“I love you guys,” you said, a whole new wave of tears running down your cheeks.

“We love you more,” Mark said with a smile as he pulled you towards the door. “Also, just letting you know, there’s literally nothing you can do to stop us from calling the cops on that scumbag Isaac.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

A/N 2.0 Hey wow I’m actually v happy with how this came out, what a change of pace. I hope you guys enjoyed this one! It’s a bit dark, I know, but as soon as I read the request and started on it I just knew that this would be a great opportunity to write some good old fashioned angst! Anyway yup here it is thanks @sweetnestor again for beta'ing this and helping me work out the kinks! Greatly appreciated :D (ps you guys should check out her stuff too bc it’s AMAZEBALLS and she’s 20x better at writing the Angst™ than I am lmao)

Special thanks to the anon that requested this! It was really fun to write and idk I don’t get a lot of opportunities to write angst or just the boys so this was really fun for me. Also the request was just v intriguing and something that I’d read too so it was cool to get to write it! I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK ME 1639031 YEARS TO GET TO PLS FORGIVE ME.

Requests are closed for now, sorry dudes!

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Dean vs. Build-A-Bear

Requested by: @sea040561 (it’s not letting me tag you im screamin)
Characters: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1354 
Warnings: none!
Synopsis/request: Dean’s a dork who goes to build-a-bear for the readers birthday present. That’s it. 


Dean had been through a lot during the 38 years he had walked the Earth. In fact, sometimes he had a hard time keeping track of it all. There was the occasional apocalypse, wars between heaven and hell, purgatory, even God’s psycho sister had “graced” the Winchester with her presence. But never in his life did he expect to have stood in one of the most terrifying places on God’s Earth.

A freakin’ Build-A-Bear.

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Future Reference // Kim Myungjun


the prompt: can I request some fluff (or at least a fluffy ending- I’m not anti-angst) with ASTRO’s Myungjun where you work for Fantagio but aren’t an idol/actress and he falls for you?

words: 1354

category: fluff + a lil angst

author note: my sister recently converted from an eunwoo stan to an mj stan and it’s been interesting to see. honestly mj is the cutest and deserves the best. i made this pretty light and not deep which I’m not used to (since I like my story lines) please enjoy anyway!

- destinee

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One day, one rhyme- Day 1354

Sand castles aren’t just for the beach,
They suit most anywhere.
Rock granule architects must be
Free to build where they dare!
We mustn’t stand all this constraint,
We must be like Frank Lloyd,
For with such small and fine substrate,
All limits must be void.
Furthermore, why stop with castles
When we can build much more?
Bridges, sculptures, houses and shacks,
And even a bookstore.
One structure to build springs to mind
In a desert, one thinks,
So I’m building sand pyramids
With my new friend, the sphinx.

Never Good Enough - Jughead x Reader

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Request: “ Fluffy/ Angsty Jughead x Reader where he doesn’t think he’s good enough for her and they cuddle at the end”

Warning: Very mild swearing. The mildest of mild.

Word Count: 1354

A/N: Hey guys. This is only the second fanfic I’ve written and would really love some feedback. I’m really looking to improve my writing. Also if you have any requests feel free too send them my way. Also apologies for the long chunks of dialog. I am a fan of monologues and tend to write that way.

He couldn’t believe her. Everything about her amazed him. The way she only ate m&m’s in increments of threes, her unabashed love of karaoke and most defiantly her total commitment to solving the murder of a fellow student she hardly even knew. Y/N was perfect. The perfect girl for Jughead. If only I had the courage to tell her. Jughead thought wistfully. If only I were good enough.

“ What’s up Jug” Y/N said as she gracefully slid into the booth across from Jughead at Pop’s, leaning over to steal a handful of fries off his plate.

“ You may be my best friend, Y/N, but if you ever steal my fries again I will have to do something drastic” Jughead said, barley stifling a smirk.

“ Drastic like what Jug? Dare to wear a colour other than black? Or perhaps, if your feeling like doing something particularly drastic you may even dare to sit on another booth” Y/N said as she made an exaggerated face of mock horror.

This made Jughead laugh. Laugh so much to make the sip of chocolate milkshake he had just taken explode out of his mouth and nose. Nice one Jones. He thought. That’s exactly the kind of move you want to pull in front of the girl of your dreams.

“ Well Jug, I was just about to go order myself a burger and a milkshake but i’ll make sure to ask Pop if he has some kind of adult sized bib for you” Y/N said as she winked and slid out of the booth once more, gliding ever so elegantly across the floor of the diner as she did so.

Jughead’s smile faded as she walked away. This is how it always went with them. Best friends but polar opposites. She was so put together while Jughead was a bumbling mess. She loved to talk to people while Jughead preferred to stay in the shadows, watching but never participating.

“ So Pop didn’t have a bib” Y/N said returning to the booth with a milkshake. “ But he did give me this cloth so you could clean yourself up.”

Y/N and Jughead spent the rest of the evening in a comfortable silence until the bell rang and the sound teenage boys whooping and yelling invaded the diner.

“Y/N!” Reggie, the newly instated captain of the football team yelled as he walked over sliding into the booth next to Y/N, ignoring Jughead.

“ Whats up Reg”

“ Y/N, I was wondering if you wanted to go out on a date with me”

“ Uh- I don’t know Reggie, we hardly know each other”

“ Well what better way to get to know each other” Reggie smiled. “ Can you think of a reason why not”

“ I suppose not” Y/N said, returning Reggie’s smile.

“ Uh- um- I have to go” Jughead stuttered as he gathered his things, nearly running out of the diner. Leaving Y/N staring after him, confused as to why her best friend took off with such speed.


The next day at school Y/N tried to talk to Jughead with no success. He took his usual place next to her in class but came in to each class late and ran off as soon as the bell sounded at the end of each period.

Jughead did not join his friends for lunch that day, or the following day. Or the one after that. He went out of his way to avoid Y/N. Barely making eye contact in class and ignoring her incessant stream of calls and text messages. It wasn’t unusual for Jughead to be sullen and withdrawn but eventually Archie cornered him at his locker.

“ Okay man, what is going on.”

“ What do you mean Arch, everything’s cool” Jughead lied, not able to make eye contact with his red headed friend.

“ No one has spent more that ten seconds with you in days. You run in and out of rooms so quickly when you catch the sight of any of us, especially Y/N. Tell me what’s up!” Archie said.

Jughead told Archie everything. His crush on Y/N. How he thought he would never be enough for her. How Reggie has asked her out right in front of him and she had accepted. His face falling as he did.

“ I just don’t know if I can be around her anymore”

“You need to try, Jug. You need to talk to her. Even if she doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, she is still your best friend and she still loves you. She, at very least deserves the truth.”


Y/N was so relieved when Jughead finally returned one of her text messages, wanting to set up an old school movie night at her place just to two of them. She was so relived to hear from her best friend after almost a week of radio silence she immediately canceled her date with Reggie for the same night, saying she was ill. To her spending time with Jug was way more important than any date. That’s how she ended up, sitting on the floor of her living room with what felt like every single pillow and blanket in the house next to Jughead.

Jughead was trying. He was really trying to go back to normal. But he was off. Not laughing at jokes he would usually laugh at. His smile almost too wide, too forced. He could tell Y/N knew that he still wasn’t right.

“Okay. What its is Jug, because this is really staring to bother me. First you don’t speak to me, barely even look at me for an entire week. Then all of a sudden for no reason at all you finally message me back wanting to hang out. I cancelled my date with Reggie for you Jug. I wanted to hang out with you. Now just tell me what the hell is wrong!” Y/N yelled, climbing out from underneath the pile of pillows and blankets.

“ You canceled your date with Reggie for me”

“ Of course I did Juggie. I care about you so much more than him”

Jughead decided it was now or never. He stood up and moved over to where Y/N was standing; grabbing her by the arm, pulling her in to kiss her.

“ Y/N, I have wanted you for so long. But I always knew I wasn’t good enough for you. You should be with Reggie. You are so perfect and I am just a loser who can’t even process his own emotions in a mature way. You shouldn’t be with me” He said as he stepped away from Y/N, heading to the door.

“ Jug. I had no idea you felt the same way as me”

“ I can’t ever be enough for you Y/N. You are so perfect.”

“ Jug you have a distorted image of who I am . I have flaws and insecurities that you are over looking. I am not some kind of manic pixie dream girl, I’m a real, flawed person .You don’t get to decide what is and isn’t good enough for me” she said as she reached up to cup his face, bringing him in to kiss him lightly. “ You sure as hell are Jughead. You don’t understand how nervous and giddy you make me feel.

Y/N took Jughead’s hand and lead him back into the living room, into the pile of pillows and blankets. He pulled her down onto the floor, wrapping his arms around her waist; her back to his chest.

“C'mon Jug, lets keep watching the movie” . She said as he lightly kissed her forehead.

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hey can i get some fuckin uhhhh narusasu fic recs?

holy shit…. this is it… thi s is my moment…. YES U ABSOLUTELY CAN!!!! GOD



 (im not kidding i record every sns fic i read and i rate them on my phone in my notes in prep that one day someone will ask me this question bc lets be honest…. most sns fic is either 15 years old or unfinished or hmmm bad)


» history meme : Kings of France.

Maison Capet
Hugues Capet (987 – 996)
Robert II “Le Pieux” (996-1031)
Henri Ier (1031-1060)
Philippe Ier (1060-1108)
Louis VI “Le Gros” (1108-1137)
Louis VII “Le Jeune” (1137-1180)
Philippe II Auguste (1180-1223)
Louis VIII “Le Lion” (1223-1226)
Louis IX “Saint Louis” (1226-1270)
Philippe III “Le Hardi” (1270-1285)
Philippe IV “Le Bel” (1285-1314)
Louis X “Le Hutin” (1314-1316)
Jean Ier “Le Posthume” (1316)
Philippe V “Le Long” (1316-1322)
Charles IV “Le Bel” (1322-1328)

Maison Capet-Valois
Philippe VI (1328-1350)
Jean II “Le Bon” (1350-1364)
Charles V “Le Sage” (1354-1380)
Charles VI “Le Fol” (1380-1422)
Charles VII “Le Victorieux” (1422-1461)
Louis XI “L’invincible Aragne” (1461-1483)
Charles VIII “L’Affable” (1483-1498)
Louis XII “Le Père du Peuple” (1498-1515)

Maison Capet-Valois-Angoulême
François Ier Le Magnifique (1515-1547)
Henri II (1547-1559)
François II (1559-1560)
Charles IX (1560-1574)
Henri III (1574-1589)

Maison Capet-Bourbon
Henri IV “Le Vert Galant” (1589-1610)
Louis XIII “Le Juste” (1610-1643)
Louis XIV “Le Roi Soleil” (1643-1715)
Louis XV “Le Bien-Aimé” (1715-1774)
Louis XVI “Le Père de la Nation” (1774-1792)
Louis XVIII (1814-1824)
Charles X (1824-1830)


Ackergill Tower, Wick, Scotland

The lands where the tower stands belonged to the Cheyne family until 1354 when it passed by marriage to the Keiths, the Earls of Marshall who probably built the castle in the late 14th or early 15th century. The tower appears to have been in the possession of the Sinclair Earls of Caithness in the early 17th century, and to have been garrisoned by Cromwellian troops in 1651. By 1726 it had come into the possession of the Dunbars of Hempriggs by whom it is still owned. The property is currently a hotel.

A legend from the 15th century relates the tale of a young woman by the name of Helen Gunn, who was abducted by John Keith for her beauty. She flung herself, or fell, from the highest tower of Ackergill to escape her abductor’s advances. Supposedly her ghost is still seen, wearing a long red gown and a tall head of black hair. This is said to have been the true beginning for all feuding between the Gunns and the Keiths. It led to the Battle of Champions in either 1478 or 1464, a judicial combat which led to a massacre of the Gunns by the Keiths at the chapel of St Tear (or Tayre) just east of the village.