135 film cameras


camera-insanity of 2013.

i decided to try and find pictures of all the analogue cameras i’ve taken photos with (in roughly chronological order), over the course of 2013 - since i wasn’t sure i could remember them all:

rolleiflex old standard, kiev 60, agfa optima 1035, agfa box 50, agfa clack, canon ae-1, zeiss ikon donata, rolleiflex f 3.5, nikon em, konica fs-1, sinar f2

(in some sense this is only the tip of the iceberg: i have/had multiple copies of at least two of these cameras, and there were quite a number of lenses involved that aren’t pictured here)

five of these have gone back to ebay in the meantime - which means that i still have way too many cameras.